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Angry Birds Star Wars Android game hits Google Play

Rovio Mobile today has finally released perhaps one of the most anticipated game for Android. Yes folks, the force is definitely strong on Google Play and the force even brought everybody's favorite characters - the Angry Birds and bad piggies which are now called the Imperial Pigs! Angry Birds Star Wars game is now available for download on Googl...

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Rovio officially announces Angry Birds Star Wars game

Rovio finally makes its official. The company's latest spin-off  of the Angry Birds franchise will be known starting November 8 as the Angry Birds Star Wars. Yes, you read it right. This will surely please both Star Wars and Angry Birds fans. Imagine, your favorite Angry Birds characters vs the bad piggies in a galaxy, far, far away? According t...

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app GameSaver – Angry Birds Space logo

GameSaver – Angry Bir...


GameSaver will be your game highscore and savegames backup & restore tool for when switching a phone or a ROM.Right now Gamesaver features Angry Birds , Fruit Ninja & Cut the Rope (various edi...


Angry Birds Beta Android Game Review

Angry Birds Beta Android Game Review Only in its beta form, Rovio Mobile's  Angry Birds game for Android is already a promising game that could challenge Android game developers to come out with equally stunning games. I've enjoyed Angry Birds on my iPhone and iPad and very few would probably discount the fact that it's probably one of the best games for both platforms. And as early ...

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app Arcade Game Ranking & logo

Arcade Game Ranking &


Arcade Game Rankings & applications.Ranking simple and fun arcade game.1 Bike Race Free - Top FreeBastion of conquest# 3 Angry Birds Seasons# 4 Windrunner for Kakao# 5 Dragon Flight for Kakao6 Tem...

app Angry Birds Star Wars vs Space logo

Angry Birds Star Wars vs Sp...


Play the most famous Free Online Android Game "Angry Birds". Play Angry Birds Star Wars vs Space.This online flash games incuides incredible 3D & Graphics. Enjoy :))Install now and start...

app Gamey Ugloo Jumper logo

Gamey Ugloo Jumper


Ugloo is out in the woods, searching for the Princess who happens to be his girl friend. The enemy has captured and kept her hostage somewhere unknown, away from the castle. Ugloo runs through the for...


Angry Chicken Hunter – Shoot those birds!

Many Android games are based on very basic game concept and are able to excite and keep the player attached to the game for a very long time. Angry Chicken Hunter is basically where you shoot a chicken that is wondering around on the screen. To find out if this game will fit into your daily passtime, take a look at our app test review.(This is a pr...

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Angry Birds Movie is coming to Theaters in 2016

angry.birdsEveryone knows how popular the Angry Birds franchise is, and if you don’t you will soon. Sony is bringing an Angry Birds Movie into theaters on July 1, 2016. Sony won the rights to put the birds on the silver screen, and as you’d expect, it’s going to be in 3-D. Little is known about the Angry Birds Movie thus far, but you can expect to have...

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Rovio gets into Game Publishing with the Rovio Stars Initiative

rovio.stars.publishingRovio is certainly no stranger to the world of gaming considering they came up with that whole Angry Birds thing. Now it looks like they are getting in to the publishing business with the Rovio Stars Initiative, and they already have two games lined up. The Rovio Stars Initiative is the group’s first attempt at the publishing biz, and they plan...

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Angry Birds Friends flings itself onto Google Play

Angry Birds FriendsIf you just can’t get enough of those Angry Birds, today’s your lucky day as Rovio has finally brought Angry Birds Friends to Android. Yup, it’s another Angry Birds game although things are a bit different this time around.Angry Birds Friends is a social version of Angry Birds where you can play, and see how your score stacks up against other...

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app Angry Birds Friends logo

Angry Birds Friends


Play Angry Birds with your friends... wherever you go!In this FREE new game, you can use your phone to challenge your Facebook friends for the title of ultimate pig popper and bird flinger! Play in we...

app Angry Birds Star Wars C Cheats logo

Angry Birds Star Wars C Che...


Coolest cheats for the games you love! Get your game going with the latest game reviews, secret codes and special tricks to get the highest scores ever!I have collected all the information possible to...

app Game Cheats & Hints logo

Game Cheats & Hints


Getting stuck with your android games? Not able to progress higher levels or complete the game ?Our Free-Online/Offline App contains huge collection of tips, hints,unlock tasks and cheat codes for var...

app Mastermind Board Game logo

Mastermind Board Game


Are you looking for free brain games for kids and adults? Mastermind Board Game is a mobile and tablet version of one of the most popular board games of modern time, if you are a lover of logic games ...

app Super Flying Clowns Free Game logo

Super Flying Clowns Free Ga...


The clowns at the circus are tired of always being laugh at and are weary of being the ones cleaning the elephant's cages. So they decided to leave the circus by taking as much balloons and fly high o...

app Games Themes logo

Games Themes


If you are a die hard fan of Video Games and love their themes too..!!Then this is the app you all are looking for.Featuring over 15 different theme tracks of most played games: - ANGRY BIRDS- ASSASIN...


Android Game Review – Yumby Smash from Playgearz

Yumby’s are colorful little creatures and they need your help. The villain known as Captain Crumpet is trying to suck all the food out of  their homeworld, and it's up to you to stop his treacherous plans. That’s really all we know about the Yumbies, well that and fact that they like to fling themselves headfirst into blocks. You’ll fling y...

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Android Game Review – Yumby Smash from Playgearz

Android Game Review – Yumby Smash from Playgearz Yumby’s are colorful little creatures and they need your help. The villain known as Captain Crumpet is trying to suck all the food out of  their homeworld, and it's up to you to stop his treacherous plans. That’s really all we know about the Yumbies, well that and fact that they like to fling themselves headfirst into blocks. You’ll fling y...

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Angry Birds Space gets an Update with New Pig Dipper levels

If there’s one thing you can count on besides death and taxes its Angry Birds updates from Rovio. The team’s newest update is for Angry Birds Space and fans of the series can rejoice as they’re getting 30 new levels to play through. The new Angry Birds Space update comes in the form of Pig Dipper levels which take place in a funky underwat...

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Visit Hoth in the New Angry Birds Star Wars Update

A few weeks back Rovio introduced Angry Birds Star Wars to the world, and now they’re back with a Hoth themed update. New levels are included, but you’re also going to get a new power as well… The Angry Bird Star Wars Hoth update brings gamers 20 icy new level set on the cold and deadly world of Hoth. You’ll go up against ice covered AT-...

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Untame Games releases Rope Rescue for Android

By now you may think you’ve seen every Android game involving birds, but there’s an awesome new one that was just released by the name of Rope Rescue. The birds of Rope Rescue aren’t angry and they certainly don’t fling themselves across the screen although they will need your help to rescue their bird buddies from the clutches of the evi...

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The Original Angry Birds gets an Update with 30 New Levels and Power-Ups

Rovio is in the news again today as they’ve just released an update to the original Angry Birds game. Just a few days after Angry Birds Star Wars was announced, and a week after Bad Piggies fans can go back to the game that started it all and dole out some punishment with some brand new power-ups. The Angry Birds update brings 30 new levels to...

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Star Wars themed Angry Birds incoming?

Rovio have had quite an eventful period of development and have amassed a huge number of downloads and indeed sales of their products since they first launched their brand of destructive and highly addictive fun onto the Android platform back in September 2010. We've seen the Angry Birds catapulted (pun intended) into the Android limelight as the...

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app Birds On A Wire: Match 3 logo

Birds On A Wire: Match 3


You'll have a chirping good time helping the birds escape from the evil witch's spell in this Zuma style arcade puzzler. The cute and colourful birds are walking in a trance to their doom and only yo...

app Appy Gamer logo

Appy Gamer


Follow all the announcements from E3 as they happen with the Appy Gamer E3 2013 Special Edition!Appy Gamer delivers all the games news you will ever need in a sleek and fully customizable app. Never b...

app Angry Piggy Deluxe logo

Angry Piggy Deluxe


Enter this colorful adventure now with three cute animals!Remember the green pigs and the stupid birds in Angry Birds? This time, you'll meet cooler, cuter and smarter Piggy and Bird---Steezy and Hade...


Red Planet update available to download for Angry Birds Space

Rovio recently announced that they would be updating two of the games in their Angry Bird series which have proved to be popular iOS and Android games. We were teased with a new character for Angry Birds Seasons. We also learned that Rovio would also be releasing an update to their most recent Angry Birds game release, Angry Birds Space to inc...

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