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8pen Wordcup (game)


How quickly can you become an 8pen Gangster?This game builds up your muscle memory by teaching you the 8pen, letter by letter, word by word. Be a pioneer and embark on a wonderful journey of discovery...

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The 8pen is a new way of writing on mobile devices. It is natural, fast, and just feels right.Learn it in a fun and challenging way by playing the game "8pen Wordcup", available for free on ...


8Pen Offers a Gesture-Based Keyboard Replacement for Android Devices

While the default Android keyboard is functional enough, this didn't stop third-party developers to come up with keyboard replacement app for Android devices.  There are several of these keyboard replacement available from the Android Marketplace but if you want something unique, you might want to watch out for 8Pen, a new keyboard replacement app...

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