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YouTube Music Officially Launched; YouTube Red is Now YouTube Premium

youtube music premium

If you love listening to songs, then you'd be delighted to know that Google officially announced YouTube Music app that is set to become Google's all new music streaming service. There's already a You...

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netThe Best Android Applications for Your Car

best honda car covers

Most of the modern day vehicles come with integrated GPS techniques, which will advise the driver to reach an area. However, with the improvements in cellular technology, the Mobile phones have better...

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Are Hardware Makers Doing Enough To Keep Android Phones Secure?

Android phones have the biggest market share in the smartphone market and are extremely popular. In fact, while Apple's iOS system still has more premium app subscribers, Android far outpaces it with ...

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6 Reasons but One Game to Play – 24×7 Online Rummy

If you own a smartphone and love playing games on it, you bet, online rummy game would be one of them. Online rummy is increasingly becoming the most preferred card game for online gamers, especially ...

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Get all the important notifications with the Xiaomi Huami Amazfit 2

  If you want to buy a new smartwatch but don’t know which and you’re worried if your apps will work with it, then the new smartwatch by Xiaomi is a great choice for everyone. It’s perfect for those who are worried about their health since it was a heart rate monitor and a sleeping monitor. Due to having an ultra-long battery life, it can last on standby for 5 days, which is incredible because most smartwatches don’t last that long. You are able to store documents, picture, videos, music and anything you want on it because it has 5GB of ROM, which allows the storage. Accessing it ’s easy and it’s made through an app th...

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Why Your Business Might Need An App

In most cases we see business owners not considering developing a proprietary mobile app because they believe this is something only suitable for big brands, like Apple or Walmart. That is completely incorrect. There are many reasons why you want to complement the software you already use, including specialty technology like cannabis POS, with modern mobile apps. Here are those that can always be highlighted. Increasing Visibility For Customers The average American citizen spends over 2 hours daily on a mobile device. Total usage is normally made up of just some applications but this does not change the simple fact that people are more a...

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How to Make Friends With the Pal App for Android

Pal App Android

If you're an Android user looking to make real friends over the "interwebz", boy, do we have good news for you? Enter the Pal App, a brand new tool aimed at helping you ditch Mark Zuckerberg's digital ghetto, also known as Facebook. I am only kidding, a little bit, but seriously speaking, there's a big difference between social media and Pal. While social media is mainly about virtue signaling and taking selfies obsessively while chasing "likes" like a cat chases snowflakes, the Pal Android app will help you find and meet real people; as its name suggests, the app is focused on helping you find some new pals to fill your empty cat-pictures...

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Top 7 FAQs about Card Games

Perhaps there is not a single person around who has not played any kind of card games at least once. It may not be a game like rummy or any other such games, but most of us would have played card games in its one or the other fun form and had great enjoyment. With the internet being the order of the day, millions of people are taking up to playing one or more card games like rummy game since the last decade. Here are 7 important FAQs to help you with information on card games and ease you with your initial hiccups. Is a playing card game legal in India? According to the Supreme Court, only games that involve mental skills are ...

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