10th Billion Download Special


A quick 10th Billion Download offer links for those fans still using the old Market (version 2).Did within 3 hours. Stop complaining…LOLPM us at our Facebook @ [...]

2013 Is The Year of the Smartwatch?

By In

If you take a look at all major players in the IT Industry, one pattern is very clear : almost each and everyone of them is working on or planning to build a smartwatch, sooner rather than later. [...]

7 Billion and You in the world


7 Billion and You – Find Your number!!7 Billion and You – Find Your number!! is a live counter for the world population. Where do you fit into 7 billion person living on Earth? Find [...]

Footfall123 Scanner


Footfall123 is the leading online tool for High Street businesses to attract and keep a passionate following of customers- with over 2 billion offers sent out so far. The online tool lets [...]

스마트재무설계(Tab 8.9, 10.1)


★★ 안드로이드 마켓, 금융분야 최고매출어플 1위 ★★(안드로이드용 사용가능 디바이스는 갤럭시탭 10.1과 8.9에 가능합니다.)현재 2,500여명의 FC, FP, PB 분들이 사용하고 있는 최고의 재무설계 솔루션인 에프앤소프트의 태블릿용 어플!!1. 1억을 8%로 대출받는다고 가정하고 3년거치후 20년 원리금상환을 하는 경우 매월 [...]



Become knowledge BILLIONAIRE. This quiz game has been made in such a way that it can be played by anybody around the world who speaks English.Game: 12 questions, 4 possible answers, 3 tips and 1 [...]

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