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app Paper Airplanes for[+]HOME logo

Paper Airplanes for[+]HOME


Paper Airplanes and Hand drawn icons on a beautiful blue sky??This design is simple but stylish and perfect for both Men and Women!? Conveniently arrange the icons you use most!? High quality clock wi...


Eat Fish, People, and Airplanes in Harebrained Studios Jaws Revenge for Android

In 1975 Jaws made people a little leery about getting into the ocean, and thanks to Jaws Revenge from Fuse Powered you’ll get to see how the other half lives. Jaws Revenge lets you play as Jaws himself and allows you to tear ass through the water and gobble things up. Jaws Revenge is all about eating and as the shark you’re going to get to c...

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app DroniX AirplaneMode Toggle logo

DroniX AirplaneMode Toggle


The fastest way to turn ON/OFF Airplane Mode!* No CPU waste* No battery waste* No configuration* No root* No more "Press Power Button for 3 seconds, then click Airplane Mode"!!Just one click...

app 3D Airplane logo

3D Airplane


3D AirplaneOptions for transparent box2 different light sourceOption to move lightOption to change viewing angle and change background color.Option for Auto rotation with speed control, or manual cont...

app GPS Airplane VFR Navigation + logo

GPS Airplane VFR Navigation...


If you are a VFR pilot and want to look out the window rather than interpret obtuse navigation devices, then this is the tool for you. Power up your phone, push NEAREST for the nearest 50-100 runways...

app GPS Airplane VFR Navigation logo

GPS Airplane VFR Navigation


We have just migrated the Navigate capability from the VFR+ to this APP. This includes the Destination Screen as well all the worlds airports. In addition we have added the capability to add your ow...

app QuicklyAirplaneMode logo



QuicklyAirplaneMode is the very simple home screen widget, that enables or disables Airplane Mode with one touch.When Airplane Mode is set to ON, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (and so on) are disabled. It is u...

app Airplane Mode Toggle Widget logo

Airplane Mode Toggle Widget


Very simple and lightweight widget that in one click toggles airplane mode ON and OFF (in other words it enables or disables every wireless connection).Short description of usage:GREEN ICON: offline m...

app Airplane On/Off Toggle switch logo

Airplane On/Off Toggle swit...


Airplane On/Off Toggle switcherAirplane mode On/Off Toggle switcherAirplane OnOff Toggle switch.Very Simple Airplane mode Control Software !Support SD-Card Install(Android 2.2 Froyo)APK size = 9KB (Ve...

app Airplane Widget logo

Airplane Widget


This is a simple but efficient widget that let you turn on/off the airplane mode of your phone...

app Airplane Edit logo

Airplane Edit


Allow the user to select the radios that need to be disabled when airplane mode is on....

app Airplane Mode Change logo

Airplane Mode Change


Airplane mode turns on/off, when this application starts, and this app finishes immediately by self....

app Airplanes Live Wallpaper logo

Airplanes Live Wallpaper


Airplanes Live WallpaperA live wallpaper that brings the beauty of flight to your home screen. If you love airplanes you will really enjoy these realistic models of real airplanes flying along your w...

app Airplanes Live Wallpaper Lite logo

Airplanes Live Wallpaper Li...


Airplanes Live Wallpaper LiteA live wallpaper that brings the beauty of flight to your home screen. If you love airplanes you will really enjoy these realistic models of real airplanes flying along y...

app Switching airplane mode logo

Switching airplane mode


Airplane mode toggle application (not a widget)....

app Airplane Mode Modifier logo

Airplane Mode Modifier


Graphical interface to edit the AIRPLANE_MODE_RADIOS setting.In theory, this would let you control exactly what gets turned off and what doesn't when you turn on airplane mode. Android defines cell, ...

app How to Fold Paper Airplane logo

How to Fold Paper Airplane


Here We Collect these Methods of how to Fold Paper Airplane for you. Fold Paper Airplanes with your children . Happy every day .A paper plane, paper aeroplane (UK), paper airplane (American English|US...

app Paper Airplanes FULL logo

Paper Airplanes FULL


Paper Airplane is a free application that allows you to easily achieve over 20 models of paper airplanes.You are in classroom, boardroom, or even at home, and you get bored?This application is for you...

app JetSet Airplane Toggle logo

JetSet Airplane Toggle


Now Personalize the look of your JetSetAirplane Toggle Widget !(disables ALL wireless connections with the press of a single button on your home screen.) To quickly toggle airplane mode on your droid:...

app Airplane Mode Toggle logo

Airplane Mode Toggle


It can be placed on the widget. Airplane Mode can be adjusted once clicked in....

app Airplane Mode Theme logo

Airplane Mode Theme


This theme is for aHome, FreshFace, Open Home, and PandaHome. Please install a home replacement app first.=====[Notice]======You do not need to launch it. It automatically will be installed....

app Paper Airplanes! logo

Paper Airplanes!


Conquer the classroom or boardroom!Learn to make award-winning paper airplanes and gliders with an interactive and action packed guide!More than 20 designs will keep you flying for a long time!...

app Kids Paper Airplanes! logo

Kids Paper Airplanes!


This fun, simple, bright app with bold graphics teachers children how to design their own paper planes, fly them and enjoy with the whole family. Included are over 25 top models with full step by ste...

app Auto Airplane mode Pro logo

Auto Airplane mode Pro


WORK on Android 4.2 (rooted device only!Automatically enable/disable Airplane mode on timer.Airplane mode can be switched on automati...

app SuperJigSaw Airplanes logo

SuperJigSaw Airplanes


Enjoy the look and feel of an old-fashioned Jig Saw puzzle!This bundle includes 14 new images with aeronautical theme.I am an indie developer, i hate ADS, online-dependencies and all kind of CRAP! In ...

app Airplanes Jets Coloring Book logo

Airplanes Jets Coloring Boo...


????? Airplanes & Jets Coloring Book & Art Game by Studios ?????Set flight into the world of black and white and make it colorful. Teach your child to color and exercise...

app Airplane Memory Cards Game logo

Airplane Memory Cards Game


Airplane Memory Cards Game is the classic kid's board game, a memory game to improve memory skills for kids. It's fun , it also can help kids to identify these common Airplane. This is an education...

app Silence on the Airplane Lite logo

Silence on the Airplane Lit...


With one single click in this app, you can mute your device as well as set it into airplane mode. Vibrations can be on or off as you prefer. You can specify a future time (e.g. 5 minutes before the st...

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