Android to overtake Apple in tablet sales

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It's no surprise that Apple has dominated the tablet market, as they were among the first to revolutionize the market when it introduced the iPad in 2010. However, it seems that Android has [...]

Why Your Business Might Need An App

In most cases we see business owners not considering developing a proprietary mobile app because they believe this is something only suitable for big brands, like Apple or Walmart. That is [...]

Essay: Brief History of Android OS

The popularity of this OS By the later part of 2003 a group of young computing professionals came together with one purpose and that is to create a software development company. This company [...]

HTC One on sale for just $49.99 from Amazon

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There’s certainly plenty of choice if you’re in the market for a new high end smartphone right now, especially considering that the Google Edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 are now shipping out. But [...]

Nikon Going for Android Smartphones?

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I’m not sure about you, but all my friends, myself included, are using their smart/dumb phones when it comes to taking pictures or videos on the go, not a DSLR from Nikon or the like. This [...]

Nokia and Android, A Possible Love Story?

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According to market analysts, Nokia should take a closer look to Android OS, if they want to survive in an increasingly competitive smartphone market, i.e. Nokia and Android equals love. This [...]

The Humble Bundle with Android 6 is Live!

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It’s Humble Bundle for Android time again! We’ve been chomping at the bit for another Humble Android Bundle, and today we finally got one. That’s right, the Humble Bundle with Android 6 has gone [...]

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