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app THINK POSITIVE Live Wallpaper logo

THINK POSITIVE Live Wallpap...


Did you know?Small things like a kind word or a smiling child can brighten up our day. Let us guide you through your day, with bright, positive messages and images... to remember you... You are just g...

app Simple Money logo

Simple Money


Without any advertisment!Simple Money is one of the most simple and convenient money managers (incomeoutcome manager). Application interface is very easy and intuitive. Application doesn't use the Int...

app Number System Converter + logo

Number System Converter +


This special converter converts from number system 2 up to 36. Also it is possible to convert numbers with decimal places!Also you can add, subtract, multiply and divide the numbers!Features:* Convert...

app Easy Draw logo

Easy Draw


A simple drawing app allows you to draw anything and share with your friends! Integrate with Whatsapp, Facebook and many other apps!! Happy drawing!!Tips: Click the advertisment to hide itLong press b...

app Vocabularity Free logo

Vocabularity Free


Your engine to memorize.Vocabularity is a simple, but effective way to learn your vocabulary, when ever you want, where you want. The big advantage of this vocabulary trainer is your ability to make d...

app Fruit Stand Free logo

Fruit Stand Free


Ever wanted to package fruit for fun? Now you can! Find yourself strangly addicted to playing the classic Version for a good old fashion survival game style or the Time Attack version were you must ke...

app Contacts CSV Export Pro logo

Contacts CSV Export Pro


Contacts CSV Export Pro can export you phone addressbook to CSV Format. In order to make importing easy, standard formats can be selected, like: Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 Mozilla Thunderbird, Hotmail, ...

app PhoneBillGates logo



Want to monitor your phone cost and control your budget as easy as possible? Try to use PhoneBillGates and pay nothing else.FREE:There is no extra charge. Even the advertisment within could be hidden....

app SWTOR Talents Calculator logo

SWTOR Talents Calculator


Create you next SWTOR charachter with free (and advertisment free too) SWTOR Talents Calculator!SWTOR Talents Calculator is the app that lets you create your charachter in Star Wars: The Old Republic ...

app Shape Masher FREE logo

Shape Masher FREE


The FREE Version contains ADVERTISMENTTap the Shapes!Easy to play Tap'Em'Up Style game. Currently 3 different game modes and MULTIPLAYER (Splitscreen).Easy to play Tap'Em'Up Style game like famous Fru...

app Cars Manager AdsFree logo

Cars Manager AdsFree


*** This app remove advertisments and unblock widget in main application ("Cars Manager")!!!!!! ****"Cars Manager" helps you to learn about your fuel economy and vehicle health by ...

app Mass SMS Eraser logo

Mass SMS Eraser


******ENGLISH******With this advertisment free application you can search for a word or phrase within your SMS messages and delete the result with one single click.Useful for deleting e.g. your Servic...

app Insta Spanish Kids Lessons logo

Insta Spanish Kids Lessons


Please note: requires Adobe Air 2.7 or higherNew: our app works great on all 1 screen Android devices, but is now also highly optimized for the Sony P dual screen!Our app was a finalist in the Adobe/S...

app Spellathon – word game logo

Spellathon – word gam...


SPELLATHON is highly addictive fun word twist game with a TWIST !Put on your thinking cap :) "challenging word game with a crazy twist"-"KIng of spelling" - android...

app YaMBro logo



YaMBro is Yet another Media Browser.It uses databases created with Media Management Systems on your computer, for example:- XBMC- Ember Media Manager (-r)- MediaportalWith YaMBro you have access to yo...

app Contacts / SMS /LOG CSV Export logo

Contacts / SMS /LOG CSV Exp...


Contacts CSV Export Pro can export you phone addressbook to CSV Format. In order to make importing easy, standard formats can be selected, like: Outlook 2003, 2007, 2010 Mozilla Thunderbird, Hotmail, ...

app Speedy Pro logo

Speedy Pro


Speedy Pro is an advanced speed/distance meter. Speedy Pro's main features are:-Speed meter which also keeps track of your maximum speed-Odometer. Odometer's reading can also be saved-Three trip meter...

app – Sell & Buy logo – Sell &...

3.9(140) is the leading advertisment site in Macedonia for classified ads. The site offers private people and firms of Macedonian as well of foregin nationality to engage in trading activities. The...

app SMS message talk logo

SMS message talk


SMS talk is a really cool application that lets you add contacts by the add contact feature or simply add someone by their number to the approved list.When you get an SMS, text or message from that pe...

app AM Svenska Dagbladet logo

AM Svenska Dagbladet


The latest news, editorial, sports, etc. from Svenska Dagbladet.The news is readable directly in the application. The application does not download advertisments, photos, videos or any other "hea...

app Fast budget logo

Fast budget


Fast budget is the complete application that guides you to track and order of your spending and keep to a budget can easily keep your total income or available money and your total expense...

app GM Alarm logo

GM Alarm


Looking for a reliable, convenient, stylish and unusual alarm clock? Free and without an advertisment? This is it!GM Alarm chooses random melody and downloads it from the Internet for each awakening (...

app Amrit Bani Radio UK logo

Amrit Bani Radio UK


Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
Dear Brothers / Sisters thank you for showing interest in our new android apps for Amrit Bani Radio and greetings to all of you and all your family member...

app Apocalypse When? Lite! logo

Apocalypse When? Lite!


THE WORLD MAY HAVE ALREADY ENDED!Using the very latest positronic BLAST processing technology, this incredible new app for your phone will let you know in mere seconds if the world has ended and we've...

app Pay Ur Restaurant Bill Ads logo

Pay Ur Restaurant Bill Ads


This application allow you to calculate the number of meal ticket(s) you have to give in order to pay your restaurant bill.This application provides you 2 solutions, in case you got change or not.You ...

app Controloid logo



Donate Version without Advertisment!Before using "Controloid" test the free version!Controloid is a Enigma Web-Interface Client. (Dreambox-Models 500 / 500+ / 5600 / 5620 / 600 / 7000 / 7020...

app Simon says memory game logo

Simon says memory game


My memory game is our version of the classic game Simon says, the great classic color memory game. Hours of fun with this great never ending classic, see how far you can get against your friends.looks...

app Days Left Widget logo

Days Left Widget


Did you ever forget an important date? Do you want to count down the days until a game or gadget release? Did you ever forget your moms or girlfriends birthday? You did? - oh no how could you!Help you...

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