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Google Glass APK teardown discovers “Boutique” marketplace

Google Glass teardown 2 The Google Glass XE7 update went live earlier in the week, but poking around under the hood has revealed a few hidden features, which could turn out to be quite a bit deal for Google Glass. A user going by the name of zhuowei has discovered signs that Google has been working on a market place for Glass applications, named Boutique. This is one key...

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app APK权限修改器 logo




app Smallest APK ever logo

Smallest APK ever


This is the absolutely smallest APK on the whole market!Only 3430 bytes in size! Anybody can do smaller?It displays "Hello World" and that's all.There is usually no need to install this appl...

app APK Anti-Virus Bodyguard logo

APK Anti-Virus Bodyguard


An innovation Android APK anti-virus protection software, it can scan the installed software and real-time monitoring of suspicious programs. With the innovative source code analysis technology, it wi...

app Apk Guardian logo

Apk Guardian


1.Display the mobile phone memory and SD memory situation2.Backup and restore contacts feature Contacts3.Batch install and uninstall applications, and backup applications that the machine had installe...

app Slevolapka – výhodné slevy logo

Slevolapka – výhodn...


Tato aplikace sdružuje výhodné nabídky z českých slevových portálů (Slevomat, Zapakatel, Vykupto, slevy O2 a desítky dalších). Filtruje slevy podle měst, kategorií, portálů a klíčov...

app ZiptoApk logo



Extention names of some apk files downloaded are automtically chaned to .zip.This application helps you change file name and install apllication.Scan automatically zip files that was apk file, and Cha...

app MapKing Live logo

MapKing Live


MapKing Live utilizes the latest Augmented Reality technology. You can check out where are the shops and friends are related to your current position and facing, with the on-board camera. You can also...

app test apk with largexhdpi 3 logo

test apk with largexhdpi 3


test apk with large xhdpi compatible screen and support sdk 3...

app ApkInstaller logo



It's easy to install apk from SD card.The ApkInstaller is a good tool.keywords:apk,Apk Installer,app installer,Apk manager...

app Apk Manager Plus logo

Apk Manager Plus


It is a free apk installer and uninstaller.Simple ui, no ads, no third party and sdcard support.With this lightweight tool you can manage your appseasily and quickly.Filter, sort, delete, backup, shar...

app APK Explorer logo

APK Explorer



app APK Transfer logo

APK Transfer


2,000 people have been reached. To further develop the future of user minutes are scheduled to receive comments through the feedback Send me thankful for the many problems simyeon jijeokhaeju ^ ^Engli...

app Apk Extractor logo

Apk Extractor


Extract APK file from installed application, can easily send email....

app Smart apk Installer logo

Smart apk Installer


The most simple and efficient installation of the software application that helps you install the application from the SD card (. Apk) Introduction * Installing applications from the SD card * delete ...

app RMTestMultiApk logo




app APK Info logo

APK Info


Apk Info for Android is a simple utility that allows you to view detailed information on all the applications installed on your Android device including information about native (NDK) libraries used b...

app 玩转APK logo




app APK Dumper logo

APK Dumper


This app lists all the applications on your phone and will copy (backup) selected app's APK files to the SD card. If the phone is rooted AND the app is in a read-protected directory it will attempt to...

app Bar Napkin QR Code logo

Bar Napkin QR Code


Give out your phone number using a QR code on your phone. This user generated QR bar code holds only your first name and cell phone number. When another person scans your bar code your first name and ...

app SSMDemoApk logo




app Apk Installer logo

Apk Installer


To install a non-Market application, maybe an .apk file. You needs a tiny tool to browse the SD card, and pick the .apk file. This is simply the tool you got, free, without advertisement, and it is ve...

app Test apk 2 logo

Test apk 2


Provo cosi...

app AppSender 2.0 (Share APK) logo

AppSender 2.0 (Share APK)


AppSender makes it easy to share apps (APK) on Android.- (NEW) share APK via AppSender cloud server- share APK via email attachment- export list of installed apps to CSV file- Free and no annoying ads...

app New Apk Manager logo

New Apk Manager


Install/Uninstall/View Permissions of Android application apk files.New Apk Manager will be helpful in installing non market android application from your SD card. Also you can uninstall the applicati...

app My apk test logo

My apk test


This is a test...

app Mapko logo



Mapko is a personal travel guide for some cities in Serbia.Mapko is application which helps you to easily find interesting sites of Kragujevac and Belgrade(for now). When you choose one of the sites, ...

app Apk Info OS 1.3 free logo

Apk Info OS 1.3 free


Apk Info is an usefull App to gain informations about all apps installed on your phone. See all permissions, receivers, activities and more... it's free and easy to use. have a fun. This is made only ...

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