Top 10 Best Android Games to Play in 2018


Over the past few years, the collection of games on Google Play Store has increased considerably an that’s mostly because of the developments in the Android devices. Now the smartphones [...]

Top 5 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2018


Since everyone owns a smartphone and almost all of your work can be done from these little devices, you need to take extra care when it comes to security. There are many threats out there that [...]

The Best Android Apps For 2018


2018 is set to be another huge year for smartphone users, especially when it comes to apps. As technology is advancing and we’re seeing smartphones and tablets hit the market that are capable of [...]

Essay: Brief History of Android OS

The popularity of this OS By the later part of 2003 a group of young computing professionals came together with one purpose and that is to create a software development company. This company [...]

Top Binary Options Android Apps

Binary options are intriguing trading methods. Thanks to Internet and web applications, it is now possible to trade in these derivatives from anywhere using smartphones. However, it is necessary [...]

Quick Review: Twisty Launcher for Android

One of the great things about owning an Android phone is the ability to use gesture commands. It’s something Samsung users are used to with all of Sammy’s “smart” features, but some users with [...]

Google Announces Android Based Smartwatch

By In

Within days of Samsung’s announcement that they are working on a smartwatch, Google made a similar announcement. The same super-secret lab that brought you the Google Glass; the Android based [...]

Dell saying adieu to Smartphones

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A report published in Forbes suggested that Dell is quitting the smartphone business really soon. And they might never return again. Dell’s vice chairman and president of global operation and end [...]

Android Apps for Autistic Children


We all know that our Android smartphones do a lot. They get us up in the morning, tell us the weather, keep us organized and connected with family. They’re the Swiss Army knife of modern [...]

QuickQuiz SE Lite for Android


Southside Solutions QuickQuiz technology has been brought from the desktop to provide multiple-choice quizzes that practically never repeat on Android-based Smartphones! These quizzes self-grade [...]

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