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5.7-inch Galaxy Note 3 to be unveiled at IFA 2013 in Germany, “industry officials” claim

Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2Galaxy S4 vs Galaxy Note 2 A South Korean report reveals where the Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled and mentions the size of the display, apparently confirming some of the previous rumors on the matter. In an article speculating on a potential Samsung vs Apple “phablet” war, The Korea Herald says that according to “industry officials,” the Ga...

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Former Nokia employee aims to create $1,300+ Android-powered ‘adventure smartphones’

Nokia HQ Think that $640 off-contract price for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expensive? That’s peanuts, at least compared to the $1300 – $6500 that it will cost to bring home upcoming Android handsets from Adaia. If you are now scratching your head wondering who Adaia is, they are a brand new Finnish startup that is lead by a former Nokia employee, Hei...

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Google reportedly working to build wireless network, aimed at emerging markets in Africa and Southeast Asia

Google logo aaThe Internet is a powerful tool. Used in the right hands it can oust corrupt governments, allow better collaboration and communication, and inspire us in ways that were impossible just a few decades ago. Those of us that have easy access to the web often take this gift for granted. We forget that out of roughly 7 billion people, only around 2 ½ bi...

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app Unclaimed Property of MS logo

Unclaimed Property of MS


Each year millions of dollars is turned over to State Treasurer Lynn Fitch's office by businesses that are unable to contact or locate the owners. The Treasurer's office serves as custodian, working h...

app AY! Claim North America logo

AY! Claim North America


AY! Claim THE POWER TO ATTRACK BIRDS !Enjoy your favorite birds claims.High quality sound and picture.Learn to nature with this tool :)This free version includes: Cassin´s Finch,Osprey,Snipe,Sparrow,...

app Daimler BKK logo

Daimler BKK


Die Daimler BKK-App steckt voller Service. Sie ist ein hilfreicher Begleiter in zahlreichen Alltags-Situationen, den Sie schon bald nicht mehr missen wollen. Diese Rubriken machen Ihnen überall u...




The ideal application for all hunter, comprising:- Hunting regulations for State government.- Order by closed communities.- Ringtones and wallpaper in the world of hunting.- Lunar Calendar.- Chat Hunt...


NVIDIA Receives Validation For Its Icera Modem Chipset, Aims to Combine LTE with Tegra 3

Earlier today, NVIDIA revealed to the public that is has received official AT&T validation for its NVIDIA Icera 410 LTE multimode data modem chipset, which can operate inside tablets and clamshell devices.  American smartphone consumers are all too familiar with the fact that quad-core processors capable of handling LTE is not yet a reality. ...

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app AIMIA Digital Summit 2010 logo

AIMIA Digital Summit 2010


Download the application to get full event agenda, speaker Bios and interaction with the event....

app Claim Back My Taxes logo

Claim Back My Taxes


You know you pay too much in income tax each year. You see those deductions on your paycheck every month and you know that it is a big chunk of the money you make. I am here to tell you that you do ha...

app Liguriaimmobiliare logo



L'applicazione ti consente di consultare facilmente gli annunci di immobili presenti sul portale, in particolare potrai trovare case in vendita e case in affitto nei paesi della...

app readyclaim enterprise logo

readyclaim enterprise


Discover the real value and record your contents Don't be short changed on a claim readyclaim enterprise is a web-based contents management system that enables businesses to keep an accurate, up to da...

app Proclaim Remote logo

Proclaim Remote


This remote is for exclusive use with the Proclaim Church Presentation Software, and works in conjunction with both the Mac and PC desktop clients.Once a presentation is being made, you can use this P...

app Gaiman’s Oracular Orb logo

Gaiman’s Oracular Orb


The Oracle, now in your pocket!Frame a question in your mind in general terms, then shake the mystical ball of truth. Magically, the information you need will be plucked from the millio...

app AXASmartClaims logo



Whether a minor scratch or a serious car accident, you...

app LMT Laimes liešana logo

LMT Laimes liešana


LMT Tev piedāvā laimes liešanas mūsdienīgu versiju. Izlej laimi savā telefonā un zīlē, ko nākamais gads Tev nesīs.Aplikācijā varēsi izvēlēties starp vairākām figūrām, ko kausēt, u...

app LOCO8 – Reclaim your Location logo

LOCO8 – Reclaim your ...


This open community LOCO (location) tagging and sharing app allows you to tag any location you find interesting and go to locations others tag. To use this app, you must log in with your Facebook page...

app iClaim logo



With Farmers iClaim, you can:...

app J’aime ma ligne – RATP logo

J’aime ma ligne ̵...


Un café calme et cosy ? un musée avec les petits ? un parc pour faire la sieste ? Envie d’une application qui va vous faire aimer la ville ? Avec J’aime ma ligne de la RATP, à vous les meilleur...

app Aimi logo



Stay connected with Aimi's world!This is the official application for romanian singer and composer Aimi. Listen her latest tracks and remixes.Features-Receive notification when Aimi's having a concert...

app AIMP Remote Full Version logo

AIMP Remote Full Version


This is the full version unlocker for AIMP Remote.IMPORTANT: This is only the unlocker! You need to install "AIMP Remote Beta" from Google Play, too!The full version is currently under devel...

app AIMP Remote BETA logo



AIMP Remote is the first RC app for the greatest media player in the world! Remotely control you AIMP 2 or 3 player running on your local network!*** REQUIRES AIMP2 AND AIMP-Web-Ctl PLUGIN INSTALLED! ...

app Aiming Master Lite logo

Aiming Master Lite


[Aiming Master: Archery] Now, you can be a master of archery!! Forget about all the other archery games, and be the archery whiz with Aiming Master. You can check how well you...

app RMR Claims App logo

RMR Claims App


A picture sending application for Rocky Mountain Reserve.Instructions: 1-Click OK2-Enter from email, password, name and company.3-Click 'Add Picture' 4-Take picture5-Hit OKDONE 6-Repeat steps 3-5 unti...

app Chistes de Jaimito logo

Chistes de Jaimito


Los mejores chistes de Jaimito, un pequeño pícaro e irreverente, que sin ningún tipo de filtro pone en apuros a los adultos con sus preguntas y afirmaciones.¡Disfruta de est...

app KatakanaIME logo



KatakanaIME is a Japanese hand-writing IME. It recognizes strokes made in Katakana and puts text inputs.Once installed, you need to enable KatakanaIME in the locale settings. For the instructions, t...

app Aimi Katase[BWH.JP] logo

Aimi Katase[BWH.JP]


Promortion for PC websiteGirls Entertainment BWHKaori Ishiihttp://bwh.jpkeywords:Aimi Katase/japanese/teen/sexy/hot...

app Compensation Claim Today logo

Compensation Claim Today


Have you suffered an injury in the last three years? If so, you could claim compensation for the injury and any financial losses. Compensation Claim Today deal with claims on a No Win No Fee basis and...

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