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Sony Ericsson LiveView Android Accessory Will Make You Forget About Your Phone

If you own the bulky Xperia X10 smartphone or any other relatively big Android phone, you'd be glad about what Sony Ericsson has just announced - the LiveView Micro OLED display. The Sony Ericsson LiveView basically provides you with a miniature external display for your Android phones. It connects with your Android phones via Bluetooth and lets ...

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app AirPeintureLiveView logo



Live Viewer of Android app ``Air Peinture.''It dynamically update the shared images drawn by Air Peinture.If you have installed Air Peinture, you can join the drawing by clicking an image displayed in...

app SimpleGmail for liveview logo

SimpleGmail for liveview


Get notified of new GMail on your Sony Ericsson LiveView. This is a LiveView *plugin*. Works even for newer android versions! (As the other "gmail for liveview" is no longer supported in new...

app mLiveView logo



mLiveView is the innovative software for viewing the video of plug n play PROLiNK IP Cameras via Android-based devices. No public IP address is needed for the IP camera, no port mapping or DDNS is nee...

app Der genetische Code (LiveView) logo

Der genetische Code (LiveVi...


Achtung: Diese Anwendung ist ein Plug-In für das LiveView-Display der Firma Sony Ericsson. Um diese Anwendung auf Ihrem Smartphone ohne LiveView-Display zu verwenden, installieren Sie bitte die A...

app CarUI  LiveView plugin logo

CarUI LiveView plugin


This is CarUI Sony Ericsson LiveView plugin.This plugin needs a Sony Ericsson Liveview device pared with your Android Phone. It also needs tha CarUI or CarUI Lite application installed.CarUI provides ...

app LiveView GPS Tracking Utility logo

LiveView GPS Tracking Utili...


The Live View GPS Tracking utility is designed to work with any Live View GPS Live Trac device. From your Android mobile phone, you will be able to monitor your devices live.BEFORE INSTALLING -PLEASE...

app LiveView Remote Camera (Trial) logo

LiveView Remote Camera (Tri...


NOTE:You need Sony Ericsson LiveView device to use this software***If preview delays too much or button response is too slow, try lowering refresh rate (700 - 800ms).This is a trial version with follo...

app Fake Call for LiveView™ logo

Fake Call for LiveView™


*** Sony Ericsson LiveView™ device is REQUIRED for proper work ***Trigger sounds and vibration on your Android phone directly from your LiveView™ gadget to 1) make fun of your friends / colleagues...

app LiveView™ application logo

LiveView™ application


LiveView™ application connects & manages your LiveView™ accessory. It’ll help you manage features and plugins. And you can also personalise your LiveView™ display with new plugins that are...

app Liams Map Plugin logo

Liams Map Plugin


Now Android 4.0 ICS Compatible. Please send crash reports if it's crashing!Shows a map and your current location on your Sony Ericsson LiveView Device!Have a GTA-Style mini-map on your wrist!Pan, Zoom...

app GmailCheckerPlugin logo



※Sony Ericsson LiveView MN800用アプリです。作りかけていたのでとりあえず公開します。このアプリの主目的は、Androidで受信したGmailの情報の中から「明...

app GmailPreviewPlugin logo



※Sony Ericsson LiveView MN800用アプリです。2011/12/16現在、GmailアプリVersion2.3.5以上を搭載したAndroid端末では、「Gmail for Liveview」が使用できない状態になっ...

app CustomNotifierPlugin logo



Sorry. I'm not good at English.* The application for the Sony Ericsson LiveView MN800.* About ICS : You Try Accessibility Resetting.-----! SmartWatch MN2 Version is here.

app mLivecams logo



mLiveCams is native android Application for Video Surveillance,control over the IP cameras.Flow of usage is - select the cameras of your interest from Manage cameras and favourite them and go to livev...

app Digifort – MVA Nanocom v2 logo

Digifort – MVA Nanoco...


Please DownLoad the New version call MVA HD ,now support tabs and large screen and 4ch liveview with digifort 6.6.0 only!!!.you need to have Digifort NVR softwhere to use this Mobile MVAdownload demo ...

app Real time viewer MCAM lite logo

Real time viewer MCAM lite


You can real-time view your MCAM USB webcamera via web or Android phone. You can use this mobile program for home and store security & surveillance monitoring.For the protection of lives & pro...

app Live Watches logo

Live Watches


This is a plug-in for a Sony Ericsson LiveView display.It requires an Android device with BlueTooth capabilities.This plug-in brings to your wristwatch something it has surprisingly lacked until now: ...

app Viewfinder logo



Plugin for LiveView.It control Android camera.Select button : ShutterExtends:com.sonyericsson.extras.liveview....

app ToggleBar logo



ToggleBar - Bluetooth & Wi-Fi Control, Launcher & Dialer in Notification BarKey features:- Turning on/off Bluetooth and WiFi adapters from the Status Bar or Widget.- View the status of your he...

app MicroTracks logo



*** IMPORTANT!!! ***Since My Tracks version 1.1.10, there is a new setting called "Allow access" that the user must check on to allow third-party applications access to MyTracks data. So, pl...

app Vignette Demo logo

Vignette Demo


"Vignette is AMAZING. @neilgaiman introduced me to it." - Wil Wheaton (@wilw)Use more than 70 customisable filters and 50 frames in any combination to create many photo effects. Vignette is ...

app Real time Viewer MCAM logo

Real time Viewer MCAM


You can real-time view your MCAM USB webcamera of remote area via web or Android phone. You can use this mobile program for home and store security & surveillance monitoring.For the protection of ...

app Intent to Intent Ad logo

Intent to Intent Ad


Send intents(X), when receive broadcast intent(Y).>> Not work stand alone. <<This application is standard version.Professional version => (

app SmartTraining logo



SmartTraining is cloud based GPS tracking tool for Android.The data work with Google Fusion Tables in both directions.You can post your training record to Google Maps(Fusion Table), Docs, Facebook, Tw...

app Moon Phase Pro logo

Moon Phase Pro


Spectacular, interactive 3D simulation of the moon, right down to the shadows in the craters and earthshine on the dark side. Touch screen control changes date and time as seen from your location - th...