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Google and Apple accused of using litigation as advertisement

Appleandroid It seems that we hear about a new lawsuit between Google and Apple on a bi-weekly basis these days. At the start it appeared like a normal way for these two technology giants to behave in the midst of a heated battle for mobile supremacy. Later we started to notice the regularity of these lawsuits and the amount of media attention they receive. It...

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus May Launch On Sprint According To Advertisement

How's this for pre-CES buzz?  According to an advertisement that recently ran on a CNET blog post, Sprint is expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Nexus as its first 4G LTE smartphone.  Sprint is on the precipice of moving off WiMAX towards 4G LTE, so it is no surprise to Sprint preparing to launch smartphones and other devices that can take ad...

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app [Advertisement Cut]for SMD logo

[Advertisement Cut]for SMD


You can customize "Share My Diary" using the Puchased Item, Advertisement Cut.★Attention-Due to Android market policy, you will have only 15-minutes refund window. -You must download the b...

app Advertisement channel logo

Advertisement channel


This is only a study about Google ads ~ Download it when you want to study designing of ads or when you fell boring ......

app Advertisement ROI logo

Advertisement ROI


Advertisement ROI is a must have application for a user who is trying to grow their business (small or large). It helps user identify how much to spend in advertisement. Business owners always face an...


Telecom and the Mobile Movement

It's not a stretch to say that nearly everyone has a mobile phone today. In the US alone, nearly two-thirds of the population, own a mobile phone going into 2015. In less than five years, this number has jumped from the only thirty-five percent that was reported in 2011. Advances in technology mean that over sixty percent of Americans alone are car...

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app Animating Heart Livewallpaper logo

Animating Heart Livewallpap...


Animating Heart Live Wallpaper is cute live wallpaper in which a cute heart is rotating in random order . This live wallpaper is simple and good locking for our mobile screen .This have many settings,...

app Simple Volume Control logo

Simple Volume Control


This app can help you adjust the volume of all the audio related apps on your android phone. About this app:With this app, you can control all the volume of your alarm, music player, coming calls and ...

app Remote Phone Control logo

Remote Phone Control


Remote Phone Control is a fee app that supports you remote control android phone with computer web browser (IE, FireFox or others). Please confirm network connection works well before making remote co...

app MB Storage Widget logo

MB Storage Widget


This widget is able to display the amount of MB used up on internal memory SD card.Also, it displays the free storage space available on card icon.The information of memory storage offered will~~~upda...

app Manage Phone Files logo

Manage Phone Files


Manage Phone Files is a free file manager supporting file opening, cut/move, delete, rename, copy and send through email account! In addition, the file browser&manager allow you search file by inp...

app Leading Volume Widget logo

Leading Volume Widget


This leading volume widget can be used to control or manage volume level of alarm, music player, notification, calling and android sound.You can adjust many volume type from your home screen convenien...

app Free Phone Secret Camera logo

Free Phone Secret Camera


Free Phone Secret Camera supports taking photos secretly!!! This phone camera is really covert. Nobody will know you are taking photos during talking or eating or doing other things.Why others can not...

app Best Battery Widget 2013 logo

Best Battery Widget 2013


Whenever open your phone, you can get the battery information in the first time if you download and install Best Battery Widget 2013 on android mobile phone.This is a small widget used on home screen....

app Apps Sharing Quickly logo

Apps Sharing Quickly


Apps Sharing Quickly supports share the downloaded apps with your friends. You can share via Bluetooth, Gmail or Messaging. The sharing file is html format and when your friends accept it, they can op...

app Grocery Ultimate logo

Grocery Ultimate


Grocery Ultimate(tm) gives you a fast and efficient way to complete your grocery shopping tasks. Whether it's making your list by simply speaking product names, tracking the cost of items, or navigati...

app Magic Touch Girls logo

Magic Touch Girls


Magic Touch Girls Live wallpaper is really amazing live wallpaper in which there are 5 background and you can select any of them . Its has two setting one for choosing background and other for contro...

app Chennai Local Train Timetable logo

Chennai Local Train Timetab...


This app provides information about Chennai suburban/local train services running between two train stations at or after a given time of day.You can search train services between any two stations whic...

app Wifi Scan Widget logo

Wifi Scan Widget


This wifi scan widget can be added to your phone desktop. As a result, you can scan or search the wifi access points around you in phone home page.WLAN/WiFi name, signal strength (such as -65.db...),c...

app Crack Your Screen Pro logo

Crack Your Screen Pro


Bang! Bang! Bang! Use your finger to shoot screen and crack it,Better Crack, better prank, better fun with no advertisements.See the surprised look in your friends eyes when they crack" your scre...

app Bible Trivia Pro logo

Bible Trivia Pro


Unlike any other Bible Trivia game! Prove every answer with the scripture provided! This Bible game is NOT random Bible verses where you just fill in the blank but rather informative need-to-know de...

app 3D Moving Rose LiveWallpaper logo

3D Moving Rose LiveWallpape...


Realistic Rose in your phone.3D Moving Rose Free Live Wallpaper have realistic Rose Moving animation and five different backgrounds.3D Moving Rose have many settings, Animations can be turned on or of...

app 3D Cute Baby LiveWallPaper logo

3D Cute Baby LiveWallPaper


3D Moving Cute Baby Cube Live Wallpaper is cute live wallpaper in which a cute baby is rotating in random order . This live wallpaper is simple and good locking for our mobile screen .This have many s...

app Holi Ripple Live Wallpaper logo

Holi Ripple Live Wallpaper


Holi Ripple Live Wallpaper is a Free Live Wallpaper.thats Presenting a charming and fascinating experience for your You create a water's ripple effect.Then Touch On the Screen and look awsom...

app Truck Parking 3D logo

Truck Parking 3D


Truck Parking 3DTest your driving and parking skills in this new and exciting 3D Truck Parking game! A UNIQUE DRIVING EXPERIENCE WITH GORGEOUS 3D GRAPHICSYour goal in this game is to park in the desig...


Google pays AdBlock Plus not to block its ads

Adblock-Plus-Website-on-Mevvy.com_ Ever look for an ad filtering browser plugin to keep annoying, obtrusive advertisements off of your computer screen? Chances are you ended up installing Adblock Plus, a free product with millions of users. What you probably didn’t know, though, is that Adblock doesn’t function as indiscriminately as you might expect; though the program hides a...

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Motorola Moto X smartphone details known, will have fully customizable look

motorola moto x Some major dailies published a Motorola advertisement yesterday about a U.S.-made smartphone that it plans to release soon. Today, ABC news obtained some details about the said device. Aside from the now known fact that it be assembled in the U.S., the Motorola Moto X will feature a fully customizable look and appearance using different colors an...

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The new Motorola X Phone ad: It could mean more than we know

Motorola X Phone Ad The Verge It’s something I’ve long hoped for the Motorola X: complete customization. Even though the rumors leading up to it hinted it was made of unicorn horn and gypsy tears, we’ve since learned it’s just going to be a cell phone. In fact, we’ve been hearing the X Phone could be a pretty middle-of-the-road device. What of Android, tho...

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