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Cocosola releases Alpaca Brother, the Sequel to Alpaca Evolution once in a while we come across a special game that sets itself apart from every game on the Play Store with extreme weirdness. Alpaca Evolution was one such game, and I’m glad to say I was one of the first reviewers on the net to show it some love. It currently has between 1-5 million downloads. I’m pleased to announce Cocosola has finall...

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app Alpaca Evolution logo

Alpaca Evolution


DescriptionHits 4 million downloads mark in three months since its release!//// News ////Alpaca Niisan Products -- Coming Soon !!To find out more updated information in detail, visit https://www.faceb...

app Alpaca Dance! logo

Alpaca Dance!


Three alpacas are practicing dancing for the upcoming carnival. Can you help them get better? How to play? There are three alpacas, the left one will perform a set of dance moves which the right one w...

app Alpaca Wallpaper , 壁紙 アルパカ logo

Alpaca Wallpaper , 壁紙 ...


Find the alpaca, and set as wallpaperJapaneseアルパカを検索し、壁紙に設定します...

app Cute Alpaca 1-2-3! (Trial) logo

Cute Alpaca 1-2-3! (Trial)


This Apps is trial version of Acchi Muite Hoi!Trial version provide just Offence Flick action, not provide "Jan ken" and "Defence action".So, you can not lose.You try it and get 10...

app Cute Alpaca1-2-3! (4wins) logo

Cute Alpaca1-2-3! (4wins)


Now start the game with cute Alpaca character and get 4 consecutive WINS of “1-2-3!(Acchi Muite Hoi)” Upgraded from Acchi Muite Hoi!(Lite)<3wins>.Your score will be listed on the RANKING and...

app Cute Alpaca1-2-3! (Lite) logo

Cute Alpaca1-2-3! (Lite)


Now start the game with cute Alpaca character and get 3 consecutive WINS of ...

app アルパカにいさん ビギンズ logo

アルパカにいさん ...


////////////////////////////////////// 450万DL中の大ヒットアプリ「アルパカにいさん」の 続編が遂に登場!! ////////////////////////////////////// これははじまりの物...


Luke at the Stars Review: Tearing Down Buildings for Love

Luke at the Stars Review: Tearing Down Buildings for Love I love a game with an interesting premise, and the Alpaca Team certainly takes care of that in Luke at the Stars. It’s an artistic type of puzzler, and it’s a tale of lost love, stars, and collapsing buildings… Luke is a lonely boy who decided to go out and visit the love of his life one night only to find her gone with only a “Dear John”...

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Weird Game of the Week: Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva

It’s been awhile since we covered something kooky, but Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva certainly fits the bill. When a games play store description simply says “Alpaka peaceful… either devil or god or….” you know you’re in for a strange trip. Alpaka Evolution is a game about one Alpaca that’s out to evolve into the top Alpaca around. ...

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app antique room LW[FL ver.] logo

antique room LW[FL ver.]


There are many animals in the antique room.Let's look for the hiding animals!by dog, the hedgehog, the flying squirrel, the cat, the alpaca, the flamingo, and the zebra react to the ta...

app Animal Battery logo

Animal Battery


This app is displayed on the notification bar the battery level.Tell you the battery is cute animals.Animal that can be chosen is - Cat - Dog - Rabbit - Bear - Pigs - Chicken - Kappa - Frog - Penguin ...

app MiniWidget-Manner logo



It is a widget application program to which the manner mode is switched one-touch.Whenever the widget is put on the home screen, and the tap is done, the manner mode are switched. Because it is a simp...