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20nm ARM processors could be 30% faster, pushing for the 3GHz mark

Cortex A15WaferCredit: Extremetech Semi-conductor manufacturing firms TSMC and Globalfoundries are both expected to have their 20nm mobile chip foundries up and running by 2014, which means that a new wave of faster and more energy efficient ARM processors should be heading our way sometime next year.According to TSMC, the shrink down to 20nm could see clock for...

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Samsung may bring ‘big.LITTLE’ ARM processor to next generation Chromebook

Google-IO-2013 Pixel chromebook 1600 aaThe Samsung ARM Chromebook is ubiquitous to the lineup. It was the first to be offered at an attractive price point, and opened many of us up to the possibilities and benefits of Chromebooks, and Chrome OS. While not without its issues (Netflix, anyone?), The ARM Chromebook continues to pace the market.Though powerful, the ARM Chromebook has its li...

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ARM processors run native Linux and Android applications –

ARM processors run native Linux and Android applicationsElectronicsWeekly.comARM will showcase this week at the Embedded World conference in Germany a software development tool for Linux and Android native ...ARM Launches DS-5 Development Tools for ARM Linux-Based SystemsMarketWatch (press release)all 17 news articles »...

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ARM launches new Cortex-A12 processor with new Mali-T622 GPU and Mali-V500 video processing

Cortex-A12-645pxARM has released details of its new Cortex-A12 processor which is designed to be a successor to the very popular Cortex-A9. Aimed at the mid-range smartphone and tablet markets, the A12 is 40 percent faster than the A9 and can be used in a big.LITTLE implementation. The new Mali-T622 GPU is OpenGL ES 3.0 compliant but yet has a 50 percent greater e...

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Intel BayTrail benchmark dominates ARM

Intel processor Intel has been boasting about its mobile processor performance to handset manufactures recently, but it looks like the company wasn’t just blowing smoke when its CEO stated that its technology was superior to Qualcomm’s processors. The first benchmarks of Intel’s upcoming BayTrail processor have appeared online, and the results are quite ast...

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MediaTek looks to be working on an octo-core processor

mediatek logo aa - 600px MediaTek seems to be really cranking up its pressure on the high-end processor manufactures, and the news that the company is working on its own eight core processor confirms that MediaTek is just interested in peak performance as much as it is budget technologies. First news of the octo-core chip came from UDN yesterday, which stated that MediaTe...

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Intel CloverTrail+ processor mops the floor with its competitors

Intel Clover Trail Current Draw ComparisonThere’s no denying that smartphones are becoming pretty powerful; quad-core processors are now the standard in high-end handsets and clock speeds are creeping up into laptop territory as well. However, the one big problem that mobile technology still faces is the limitations imposed by running processors on a battery.With the likes of the The res...

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Intel reveals Merrifield, a next generation mobile processor design

Intel unveils Merrifield reference design for smartphonesMove over, ARM, Intel’s finally hitting its stride in mobile. At least, that’s the impression the chip maker gave when it formally unveiled its fourth-generation CPU product family. Emphasizing the comapny’s growing presence in portable devices like smartphones and tablets – Lenovo’s K900 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 are such example...

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From day one, Nvidia Shield will have over 25 games optimized for its Tegra 4 processor

nvidia-shield-2Just a few days ago,we reported on a new video posted to Nvidia’s blog that showed off the pre-loaded games and other special features that will come with the Shield. Now Nvidia has also revealed their plans to have 25+ games optimized and ready to go for the Shield, from day one.While Nvidia didn’t give us a full list of the games, th...

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app ARMV7 NEON VidCon Codec logo

ARMV7 NEON VidCon Codec


*****If you’re an existing user, please update both your codec library and the video converter android app to use the converter. *****Video Converter Android ARMV7 codec with NEON features. Note tha...


Rumor: Galaxy S III Contains 1.5GHz Quad-Core Exynos Processor, 1080p Display

The folks at BGR seem to have confirmed the specs (and the existence) of the Samsung Galaxy S III. While Sammy has refused to divulge any details about their highly anticipated flagship device at Day 2 of the Mobile World Congress, BGR has revealed the specs to the world with certain level of confidence. The Galaxy S III is rumored to have a 1.5...

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app Invitation Processor Free logo

Invitation Processor Free


Do you always wonder how to write iCalendar files attached to event invitation mails to your device calendar?From your email app or file manager send the iCalendar (e.g. .iCal .ics, .vcs) attachments ...

app Voice Processor logo

Voice Processor


Change your voice in real-time after recording -- this voice processor makes your voice sound like a robot, an alien, a baby and many more. Put yourself in a pipe, in a bathroom, a hall or a station. ...

app Voice Processor Pro logo

Voice Processor Pro


Record voice messages, alienate them and store selections on sd-card or set them as ring-tone, notification or alarm.Five basic effects along with four room types can be combined to a virtual unlimite...

app Invitation Processor Pro logo

Invitation Processor Pro


Do you always wonder how to write iCalendar files attached to event invitation mails to your device calendar?From your email app or file manager send the iCalendar (e.g. .iCal .ics, .vcs) attachments ...

app Vitamio Plugin ARMv7+NEON logo

Vitamio Plugin ARMv7+NEON


!!IMPORTANT!!DON'T install or update this unless other apps let you install it. This is a library which won't work by itself.This APK is for devices which support NEON.What's VitamioVitamio is a multi...

app Vitamio Plugin ARMv7 logo

Vitamio Plugin ARMv7


!!IMPORTANT!!DON'T install or update this unless other apps let you install it. This is a library which won't work by itself.This APK is for ARMv7 devices, such as Tegra 2 devices.What's VitamioVitami...

app Vitamio Plugin ARMv6+VFP logo

Vitamio Plugin ARMv6+VFP


!!IMPORTANT!!DON'T install or update this unless other apps let you install it. This is a library which won't work by itself.This APK is for ARMv6 devices with VFP support.What's VitamioVitamio is a m...

app Vitamio Plugin ARMv6 logo

Vitamio Plugin ARMv6


!!IMPORTANT!!DON'T install or update this unless other apps let you install it. This is a library which won't work by itself.This APK is for ARMv6 devices.What's VitamioVitamio is a multimedia framewo...

app Brutal Farmer logo

Brutal Farmer


Yours was a simple life. Wake up at dawn. Tend to your chickens. Try to get by with the little money you can make from the farm.That all changed the day your chickens learned to fly. Now you're on a m...

app Army War Lite logo

Army War Lite


Army War is an (RTS) real time strategy game. The game features different missions as: destroy the enemy base, capture the flag, , defends the flag, survives the attack, move your army, collects money...

app The Handwarmer logo

The Handwarmer


This app uses the heat generated from your phone's processor to warm your hands, all at the touch of a button....


Android Honeycomb Reportedly To Require Dual-Core Processor

Even though Google has yet to officially announce Android 2.4 (or 3.0), otherwise known as Honeycomb, they have specifically stated that it was designed for tablets. According to Bobby Cha, Managing Director of Enspert, Honeycomb requires a dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor, which is why the tablets mentioned to feature the next iteration of And...

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Android for Intel Atom devices spells trouble for ARM – RCR Wireless

Coolest Gadget ReviewsAndroid for Intel Atom devices spells trouble for ARMRCR WirelessAndroid scored another victory this week, as chip-giant Intel announced at its Developer Forum in Beijing it had ported Google's OS to its Atom ...Intel Puts Google's Android on Atom SmartphonesPC WorldIntel Porting Android To Atom [Intel's Atom Proce...

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Intel brings Android to Atom smartphone processors – FierceWireless

Siliconrepublic.comIntel brings Android to Atom smartphone processorsFierceWirelessThe semiconductor company announced that it married Google's Android platform to its Atom smartphone processor, a further indication that Intel intends to ...Intel moves Android to Atombit-tech.netLeft Out of the iPad Party, Intel Bad-Mouths Tablet PCsFast Compan...

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Intel is the Android on the Atom – innocreatives

Gadget Venue (blog)Intel is the Android on the AtominnocreativesSo far, Android was available on an ARM processor and if one imagines that Intel tried to optimize the system for its Atom, one may think that the OS's ...Intel Puts Google's Android on Atom SmartphonesPC WorldAndroid OS Ported to Intel Atom ProcessorsBrighthandAndroid Ported t...

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Mad Catz gaming console will support Google Play out of the box

mad catzWhen the Ouya was first announced, the idea was met with quite a few mixed opinions. Some felt the idea of an Android gaming micro-console was an odd proposition, others felt it was genius. Since then, we’ve seen quite a few companies rise up with their own Android gaming system offerings, such as the Gamestick or Bluestacks Gamepop. Now well...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Confirmed, Running on Android and with Intel Atom Chip

samsung galaxy tab 3 According to an insider in the industry, Samsung  Galaxy Tab 3  will be released soon, running on Android OS. But what is very interesting is the CPU chosen by Samsung to power the tablet. Despite the fact that Samsung has a line of in-house made processors,  the Exynos,they have chosen Intel's Atom mobile processor to equip their latest gadge...

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