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How will 4G affect Casino gaming?

There has been considerable excitement about the arrival of 4G, which stands for ‘fourth generation’ in terms of mobile phone communications, particularly amongst the developers of casino games for mobile devices. At first when the first 4G Smartphones were unveiled at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, these developers and the major online ...

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app Kainy (Remote Gaming/Desktop) logo

Kainy (Remote Gaming/Deskto...


Special price $2.99 instead of $4.99.Kainy is a remote desktop oriented for Gaming and Performance.Stream your games from your PC into your Phone/Tablet.Play your PC Games Everywhere (Wifi/3G/4G).- HD...


Android-Apps Reviews The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G by Samsung is an attempt to bring the Sidekick brand back to life on T-Mobile.  What was once considered a dominant teenage style smartphone with a sleek sliding keyboard mechanism had slowly died off with the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone boom.  Fortunately, Samsung is looking to bring the iconic and memorable form ...

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Android-Apps Reviews The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G

Android-Apps Reviews The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G by Samsung is an attempt to bring the Sidekick brand back to life on T-Mobile.  What was once considered a dominant teenage style smartphone with a sleek sliding keyboard mechanism had slowly died off with the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone boom.  Fortunately, Samsung is looking to bring the iconic and memorable form ...

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Google Nexus One Quake 3 Gaming Now Available [Google's Android Does Real … – TFTS (blog)

TFTS (blog)Google Nexus One Quake 3 Gaming Now Available [Google's Android Does Real ...TFTS (blog)The Google Nexus One is definitely one hot Android device which pretty much goes to show how Google wants Android to be officially presented and run. ...Google Loses Another Nexus One Partner: Sprint Changes Plans, Won't Sell It ...San Francis...

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Picking a Multimedia Tablet that Works for You

It’s that time of year, and if you’re looking for a multimedia tablet, you have a lot to choose from. More Americans are switching to tablets for computing on the go and eMarketer expects that tablet users will surpass one billion worldwide by the end of 2015. Getting on the bandwagon is easy, there are a lot of tablets out there, but unless yo...

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Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8 review (video)

samsung-galaxy-mega-5.8-aa-in-hand It seems as if Samsung is on a quest to offer a smartphone in just about every size. While many don’t like big phones like the Note 2, Samsung decided to go even further with the Galaxy Mega 5.8, the little brother of the Galaxy Mega 6.3, which is easily one of the largest smartphones on the market. We already took a look at the Mega 6.3, so...

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Sprint Vital is official, has release date and price

Sprint VitalThe Sprint Vital, a device that surfaced a few days ago, has been made official by the carrier.Pictures and information about the Sprint Vital were published a few days ago, and it’s good to see the device, which is manufactured by ZTE, getting officially confirmed. While you already knew some things about it, what you didn’t know is th...

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 receives LTE support

Qualcomm logoEarlier today, popular chip manufacturer Qualcomm issued a press release detailing some of the new features that are heading to its Snapdragon 400 line-up of processors. The Snapdragon 400 is a mid-range mobile processor which will be appearing in products like the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini among others.The major news is the addition of multimode 3G/...

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Archos GamePad – the Android powered handheld console

Back in August we came across an announcement from Archos. The company was showing off a concept of a gaming tablet, which quite frankly looked just like a concept. Although the device was looking great and was unique enough to catch our attention, we shrugged it off as a “possibility”. So imagine our surprise when after only three months the...

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AT&T Announces The Sony Xperia ion For Launch On June 24, Costs Only $99.99

AT&T has an exciting new 4G LTE phone that is scheduled to launch on June 24 for just $99.99 on a two year contract.  The Sony Xperia ion features high-end hardware coupled with Android 2.3 to deliver a captivating media experience.  It is unfortunate to see such a sleek and high-end device still running the dated Gingerbread out of the box, ...

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Gaming News -GameRSS is all about RSS Feeds, they are free from multiple Gaming News sites so I figured why not take the best ones and toss them together to make the best Gaming news I can give. All f...

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World of Video Games News


Are you a video game fan? Do you want to stay up to date? World of Video Game News is your application.World of Video Games News is a news reader only for video games. With this application you can be...

app 蒼龍寶石(小龍年賀歲版) logo




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Dust: Offroad Racing


Race in 2 different game modes, or practice your driving skill on any of the terrains. Use your Nitro to be faster than the competitors!You need a powerfull device with at least 2.2 OS, and a fast (1G...


Pocket Legends Android Game Updated with New Map and Level Cap

Do you play the hit Pocket Legends Android game? If you do, you'll be glad to know that Spacetime Studios has updated this 3D Massively-Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (3D MMO) to include additional level called Nuri’s Hallows. In addition, the game's level cap was also extended and you can now reach up to level 61. This mean more hours o...

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Star Legends


"Another home run hit for mobile MMO gaming" - G4"The design and development for this game is astounding" - Slide-to-Play"The next generation of MMOs on mobile is here" - MassivelyStar Legends: The Bl...

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Ultimate Games Reviews


<div id="doc-original-text">Get the latest news & reviews from gaming world. The information is taken from rss <a href="

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Captain America


Sentinel of Liberty features stunning HD graphics! Play as the Super Soldier Captain America in this epic action game. As WW2 rages, Red Skull is leading HYDRA as they build super weapons that will t...

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Crackle – Movies &...


Finally, watch FREE movies on your Android phone & tablet. ~ Newly re-designed based on feedback from our 11 million users!~ ***2012 Mobile Excellence Award Finalist*** PINEAPPLE EXPRESS, BIG DADD...


Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – May 20, 2011

1. Apparatus Lite This great game crept into the market at the end of last week, and I just ran across it a few days ago. Apparatus is a superb building game, where you'll get to build all kinds of wacky looking machines. There are plenty of levels, a sandbox mode, and community levels for you to download as well. There are lite and free versions o...

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Halo:CE Timer


For those hardcore Halo:CE players that are still around, finally there's a free option for your timing needs. For those of you that don't know (and post about it in the app comments), this app is us...


Motorola Makes The DROID XOOM Tablet Official

The highly anticipated Motorola DROID XOOM tablet is finally official. Motorola was expected to announce the device running Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) at CES 2011 for a while now, and in their afternoon keynote presentation, the DROID XOOM was officially unveiled. The DROID XOOM is similar to what many have expected, for instance, it features a ...

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Motorola Officially Announces The LTE Capable DROID BIONIC

You thought AT&T would be the only carrier lucky enough to receive a high-end, awesome, smartphone from Motorola? Well, guess again, as Motorola introduced the DROID BIONIC this afternoon at its keynote presentation. Since it is marketed under the DROID brand, it is going to launch on Verizon Wireless sometime in the early portion of Q2. U...

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Everlands HD


A colorful world of Everlands has been invaded by dark and sinister forces. Animals of the land have to unite, combine the best of their abilities and together stand against the great threat casting s...


Following Android's NDK Update, Palm Makes PDK Beta Public –

TG DailyFollowing Android's NDK Update, Palm Makes PDK Beta PublicPhoneNews.comWithin a day of Google releasing their first major Android NDK update, a tool that allows for native code to be run in Android applications, ...Palm beefs up gaming for webOSIntoMobile (blog)Palm's New Gaming Platform Won't Save PalmThe Business InsiderPalm k...

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Android NDK comes out – Inquirer

IntoMobile (blog)Android NDK comes outInquirerSMARTPHONE OS DEVELOPER Google has released its third version of the Android Native Development Kit (NDK). The kit, which can be found here, ...Android native code kit apes iPhone game 3DRegisterAndroid coders get high-speed graphics abilityCNETAndroid NDK r3 To Improve 3D GamingPhandroid.comZDNet UK&nb...

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