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RetouchMe Makes your Photos Perfect

When you think that the photo you have just taken looks horrible, you have no need to worry. RetouchMe is a great app to help with making your photos a little bit extra perfect. It allows you to remove blemishes and make corrections to every part of your body. You can reduce your tummy, get a thin waistline, increase muscle size tighten your booty ...

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The Best Android Apps For 2018

2018 is set to be another huge year for smartphone users, especially when it comes to apps. As technology is advancing and we’re seeing smartphones and tablets hit the market that are capable of doing more than ever before, we’re spending more time using them on a daily basis. There are some great apps out there right now for Android based devi...

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Dragon Ninja Rush Review: Addictive And Challenging Gameplay

Dragon Ninja Rush is a fast-paced 2D platform runner with a side face view. There isn’t much story to the game play, but as an addictive time pass, it qualifies with flying colors. After you have launched the game, this will be the main screen. As you can see, here you will get to see your character level along with other details. There...

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How Mobile Phone Helps You to Track Your Child

If you want to know exactly what you kids are up to all day every day, let me introduce you to what will help you, the hoverwatch mobile phone tracker. We all love our children. But in this world of today where there are all sorts of external influence that can easily corrupt our children, parents greatest wish is only if they can find a way to ...

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