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Control Your Computer Remotely Using RDM+ Android App

SHAPE, the same company which brought us the popular IM+ Android app has just released their latest undertaking - RDM+ Remote Desktop Android app. As the app's name suggests, RDM+ lets you access and control your computer remotely right from your Android phone. By control, it means that you can practically do most of the tasks that you can on your...

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YouTube Remote Android App Lets You Control Your TV 10 Meters Afar

Google has just released a new Android app in the Android Market. Dubbed simply as YouTube Remote, this new Android app basically fulfills one simple feature which will surely please TV addicts like everyone one of us. Remote App lets you "wirelessly" connect your Android phone to your TV. YouTube Remote creates a virtual connection between your p...

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Numote prepares to launch 'social remote control' for iPhone, Android, and TV – Boston Globe

Boston GlobeNumote prepares to launch 'social remote control' for iPhone, Android, and TVBoston GlobeOne element of Numote is a mobile phone app that will be available for the iPhone and Android platforms sometime in March, Kailas says. ......

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Why Are Android monitoring software better than the iPhone monitoring apps?

Why Are Android monitoring software better than the iPhone monitoring apps? Perhaps a big difference that not many smartphone users would know is that it’s not just the specifications of the two mobile OS (Android and iOS) that differs, it’s also about what these mobile operating systems offer to the third party apps. Apple Inc. is very specific with what developers can do with its iOS, but as android being an OpenSour...

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Android Wi-Fi Direct Vulnerability Detected

android wi-fi direct The IT department from Core Security recently discovered  a DoS (denial of service) vulnerability in the Android Wi-Fi Direct feature   The Wi-Fi Direct feature allows Android devices to inter-connect directly among them/peer to peer (let's say a tablet and a smartphone) without requiring a "third party" device, like a wireless rou...

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Mobizen, The Android App Everybody Loves

Mobizen, The Android App Everybody Loves For us, Android lovers, Mobizen is a dream come true. What is Mobizen all about, you may ask? Well, this is probably the best idea ever for controlling your Android devices by remote if you're using a PC or a Mac. I bet you had this problem at least once in your life : you're in an important meeting and the droid in your pocket is flooding you w...

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Google Reveals Android Device Manager, a Tool For Tracking Lost Android Devices

android device manager For a long time now, Android users were lacking an "official" tool for locating their lost smartphones, but have no fear, because Google just announced their  Android Device Manager. Unlike Apple or Microsoft, Google failed to provide its users with complementary software for tracking their lost phones, at least until now. Google bragged...

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app Windows Controller (Trial) logo

Windows Controller (Trial)


This is the unprecedented new feeling remote desktop software (Windows operation software) which pursued enjoyment. This is also the functional enhancement version of "Windows MultiTouchPad (http...

app Remote Phone Control logo

Remote Phone Control


Remote Phone Control is a fee app that supports you remote control android phone with computer web browser (IE, FireFox or others). Please confirm network connection works well before making remote co...

app IMAQLIQ TV Remote logo



Control your Imaqliq TV using any Android device. Use the trackpad, keyboard and playback control buttons.Works with Imaqliq TV connected to the same local area network as your Android device....


Acer announces 5.7-inch Liquid S1 with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Acer Liquid S1 Acer is venturing into new device territory with the announcement of its latest Android-powered smartphone called the Liquid S1. It’s the Taiwan-based company’s first proper “phablet” in that it features a 5.7-inch 720p HD touchscreen display. Between that and its attractive exterior, it’s sure to get a lot of attenti...

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app Filtro de Internet – Android logo

Filtro de Internet – ...


TUtilizar como un navegador independiente, o utilizar como un programa de control de acceso a internet.Contiene características de filtrado de Internet gestionados desde la nube.1. Instalar software ...

app Internet Filter for Android logo

Internet Filter for Android


Use as a standalone browser, or use as an internet access control program.Contains internet filtering features managed from the Cloud.1. Install Filter Software here2. Sign up for a free trial at:http...

app BT Bot Control logo

BT Bot Control


*** Looking to control of your LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot using BT Bot Control? Would like to hear if there is any interest in this? Please use the Email Developer link in Play or the contact form in ...

app PowerPoint Remote AD logo

PowerPoint Remote AD


Async PowerPoint Remote AD is a PowerPoint remote presenter for Android devices with advertisements. Users can navigate slides with gestures while doing presentation. With Async PowerPoint Remote AD, ...

app Find My Android logo

Find My Android


Protects your confidential information against loss or theft!!Help you locate your phone or shows up any customize message as popup on your phone screen!* Enjoy the fun and guaranteed sense of securit...

app VR Remote Radio Control logo

VR Remote Radio Control


VR Remote Radio Control is an app that turns your Android smartphone or your pad into a powerful digital remote control radio for use with your RC model or with your drone.Is designed to be used on Ro...


Android in Space

android SPHERECalling a smartphone OS ‘Android’ has always had a bit of a futuristic, outer-space type of tone to it; but in reality Android smartphones have actually been in space for a few years now. The Human Exploration and Tele-robotics Project or HET being lead by NASA's Ames Research Center that uses SPHERES, which stands for ‘Synchronized Position ...

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app Apple TV Remote for Android logo

Apple TV Remote for Android


The Apple TV Remote for Android is only for Jailbroken Apple TV from 2G up, and with the app called AirControl for Appel TV.Now for 7 inch and 10 inch tablets in landscape mode !**** Read here before ...

app WiFiCheema Remote logo

WiFiCheema Remote


WiFiCheema Remote is a FREE app that allows users to control any computer (PC/Mac/Linux) using their smartphone or Tablet.It is an ideal tool for Managers, Professionals, Students and Teachers to give...

app RobotiX Mindstorms NXT Remote logo

RobotiX Mindstorms NXT Remo...


With RobotiX, you can control your Mindstorms NXT robot from the palm of your hand.RobotiX allows you to drive and manoeuvre your robot in 2 different ways:-Remote buttons allow you to drive or steer ...


YouTube Android app update makes it easier to watch videos on Google TV

Just a quick heads up to all here who are fond of watching YouTube videos on their TV set more than you do on your mobile devices. Google has just pushed a nifty update to its YouTube Android app, making it easier to watch YouTube videos on your TV. All you need to do now is to find the video on your YouTube Android app and then click on the TV i...

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app Blue Powerpoint Control logo

Blue Powerpoint Control


Control PowerPoint presentations remotely with your phone (via Bluetooth)Features:- easy slide switch by sliding finger on touch screen- Overall presentation view, allowing user to select and switch t...

app FSXRemote logo



FSXRemote V2 is a an android program displaying+ a Radio Panel or an Engines Panel by switching each other+ a Rmi Gauge Those panels are connected to Microsoft Flight Simulator X.All controls display...

app Remote Keyboard logo

Remote Keyboard


Remote Keyboard is platform independent tool which allows using android devices as wireless (WIFI) keyboard and mouse.Remote Keyboard consists of android application itself and agent (embedded to andr...

app Remote Shortcuts logo

Remote Shortcuts


Remote Shortcuts is the application that allows you to remote control your favorite programs installed on a PC simply using your Android phone as a real remote control.That...

app SeetrolManager for Android logo

SeetrolManager for Android


SeetrolManger for Android는 Seetrol ASP서버를 이용하여 Android폰에서 원격지에 있는 PC를 네트워크 설정 없이도 제어할수 있는 App입니다. 이 App은 누구나 회원가...

app iRemote – Remote for iTunes logo

iRemote – Remote for ...


Ad-free version of the best iTunes remote application out there. Plus a beautiful homescreen widget!Control your iTunes or any other DACP compatibile software via your Android phone.Play, pause, forwa...

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