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Samsung’s weird, new patent

(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon)Did you check out the ASUS Padfone, and think the phone-in-a-tablet was a pretty cool design? A phone that slides into the back of a tablet could be the best of both worlds, or a complicated mess.Samsung seems to agree with Padfone fans, as they’ve recently acquired a patent for a similar product. The device, which you’...

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Sony i1 Honami specs allegedly leaked, and we’re hoping it’s a Nexus device.

Sony-logo-aa-5-600pxIf a recent report is true, and we sort of hope it is, the upcoming Sony i1 Honami is a monster device. Allegedly shown in the blurry pic you see below, not much can be learned about the aesthetics of the device. The specs being mentioned, however, are something to behold.If you’re wondering what a true next generation device would have under t...

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Homescreens – What type are you?

HomescreenShow me your Homescreen, and I'll tell you who you are. As unique as everyone's homescreen is, it's pretty interesting to see how every different type of person has a different way their homescreen is laid out and used. The hoarder, the nitpickers, the aesthetics, the nerd, the minimalists, just to name a few of the possibilities. Bu...

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app Are you ugly logo

Are you ugly


Scan your face to fake judge whether you are cute or ugly. This free app Are you ugly is a fake face detector for entertainment. It will give you a prank rating score according to your photos taken by...

app Just The Tip (Tip Calculator) logo

Just The Tip (Tip Calculato...


Learn how to make this app yourself here: The Tip is a tip calculator designed with aesthetics, u...

app Birds Of Uganda logo

Birds Of Uganda


Uganda has over 1200 Birds and one of the largest diversity in species in the world. Our app allows you to explore them. We currently have 550. Our list is growing every day ...January 30 2013:We have...

app Lectura de Manos logo

Lectura de Manos


La quiromancia, es el arte de la caracterización y predicción del futuro mediante el estudio de la palma de la mano, también conocida como quilología.La práctica se ...


Sector Strike blasts its way to Google Play

If you've played and enjoyed the Android game Tank Hero, I'm pretty sure you'll also love the latest game from the same developer Clipfoot called Sector Strike. From its name alone you can easily find out what this game is all about. Well, it's another space shooter set in the future. According to the app's description, Sector Strike is a futuris...

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app Clippox Exodus logo

Clippox Exodus


Clippox Exodus is a Action Adventure game, in a 2D Universe of handmade illustrations, with fantasy aesthetics. The Clippox lived inside a big sacred tree, protected from insects and other jungle dang...

app Augsburger Allgemeine logo

Augsburger Allgemeine


Die App der Augsburger Allgemeinen und ihrer Lokalausgaben vereint das Beste aus zwei Welten: Hier treffen die Qualitätsanmutung und der Charakter der Zeitung auf den Bedienkomfort und die Funktional...

app Towers N’ Trolls logo

Towers N’ Trolls


"It's an addictive, creative game with some lovely aesthetics and challenging levels. If you're anything like me, it'll probably steal your soul." - KOTAKU "Game of the Month" - -------- Fast ...

app Ultimate custom widget (UCCW) logo

Ultimate custom widget (UCC...


Make your own widgets easily in a WYSIWYG (What-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor. Use custom layout, fonts, images, shapes, interesting objects like series clocks, weather information with icons, unrea...

app Doodler (Ad-Free) logo

Doodler (Ad-Free)


*Ad-Free version is exactly the same as the free version, just WITHOUT ads.*Easiest to use drawing app!Tons of exciting brushes and effects to draw anything anywhere on your phone! Save pictures and e...

app Notcot LITE logo

Notcot LITE


Slick interface to browse through the latest posts of notcot.This is a FREE app with some limitations. You can only view notcot's latest 10 posts and also only see a limited number of "random&quo...

app Notcot logo



Slick interface to browse through the latest posts of notcot. Once you've flipped through all of the latest posts, just keep on flipping, the app will automatically fetch more pages from the website.N...

app AskWiki -voice recognition logo

AskWiki -voice recognition


★ Ask questions and get quick answers from Wikipedia! ★This app uses Google Speech Recognizer technology and can help you navigate and search through Wikipedia, by far the best knowledge base on t...


Samsung Galaxy S III Image Leaks, Reveals Possible Announcement on May 22

A Reddit user recently posted a picture of the Samsung Galaxy S III that is either an official, press rendering, or a well-done Photoshop job.  In any case, it doesn't hurt to examine the image from all angles and decide whether it is the real deal that we will see in only a couple of months from now. First things first, the large display appea...

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Verizon Wireless Could Launch An Android QWERTY Slider Phone This Summer

In case you’re in the market for a mid-range QWERTY slider phone on Verizon Wireless as opposed to the high-end likes of the Motorola Droid 2 or the soon-to-be-released Motorola Droid 3, then you’ll be happy to know that Verizon Wireless is reportedly going to launch a mid-range Samsung slider smartphone soon. According to a few leaked ima...

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app 太平洋汽车网 logo




app Doodler logo



*Ad-Free version now available at"Easiest to use drawing app!Tons of exciting brushes and effects to draw anything anywhere on your phon...

app aaNet Usage Meter logo

aaNet Usage Meter


Simple usage meter for customers of Australian ISP aaNet.Displays two progress bars - one for usage and one for time (days progressed/remaining).Very simply interface at present. Will improve the aest...

app Arthur Schopenhauer Collection logo

Arthur Schopenhauer Collect...


This book contain collection of 8 books1. Essays of Schopenhauer; translated by Mrs. Rudolf Dircks2. Religion3. The Wisdom of Life4. On Human Nature5. Studies in Pessimism6. The Art of Controversy7. C...

app Friedrich Schiller Collection logo

Friedrich Schiller Collecti...


This book contain collection of 2 books1. The Ghost-Seer; or the Apparitionist (Der Geisterseher) [unfinished novel, started in 1786, and published periodically; published as book in 1789]2. The Sport...

app Travels In Morocco By James logo

Travels In Morocco By James


About the BookTravels in Morocco [1860]Most discussions of reader-response theories or aesthetics of reading focus on the analysis of fictional texts. However, as one moves outside the genre of fictiv...

app Travels In England In By Karl logo

Travels In England In By Ka...


About the BookTravels in England in 1782Charles P. Moritz's Travels, chiefly on foot, through several parts of England in 1782, described in Letters to a Friend , were translated from the German by a ...

app Encyclopedia of Philosophy logo

Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Read page by page or search for words or phrases.Table of ContentsI. IntroductionII. Branches of PhilosophyIII. Schools of ThoughtsIV. Political PhilosophyV. Ancient PhilosophyVI. Medieval PhilosophyV...

app Pharmacology Study Guide logo

Pharmacology Study Guide


Navigate from TOC or search for words or phrases. You will use this guide from medical or nursing school to residency and internship.AudienceIntended for everyone interested in Pharmacology, particula...

app On The Sublime And Beautiful logo

On The Sublime And Beautifu...


About the BookOn the Sublime and Beautiful [1756]Edmund Burke (1729-1797) was an Anglo-Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher who, after relocating to Great Britain, serv...

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