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app Fingal Access Database logo

Fingal Access Database


A directory of services available throughout the Dublin Fingal area. You can call up the phone numbers, emails, and websites directly. Future versions will contain updated data periodically....

app Access 2007 Database Training logo

Access 2007 Database Traini...


<div id="doc-original-text">Microsoft Access 2007 Database Video Training course<p>Microsoft Access is a program that can perform wonders if you know how to work it. With Microso...


Get recognized as a unique Data Analyst:

You would have been reading or hearing about the term “Big Data” in the recent times. Big Data has been available from quite a long time but it came into limelight due to the increase in the demand for the skilled professionals in the market. In simple terms, Big Data and Data Analytics is about analyzing large amount of data coming from variou...

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The NSA & Comp Can Remotely Access Your PC Even When Turned Off or Offline

nsa I bet you did not know that, but the NSA and/or any other Government agency can get remote access over your computer, even when turned off. How about that? By remote access I mean that your privacy is zero, even if you're not connected to the internet or you have your hard drive encrypted. It doesn't matter. The Intel Core vPro CPU comes ...

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Skyfire Horizon toolbar for AT&T and Sprint serves ads, collects browsing data

Banner-Ads-Skyfire-Horizon-650x408If you’ve purchased a phone from a wireless carrier in the past year, chances are it came preloaded with an untold amount of intrusive, bothersome bloatware. Undoubtedly, carriers’ affinity for bundling an excessive number of apps with limited, expensive functionality (AT&T’s HTC One, for example, comes with eight different apps that esse...

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Cryptographic bug in Android lets hackers create malicious apps with system access

cryptographic binary codeSecurity researchers have found a bug in Android which allows them to create malicious Android apps which appear to be genuine with the correct digital signatures. In computing, digital signatures allow any piece of data, including an app, to be checked to see that it is genuine and actually comes from the author. Now, due to a bug in Android, it i...

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CyanogenMod founder wants to help protect your data with incognito mode for Android

CyanogenMod In light of the recent NSA data spying scandal, it’d be remiss if I didn’t bring you this news. CyanogenMod founder Steve Kondik has announced on Google+ that he’s working on a new “Run in Incognito Mode” feature for Android.The function will act as a master controller for all your personal data, only allowing access to it to the apps w...

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How to get T-Mobile’s $30/month unlimited data smartphone plan

t-mobile-logo-hugeIf you don’t talk on your mobile phone much, but like to use apps, navigation, or any other kind of data-absorbing functions, you know how important a good data plan is. What if we told you that you could pay about $30/month for unlimited data, with the first 5MB at top speeds? Now we’re talking!The Consumerist recently highlighted the low-cost...

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app sqlite Database Editor logo

sqlite Database Editor


SQLite database manager. *Open databases from internal storage.Open databases from external storage.Simple Query Editor.*Lists of all databases for all installed applications. *Root access required.I ...

app Data On logo

Data On


1 click to toggle mobile data, fast & elegant!A widget to toggle "Data enabled" setting. No modification to APN, no wait to reconnect!Data On is desktop widget that toggles your phone's ...

app Natural Medicines Database logo

Natural Medicines Database


Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database gives trusted unbiased, clinical data on approximately 90,000 herbal products, dietary supplements, vitamins, minerals, homeopathic products, Ayurvedic medicin...

app Accessibility logo



Spaces and places accessible to people with reduced mobility, located using augmented reality and real-time geolocation to provide information about where and how far away the selected accessible and ...


Update: Data Outage Hits T-Mobile Across America

Speaking from my own personal experience, talking with friends, and scouring Twitter, it appears data services for T-Mobile are seemingly non-existent. Basic services for voice and text are still in effect, so you can place calls and send and receive text messages.  However, accessing the web or performing any tasks that involves 2G, 3G, or 4G da...

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app Comdata Mobile logo

Comdata Mobile


Comdata Mobile provides our customers with a world-class solution that leverages the full power and capability of Comdata systems and data in a real-time and user-friendly manner. This app features on...

app Multimeter Data Aquisition logo

Multimeter Data Aquisition


Data aquisition for the Radio Shack 22-812 Multimeter. Logs any data that the meter can measure in simple CSV format. Requires an RS232 to Bluetooth device. We used a FireFly from (cos...

app Gouty uric acid database logo

Gouty uric acid database


Gouty shows the uric acid to 283 foods. These values ??are for people with gout risk important to avoid a (re) attack. Traffic light colors highlight the uric acid content. - 283 food - in 6 categorie...

app SoR Datasheets logo

SoR Datasheets


Ever been to a robot competition, demonstration, or conference and you didn't have internet access? What do you do when your robot has a problem and you need to look up the datasheets?This is an offli...

app PilotWxChartJrPlus Access 2012 logo

PilotWxChartJrPlus Access 2...



app Bobbies (UK Police Crime Data) logo

Bobbies (UK Police Crime Da...


**NOTE: Only works in England and Wales. Data is normally a few months behind**Bobbies lets you access all the crime data published by the UK Police forces. It updates each month, and allows you to se...

app Data Traffic Control logo

Data Traffic Control


This app lets you control your mobile data usage quickly and easily. You can turn on or off data access by one click on notification bar message. This app also tells your daily, weekly & monthly u...

app Stop 3 Data Roaming logo

Stop 3 Data Roaming


App for Android users on 3 Mobile in Australia to stop the phone from using expensive data while Roaming in Australia.Since Android 4.0/ICS does not allow changes to APN Settings by 3rd Party apps, th...

app Kenya-OpenData logo



This App is designed to bring you better and faster access contained in the Government run website OpenData. We seek to make this information available to you wherever you are and whenever you want.Mo...

app G Data AntiVirus Free logo

G Data AntiVirus Free


G Data MobileSecurity is now called G Data AntiVirus Free!To counter the increased threat to Android devices, we have decided to make our software's system protection available for free not just to G ...

app APN & Data Switch Pro logo

APN & Data Switch Pro


Get 2 widgets for Switch APN and Switch DATA funkcionality (no APN modification). App is highly customizable and widgets are attractive and practical.App provides tailored timer based APN and DATA swi...

app Mobile Accessibility PT logo

Mobile Accessibility PT


Esta aplicação foi concebida para pessoas cegas.MA é uma aplicação de acesso ao ecrã que permite que pessoas cegas ou com baixa visão utilizem um telefone Android de uma maneira fácil, simples...

app DataVault Password Manager logo

DataVault Password Manager


DataVault for Android stores confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins, memberships, etc. using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), widely recognized as the most powerful...

app Lockable Data Store logo

Lockable Data Store


Lockable Data Store application enables you to store, protect and manage your data using flexible forms with any number of fields. Use it to store notes, logins, passwords, diary entries, recipes or a...


Analyze your Google Checkout Data with Sales Analytics Beta

Overview Want better insight to your Google checkout & App sales? If so we have just the thing for you as Sales Analytics is a new Android App from that lets you use graphs, charts, and ordering reports to analyze data. Keeping track of anything can be a hassle, especially when you’re dealing with sales figures. Sales An...

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