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Android fans: “Apple, Thank you for the iPad!” – AndroidGuys (blog)

Redmond PieAndroid fans: “Apple, Thank you for the iPad!”AndroidGuys (blog)As Android fans we should not care about it but if you think about it, it is a great news for Android. A while back (late 2007), Apple released a new type ...Google updates Android Market guidelines and policiesinnocreativesHow Android Can Compete with Apple's Third-...

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Apple Users Twice as Likely To Pay for Apps than Android Fans – Phone Plus

Apple Users Twice as Likely To Pay for Apps than Android FansPhone PlusFor instance, it surveyed iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and WebOS users and found that Android users like their free apps. And, only 16 percent of iPhone ...Study: Android overtakes iPhone in eight statesVisage Mobile (blog)Smartphone elections: Android overtakes iPhone in eight U...

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Apple iOS 11 Announcement: What Are The New Features?

Lots of people are interested in the Apple iOS 11 announcement: what are the new features? People are certainly interested in this all over the tech field. However, a lot of people in the online casino gaming world are interested in the new devices as well. These are two fields that are able to influence each other now in a new way. Many online ...

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Steve Jobs Co-Founder of Apple Passes Away at 56

Whether you like Apple or Android, today is a sad day as the co-founder of Apple Steve Jobs has passed away. From the Apple II in 1977 to the iPad2 in 2011, Steve had a major impact on technology and the way we use media today with the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iMac, and last but not least iTunes. He didn’t just come up with great devices; all the...

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Steve Jobs said porn fans can go to Android – San Francisco Chronicle (blog) NewsSteve Jobs said porn fans can go to AndroidSan Francisco Chronicle (blog)Steve Jobs reportedly took another shot at Google's Android operating system, saying that's where people looking for porn should go. ...Steve Jobs: If you want porn, get an AndroidCNETReport: Steve Jobs says Android phone is better for pornSacramen...

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Casino games on dedicated Android Apps

Casino games on dedicated Android Apps Casino games on dedicated Android Apps are common to find now. For a while, Android was the leader when it came to dedicated apps and online casino games in the mobile world. This is still the case to a certain extent. Android is certainly doing better than many of the other mobile operating systems that are still popular today. However, Apple is s...

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Android OS still rules the smartphone market in the US for the first quarter of 2013

android osAndroid OS continues to be the most important operating system for smartphones in the US with 52% market share in the first quarter of 2013, according to  the latest numbers released by comScore. Android is still reigning, even if the percents dropped a little bit from December of 2012, when the market share for Android OS was slightly above 53.4 ...

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app iPhone Graphite GO Launcher EX logo

iPhone Graphite GO Launcher...


iPhone Graphite GO Launcher EX Theme.**Install this after installing GO launcher EX**Its an awesome theme based on amazing crisp graphite icons.The wallpaper is a leather background with an apple logo...

app Mac Shortcuts logo

Mac Shortcuts


A lightweight application in which you can quickly find all the keyboard shortcuts for you Mac Computer (be it an iMac a Macbook Pro or any other type of Mac).This is a must have for all the apple fan...


6 Reasons Why EBooks are a Game-Changer

ebooksIt wasn’t all that long ago when the world thought eBooks would have zero chances of succeeding in the market. According to a report from Statistics Portal, revenue eBook sales in 2008 hit 274 million U.S. dollars. By the following year, revenues registered a significant jump, mainly attributed to the rising demand and supply of eBook gadgets and...

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app Plasma Sky – rad space shooter logo

Plasma Sky – rad spac...


50% OFF - LIMITED TIME SALE"an almost perfect example of what a modern Shmup can be" - Android Dissected"Easily one of the top shooters on Android." - Green Robot Gamer "It’...


AA Weekly: top Android news of the week, June 16, 2013

ios 7 vs android lockscreen New iOS 7 arrives, but it’s not actually that newNeon colors, Helvetica Neue Ultra Light, and an assortment of features borrowed from other operating systems – that seems to be the recipe followed by Apple under the lead of Jonny Ive, who took over UI design in a bid The internet was ablaze on Monday with angry Android fans pointing out the s...

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Android 5.0 design concept imagines what the future may hold

Android 5.0 Concept   An Android fan imagined what Android 5.0 could look like, showing various elements in design renders posted on his Google Plus account.Jinesh Shah, an Electrical Engineering student at the University of Michigan, has posted four images in which he imagined the new Android 5.0 environment (see gallery below).We’re looking at an interesting, ...

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Samsung uses their components business as a weapon against competition

Samsung Logo 645pxSo often, we decry Samsung for being proprietary. Their TouchWiz, apps, and services are all very much geared toward people buying Samsung devices. This isn’t wrong or nefarious, it’s just not what we’d like to see from such a well known brand. Android is proudly open source, and the development community is phenomenal to keep it that way.Whi...

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app 景升診所 醫美中心 logo

景升診所 醫美中心



app James Franco Live Wallpaper logo

James Franco Live Wallpaper


Get the best James Franco wallpaper on your phone with this unofficial live wallpaper app! If you like a particular image, you can set it forever as a wallpaper!James Edward Franco (born April 19, 197...

app Avernum: Escape From the Pit logo

Avernum: Escape From the Pi...


"Avernum: Escape From the Pit is an amazing game which will provide hours of fun. I would even go so far as to say it’s a nearly perfect example of a role-playing game." -AppleTell"8/...


Chairman Eric Schmidt announces impressive Google numbers

Ericschmidt2 Earlier this week Google Chairman Eric Schmidt had some interesting things to say and some impressive numbers to reveal at the AllThingsD mobile conference. Schmidt talked to conference attendees and revealed that Google expected Android users to reach the 1 billion mark with the next six to nine months. Apparently the Android sales and sign up nu...

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HTC M7 Photos leak onto the Web

The HTC M7 as some people are calling it the next big thing from HTC was kind of a hush hush project, until now. There is excitement in the air as fans have gotten the first look at how the device will physically look. The high end Android phone going by the codename (or is it the actual name?) “HTC M7” was thought to be announced at CES 2013...

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Gameloft’s My Little Pony Gallops onto Google Play

Fans of My Little Pony can rest easy as it as Gameloft finally released their highly anticipated My Little Pony game for Android. The new Pony's may look different from the originals, but they are just as popular today as they where in the 80s. The My Little Pony game should go over well with fans from either generation as it's one of the slickes...

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app Zombie killer logo

Zombie killer


Zombie Killer - Zombie Game time to kill some zombies Vinny The Viking will shoot some Zombies you are ina deadly Zombie Village and this village is full of zombies.This is not the Zombieville Game if...


Dark Nebula Episode Two rolling onto Android later this year

Free Lunch Design released their popular and award winning labyrinth type game Dark Nebula on to the Android platform back in June this year after being a huge hit on iOS. It has also proved to be a tremendously successful release as an Android app. Because of the huge interest in the game to date, Free Lunch Design have now decided that they wil...

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app PhotoStrategy logo



It heralds to you who do not surely get used to whom, either. A ping drum and a photography strategy are got! The appearance like Prikuri is also said!? Popular anime "flower @penguindrumpic"...


HTC One X is headed to AT &T on May 6th for $199

The phone wars are heating up and today we finally gotten some solid information about one of this year’s new super phones the HTC One X. AT&T customers will be able to pick up the HTC One X on May 6th, but pre-orders will start on April 22nd. The HTC One X AT&T is getting is actually the HTC Once XL which touts a dual-core S4 from ...

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app Las Vegas Motor Speedway LVMS logo

Las Vegas Motor Speedway LV...


Las Vegas Motor Speedway(LVMS) presents the Mobile Fan Guide, a next-generation mobile application designed to enhance the entire event experience and grant fans unprecedented access to Speedway and r...

app Foire de Lyon 2013 logo

Foire de Lyon 2013


Téléchargez l'application officielle de la Foire de Lyon et découvrez toutes les informations de l'édition 2013 se déroulant à Eurexpo, Lyon du 22 Mars au 1er Avril.La Foire Internationale de Ly...

app MASH Elite logo

MASH Elite


Who will you marry? How many kids will you have? Where will you go to college? Let our MASH game predict your future! MASH is the classic grade school game done right! Fun for girls, boys, and kid...

app Bet 2 Win – Betting Tips logo

Bet 2 Win – Betting T...


No.1 Betting App on Apple App Store? Return your money back with your first ticket! Guaranteed! ? Bet2Win is the first professional app for all football (soccer) bettors. ??? 3 years The Most Trusted ...

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