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Vanquish the Evil Dragon King in Animoca Collective’s Cats vs Dragons

Vanquish the Evil Dragon King in Animoca Collective’s Cats vs Dragons Cats are a popular choice for video game characters these days, and Cats vs Dragons from Animoca Collective is all about the kitties. The hero of the game goes by name of Lynx, and you’ll guide him on his quest to vanquish the evil Dragon King and rescue the kitty princess. Royal Cattery was a peaceful land with boundless supplies of mystical ...

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Animoca releases Pizza Picasso for Android

Overview Android games that let you make food have become quite popular, and there’s a new one out called Pizza Picasso from Animoca that puts you in charge of making pizzas. There are no goals, time limits and there’s really no point to the game except to make pizzas in almost every conceivable way. Gameplay When you first fire up Pizza P...

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app Star Girl: Moda Italia logo

Star Girl: Moda Italia


It's time for some Star Girl: Moda Italia! Shop along the famous Via della Spiga or the Gallerie Vittorio Emanuele in one of the Fashion Capitals of the World - Milan! Now with many new enhancements i...


The Top New Android Games of the Week – March 4, 2013

It's Monday which means it's time for our picks on the Top 10 New Android Games of the Week. Last week saw several major releases including a highly anticipated racing game, a new Toy Story game, and a visit from those bloodthirsty Aliens & Predators. 1. Real Racing 3 Real Racing 3 hit Google Play this week, and it looks just as good as we...

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app Pet Cafe logo

Pet Cafe


Pet Cafe invites you to be the master restaurant owner in this 3D animated cafe!Run your restaurant from its infancy to becoming the hit of the town! This will be one of the few restaurants in the vir...

app Car Creator: Test Drive logo

Car Creator: Test Drive


Construct, Test Drive, Build and Race with all your favorite Cars in Car Creator! Build an empire based on building and customizing various Automotives in this unique blend of simulation and racing. S...