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Put your Abduction Skills to the Test with Probe the Humans for Android

Aliens are all the rage, especially this year with the end of the world and all. Probe the Humans by Gameresort will let you see what it’s like to be give instead of receive, as you’ll get to be the aliens who go around kidnapping folks and causing havoc. Probe the Humans lets you take the helm of a spaceship with only one goal… to kidn...

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app Abduction Lite logo

Abduction Lite


Sometimes there's just nowhere to run.This is a new and exciting type of arcade style game. Hover over a tiny world trying to abduct as many humans as possible.This game uses the accelerometer to stee...

app Abduction! 2 Demo logo

Abduction! 2 Demo


The cow is back! Jump your way to the top in this demo featuring the quick game, kids mode, and a sampler of the adventure mode.NOTE: If you get a blank white screen, disable "compatibility mode&...

app Abduction! logo



Your friends have been abducted by aliens, and it's up to you to save them! Follow the ufo into space, grabbing power-ups and rescuing friends as you go. This version includes the random Quick Game mo...

app Abduction! World Attack logo

Abduction! World Attack


Your friends have been abducted by aliens! Use tilt controls to follow the ufo, picking up power-ups as you go, but watch you don't "Abduction is incredibly addictive, as an...


Abduction! – Cows are heroes again

Abduction! – Cows are heroes again This Android app can easily be one of the most addictive games I've played in a long while. When someone tells you that the premise of the game is to save your fellow cow brethren from abduction by aliens you will probably stop for a moment and think to yourself, "What have you been smoking and can I have some?" Ok, maybe not the second part but i...

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app Jumparoo! logo



Using various floating platforms, help Jumparoo the Kangaroo to jump, jump, jump higher and higher and rescue to the Joeys from the Eagles!If you enjoyed Doodle Jump and Abduction, you'll love Jumparo...

app Probe the Humans logo

Probe the Humans


The most scientifically accurate alien abduction simulation!*According to our researchers at GameResort.Have you ever fantasized about piloting a spaceship? Have you ever felt the urge to wreak havoc ...

app Super Space Paddle ( JP ) logo

Super Space Paddle ( JP )


Aliens! Their goals: jewels and abduction! This arcade game features a mix of gameplay elements like Pong Arkanoid Space Invadersと同様 スペースインベーダー / アルカノイドGame feat...

app Jumparoo! Lite logo

Jumparoo! Lite


Using various floating platforms, help Jumparoo to jump, jump, jump higher and higher and rescue to the Joeys from the Eagles!Tilt your phone from left to right to direct Jumparoo up the levels, while...

app Hungry Monkey – Tilt & Jump logo

Hungry Monkey – Tilt ...


Hungry Monkey - Hunting the MEGA bananaSimple, yet addictive fast-paced tilt & jump game!This game works good on tablets also!Help starving Mr. Monkey to eat as many bananas you can. Be carefull, ...

app 미궁 – 이것만 있다면 당신도 머리를 회전 시 logo

미궁 – 이것만 ...


이것만 있다면 당신도 머리를 회전 시킬수 있다.인터넷을 조금만 해본 유저라면 다 아는 미궁 형식의 게임입니다.색다르게 BGM을 집어넣었고 안드로이...

app Worm Jump logo

Worm Jump


Jump, jump, jump to higher on the leafs of jungle! Little little wormy is lost in the jungle! Help him find a way out of the scrubs! Jump your way up up up, but beware, it's really dangerous to fall d...

app Hot Girls Tiles puzzle logo

Hot Girls Tiles puzzle


<div id="doc-original-text">hot girls tiles Puzzle is a sliding puzzle game of hot girl images that consists of a frame of square tiles in random order with one tile missing. <p>...

app Parachute Free logo

Parachute Free


BREAKING NEWS: Full Version Price Permanently Reduced!!! Get your copy now for only £0.99 and experience the full 40 levels. Plus, the paid version is completely ad free.Thanks to all of you who...

app Parachute logo



Guide Paraman through 40 levels of intense Parachuting fun!If you enjoy classic jumping games such as Doodle Jump, NinJump and Abduction! then you will love this variation which takes the genre and tu...

app Chalk Ball Lite logo

Chalk Ball Lite


A new concept of bouncing game. Use your finger to draw with chalk, but be careful, it will not last for long. Make your ball hit other ones to recover chalk and don't let it fall. Easy to learn, hard...

app Chalk Ball logo

Chalk Ball


A new concept of bouncing game. Use your finger to draw with chalk, but be careful, it will not last for long. Make your ball hit other ones to recover chalk and don't let it fall. Easy to learn, hard...

app BubbleTap Lite logo

BubbleTap Lite


BubbleTap is an addicting game for you and your friends.Stop the bubbles before they reach the top!Can you beat all the missions and stay alivelonger than your friends in survival mode?Features: Campa...

app Hamster Climb logo

Hamster Climb


Boxes, packets and letters are falling from the sky! Playing as a hamster your goal is to climb as high as you can by jumping on the falling stuff!Every box, packet and letter you jump on reward point...

app Animal Jump logo

Animal Jump


Jump as high as possible from floating island to floating Island. Make use of all the great Power Ups while Avoiding monsters, Power Downs and falling down.Compete with Friends and Jumpers over the wh...