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Walmart’s Scan & Go App Coming to Android

scan.and.go-androidI think just about everyone can agree that standing at the long checkout lines in Wal-mart can be a bit annoying, most people don’t even like going into Wal-mart to begin with. In August 2012 Walmart kicked of a small test of the Scan & Go system; first testing it out at one location in Arkansas, then bumping that up to 70 stores, and soon to...

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app Amazon Mobil für Android logo

Amazon Mobil für Andro...


Amazon Mobil für AndroidMit der Amazon App können Kunden direkt mit ihrem Android-Gerät bei suchen, stöbern, Preise vergleichen und einkaufen. Die App lässt Kunden a...

app Amazon Mobil für Android logo

Amazon Mobil für Android


Amazon Mobil für AndroidMit der Amazon App können Kunden direkt mit ihrem Android-Gerät bei suchen, stöbern, Preise vergleichen und einkaufen. Die App lässt Kunden außerdem Barcodes ei...


How to Best Utilize a Bar Code Scan Android App

Android users love to take pride in our open platform, live backgrounds and specialized apps like barcode scanners. Although they're almost purely cosmetic, barcode scanners are popular because no one wants to be in the QR-code dark. Almost every time I’ve tried to be an efficient shopper, however, and find the lowest prices on household items li...

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Help Save the Internet with the Boycott SOPA Android App

Overview If you haven’t heard of an atrocious bill called SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) then you’ve really been out of the loop over the past few weeks. In a nutshell, the bill will basically alter the internet as you and I know it, destroy your favorite sites like Reddit, and well… it’s basically going to make the internet suck. Site ...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – September 16, 2011 Proudly Presents our Top 10 Apps of the week for September 16, 2011… 1. Circus City Circus City is a new “City” building game from Glu Mobile. Building games are all the rage now, and it’s nice to see one take the Circus Route and let you build your own Big Top. Circus City has plenty of things for you to build like the...

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Google Makes Goggles Android App Faster, Smarter and Solves Sudoku Too

Google has just updated its cool Goggles Android app - making it not only faster but smarter as well. How smarter? Well aside from recognizing product barcodes and QR codes, Google Goggles Android app can now also scan print ads from newspapers and magazines but more interestingly the app is now so smart that it can help you solve Sudoku puzzles as...

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app Barcodescanner Keyboard, Demo logo

Barcodescanner Keyboard, De...


Soft-keyboard with integrated camera bar-code scanner lets you scan wherever you can type (free demo).This soft-keyboard scans and enters barcodes directly into input fields of arbitrary apps, batch s...

app Barcodescanner Keyboard logo

Barcodescanner Keyboard


Soft-keyboard with integrated camera bar-code scanner lets you scan wherever you can type. This soft-keyboard scans and enters barcodes directly into input fields of arbitrary apps, batch scanning mod...


Big Phone's first Google Android defaults to…Yahoo! – Register

Gadget Venue (blog)Big Phone's first Google Android defaults to...Yahoo!RegisterThe first Google Android-based handset offered by the iPhone-hugging AT&T will not use Google as the default search engine. It will use Yahoo! ...Microsoft Launches Its First Android App. Yes, Google's Platform.Washington PostIndie Coder Proves Android Apps ...

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Microsoft Launches Android App: Microsoft Tag Reader –

Unwired ViewMicrosoft Launches Android App: Microsoft Tag ReaderPhandroid.comAndroid has been the talk of the town the last year or so and lookie lookie who wants in on the action – Microsoft. ...Microsoft Launches Its First Android App. Yes, Google's Platform.Washington PostApp Directory Mplayit: Mobile Gaming Lags On AndroidTechCrunch (blog...

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app MemberScan logo



MemberScan is the easiest Android barcode app to get rid of membership reward cards from your keychain and wallet. Use MemberScan on your Android device and create your barcode for any vendor instant...


Finding Ways to Save (Make) Money

how to make moneyWith all of the commotion occurring in the private sector regarding minimum wage laws, rising healthcare costs, and other mandatory benefits, the reality is workers are becoming more expensive. While you don’t necessarily want to reduce your workforce or downsize altogether, you do need to find ways to minimize costs to stay competitive in this n...

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app Revisor logo



Application for auditing (revision) warehouses and retail outlets (works with hardware barcode scanners, helps to save a lot of money on special business handle computers, easy to use for most employe...

app JunkersScan logo



Ersatzteil- und Reparaturinformationen einfach finden mit JunkersScan, dem mobilem Ersatzteilkatalog, jetzt auch für Ihr Android Smartphone.Ersatzteile können Sie sowohl über die Volltextsuche als ...

app OpticonRL Software Keyboard logo

OpticonRL Software Keyboard


The Opticon barcode readers OPN2002 and the OPL2724 can be used to quickly input text on Android phones by scanning barcodes. The programs that need to be installed on your Android phone in order to c...

app Cite This logo

Cite This


CiteThis a Android application that assists in the often arduous task of academic referencing. By the use of cameras fitted on compatible Android phones, CiteThis scans the barcodes of books. Once a b...

app My cellars and tastes logo

My cellars and tastes


"My cellars and tastes" is a free application to manage your(s) cellar(s) of wines, champagnes, bieres, olive oils, etc.This application is focused for people which wish manage their input/o...

app AndroGochi logo



?AndroGochi is an application created on the foundation of the Japanese Tamagotchi.?You can feed your pets, have fun with your pets, and eventually your pets will evolve when you spend enough time wit...

app E Reichelt Supermarkt logo

E Reichelt Supermarkt


Mit der E Reichelt App für Android erhalten Sie exklusiv die neuesten Angebote auf Ihr Smartphone! Außerdem immer mit dabei: Ihr persönlicher Einkaufszettel, über 250 Rezeptideen und der Weg zur F...

app Daycoup Merchant logo

Daycoup Merchant


Daycoup features specially selected businesses that are willing to work with us to provide consumers with the best experiences at a discount. We convey savings on hospitality, wellness, health, and mo...

app UberScanner logo



The fastest barcode scanner on Android.Just point your camera at the product and let UberScanner find the best prices for you across the web lightning fast!Simply click on the bulb, and voila, there's...

app Fun2D Barcode Radar Intent logo

Fun2D Barcode Radar Intent


This is for developer wjo want to integrate with Fun2D Barcode Radar.Developer can use it as 'Intent' for the integration.It will be actived to scan. If it got any result, it will close and return res...

app – dein Schn’APP’chen logo – dein Schn&...


Was ist im Internet liegt im Trend - schon heute nutzen viele Kunden vor einer Anschaffung Preisvergleichsseiten. Echte Schnäppchen sind selten, denn gerade hier tobt natür...

app StreepjescodeScanner logo



Met de StreepjescodeScanner Android applicatie vind je eenvoudig Nederlandse online aanbieders van allerhande producten. Druk op de knop "scannen", richt de camera van het toestel op de stre...

app Scan To Html logo

Scan To Html


ScanToHtml ist eine Technologiedemonstration wie "Barcodes", in diesem Falle QR-Codes in eine Webseite gescannt werden können.Das ist interessant für kommerzielle Anwender, die mit...

app Narvesen logo



Narvesen for Android.Produced for Reitan Servicehandel by Apphuset AS ( in cooperation with Liquid Barcodes (! Some people have been asking why the applicatio...

app Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Demo logo

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner D...


Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is an application that can be used as a driver for a HID Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. Since it uses the HID protocol, it can also be used with other HID devices such as Bluetoo...

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