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ASUS Padfone Infinity, the Phone which docks in a Tablet

As of now the Mobile World Congress has failed to really entice us, sure there have been some sparks but no explosions. ASUS Padfone Infinity comes as close to as an explosion as it can be, but unfortunately a single problem douses the fuse with water. We will get to that later; first let us explain what this gadget is and what it actually does. ...

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Archos 70 Titanium the $119 tablet

We have to hand this to Archos; the company is really putting in a lot of effort in its tablet business. This CES the French company announced tablets for everyone, from the top expensive ones to the budget ones. Archos 70 Titanium is the latter, a budget tablet with an impressive build quality and an even impressive price tag. Archos 70 Titanium...

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Archos shows off 97 Titanium a high resolution tablet

Archos haven’t been making the news more often than most of the companies these days but it caught our eye with its 97 Titanium. Samsung for one can’t stop showing us new devices every week, ZTE and Huawei are also following pursuit having high profile leaks. Archos on the other hand has already showed its latest Android tabled called the 97 ...

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The LG G Pad Specs Leaked, Rumored to be Revealed at IFA 2013

g pad After the guys from LG experienced an unfortunate lack of success with their previous tablets, we should be prepared for the arrival of a new warrior for facing their competitors from the world of tablets, ladies and gentlemen, here comes the LG G Pad. The rumor about the G came from a Greek blog that specializes in tech related stuff. This ga...

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Have You Ever Heard About the Samsung Galaxy Folder?

samsung galaxy folder   Well, how about a Samsung Galaxy Folder, running on Android and benefiting from the coolest form-factor in the world? I can't remember when I bought my last clamshell phone, I guess it was a Motorola V 635, right after a Motorola RAZR, that cool looking, aluminum made clamshell, the sexiest phone I ever owned. Nowadays, all smartph...

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It’s coming – HTC One for Verizon stops by the FCC

HTC OneMuch to the dismay of some of its customers, Verizon initially denied that it planned to carry the HTC One, suggesting that the Droid DNA would have to do for the moment. In early June, however, Big Red made a U-turn and announced that the aluminum masterpiece will finally grace its networks “later this summer”.We’re in the middle of the summ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 is the Most Loved Smartphone, According to Study

Samsung Galaxy S4 Today a new study revealed what I was suspecting for some time now, that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the apple of everyone's eye, while Apple's iPhone 5 received the most complaints from their customers. Ain't that ironic, somehow? I am not kidding either. There is actually science behind this study. While with statistics you can prove anything, li...

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AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, June 16, 2013

ios 7 vs android lockscreen New iOS 7 arrives, but it’s not actually that newNeon colors, Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, and an assortment of features borrowed from other operating systems – that seems to be the recipe followed by Apple under the lead of Jonny Ive, who took over UI design in a bid The internet was ablaze on Monday with angry Android fans pointing out the s...

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Here is the new HTC One Mini

HTC One Mini After the HTC One hit the markets and it was a huge success with impressive sales figures, we were all expecting  the new HTC One Mini, which was rumored countless times but until now, it was all hear say. Now, we have a real picture to go with the rumors,behold the latest in HTC's portfolio, the HTC One Mini. This picture comes from an insider...

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app Prop Finder logo

Prop Finder


Our propellers fit most pleasure boats on the water today and perform to the high standards that boaters have come to expect. Of premium quality, they are an excellent value and most styles are still ...


First Impressions of the ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T

As mentioned yesterday on our site, the Asus Transformer 300 is now available online from several different retailers. I also said I was picking one up, and as promised I’m back with the awesomeness that is the new Asus Transformer TF300T. I’m not going to go through a full “hands-on” review yet, as this is my first tablet so it’s going t...

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app Electrical Load Calc Pro logo

Electrical Load Calc Pro


Load Calculations per NEC Article 220 (Currently Residential Calcs only) as well as Ampacity Calculators for Sizing Service, Feeder, Branch Circuit Conductors, GECs and EGCs. Introductory Priced.SUBSE...

app Smoothie Recipes! logo

Smoothie Recipes!


Smoothies -- everyone seems to be drinking them -- why are they so popular?Smoothies can be one of the best "Fast Foods" your body can enjoy.Here are a few smoothie benefits:1. By choosing t...


Asus Announces Ice Cream Sandwich Will Roll Out To Transformer Prime On January 12

The Asus Transformer Prime tablet is undoubtedly a popular tablet gaining a lot of media coverage for some good and bad things.  On the positive side, it is the first Android tablet boasting the NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor and it comes with a unique docking capability to transform into a portable and powerful netbook.  On the negative si...

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app Electrician Calculator Pro logo

Electrician Calculator Pro


Electrician Calculator Pro - National Electric Code (NEC) compliant calculator for electricians, engineers and electrical professionals, electrical contractors, designers, lighting experts, inspectors...

app Save Green by Going Green logo

Save Green by Going Green


Easy DIY Projects through Alternative Uses for Common Household Products.There's more than one use for lots of common household products. With this App learn how to:1. Reuse aluminum foil for more th...

app Feeds and Speeds for Milling logo

Feeds and Speeds for Millin...


Now Available... A brand new Feeds and Speeds. The new Speeds and Feeds will come pre loaded with all the same materials as this version, but will allow you to add, delete and modify any and all mate...

app Kg_tool 2 logo

Kg_tool 2


- thickness [ from the quality of the material ] x Width x length etc. -- weight is calculated in inputting. - The weight of the big thing which cannot measure weight directly, a minute thing, a var...

app Sheet Metal Bender logo

Sheet Metal Bender


This app calculates the correct bend allowance for sheet metal parts. Unique features include:NO ADVERTISING - this app does not show any ads and therefore does not consume your data planGAUGE TABLE -...

app Converting Units Construction logo

Converting Units Constructi...


Get this app for free! At, our resource for learning about construction, sign up for the newsletter or like us on Facebook. Then shoot us an email so we can refund your purch...

app Freegan Diet logo

Freegan Diet


Freeganism is an anti-consumerist lifestyle whereby people employ alternative living strategies based on limited participation in the conventional economy and minimal consumption of resources.Freegans...

app Thermo Basics logo

Thermo Basics


Thermo Basics contains a large selection of Thermodynamics laws, equations, tables and reference material that Engineers may find useful during their work. Table of Contents:First Law of Thermodynamic...

app HVAC Buddy® Duct Calc logo

HVAC Buddy® Duct Calc


The best and number one selling duct sizing tool for Android devices with thousands of happy users. For less than the cost of a cardboard wheel ductulator always have a fast, accurate way to analyze ...

app Sheet Metal logo

Sheet Metal


Tables that list the thickness of aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel sheet metal. It also calculates the corresponding weight and ASTM tolerances of each sheet....


Despite iPad's halo, iPhone and Android top developer list –

Redmond PieDespite iPad's halo, iPhone and Android top developer listExaminer.comThe previous survey of some 1000+ developers (who, Appcelerator says, have broad backgrounds representing the range of iPhone, Android, PCs, Macs and Linux) ...Android fans: “Apple, Thank you for the iPad!”AndroidGuys (blog)Android Developer Hype Higher Than iP...

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Android fans: “Apple, Thank you for the iPad!” – AndroidGuys (blog)

Redmond PieAndroid fans: “Apple, Thank you for the iPad!”AndroidGuys (blog)As Android fans we should not care about it but if you think about it, it is a great news for Android. A while back (late 2007), Apple released a new type ...Google updates Android Market guidelines and policiesinnocreativesHow Android Can Compete with Apple's Third-...

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Google updates Android Market guidelines and policies – innocreatives

Redmond PieGoogle updates Android Market guidelines and policiesinnocreativesGoogle published its Android Market Business and Program Policies, presumably timed to coincide with the virtual storefront's introduction of premium mobile ...Developers turn sour on Apple iPadRegisterHow Android Can Compete with Apple's Third-Party iPad AppseHome...

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Motorola Devour Is Hard to Stomach – Wired News

Wired NewsMotorola Devour Is Hard to StomachWired NewsMotorola's newest Android phone, the Devour, is pretty. Its sleek body, aluminum build and fun slidey screen practically yell, "Pick me up! Play with me! ...Motorola open to Windows Phone 7, Android users mostly male, Palm says Verizon (blog)Motorola Devour - Verizon'...

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