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Art Mogul Review – Flipping Art for Fun & Profit

Art Mogul Review – Flipping Art for Fun & Profit Art Mogul is a game that’s all about Art, and you get to play a globetrotting Art dealer that’s out to take over the Art world one painting at a time. We briefly talked about his one last week, and as promised we're back with our Art Mogul Review. When you first fire up Art Mogul you’ll be taken through a nice tutorial that takes you through...

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G5 Entertainment releases Art Mogul for Android I've often had a love/hate relationship with G5 Entertainment, but their newest release has brought me back to the lovin' side of things. Art Mogul is a new hidden object game from the group, and it's not just about finding hidden things as you'll have to learn to wheel and deal in the Art world if you want to be a true Art Mogul. The Art Mogul g...

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app Art Mogul logo

Art Mogul


WINNER OF THE BRONZE AWARD FROM POCKETGAMER!Step into the shoes of an Art Mogul in this thrilling mix of hidden object, strategy and business sim. Travel around the world, bidding at exciting auction...

app Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas logo

Hotel Mogul: Las Vegas


Create a hotel empire in the heart of Las Vegas, complete with five-star accommodations, upscale restaurants and glamorous casinos! With colorful graphics, levels packed with animation, and hours of ...

app Mischief Mogul Premium edition logo

Mischief Mogul Premium edit...


New artwork for characters and more special features have been added!the biggest update to the most critically acclaimed game on Android! Own the store that everybody would love to own!Save the store ...


G5 Entertainment releases Righteous Kill for Android

righteous.kill-androidRighteous Kill is their latest Android game from the folks at G5 Entertainment, and it seems to be “loosely” based on the 2008 film of the same name. The movie starred Pacino & DeNiro, and wasn’t very well received. The game doesn’t have the same star power, but it is much better than the movie. Righteous Kill is a hidden object game t...

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app Rich Dad Poor Dad logo

Rich Dad Poor Dad


If you truly desire to be rich and wealthy, rich dad, poor dad authored by Robert T. Kiyosaki is one book you need to read and have on your book shelf. This book is a good guide for those who want to ...


Hov Set to Ink 20 Million Dollar Deal With Samsung

r JAYZ SAMSUNG DEAL large570According to the Huffington Post, rapper/mogul, Jay-Z is reportedly about to ink a deal with Samsung mobile which would see the smartphone giant teaming up with the rapper on various projects Jay-Z''s deal with Samsung set to be worth about $20 million / ...

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Monopoly Hotels Review – Building an Empire will Break the Bank

Monopoly Hotels Review – Building an Empire will Break the Bank Last week we talked about a new game from Electronic Arts called Monopoly Hotels, and this week we’re back with our Monopoly Hotels Review. Think you have what it takes to become a Monopoly Mogul or will you even want to try? Monopoly Hotels brings the classic game we all know and love into the modern age, and while things are quite different, t...

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Google and Motorola making a mysterious X Phone

There are rumors in the digital air today that Google along Motorola are working on a new breed of cellphones dubbed as the “X Phone”, there is also a possibility of a tablet in works too. The tablet will probably be termed as the X Tablet if the pattern is taken under consideration. There rumors are generated when a report from Wall Street J...

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app Небоскребы- экономическая игра logo

Небоскребы- эк...


Игра Небоскребы - это броузерная экономическая стратегия онлайн. Она интересна своим сюжетом, своей экономич...

app Midtown Miami. logo

Midtown Miami.


LET’S BRING SOCIAL BACK TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD Midtown Miami app, by Community Mogul, was born from a very simple idea: Today's social tools allow you to interact with people 10,000 miles away, but you...

app Sunshine Acres logo

Sunshine Acres


The fun never stops at Sunshine Acres! You'll feel the joy of a job well done as you cultivate your land, harvest your crops, build factories and take your produce to market, making every effort to br...

app Tank-O-Box Lite logo

Tank-O-Box Lite


Tank-O-Box places you at a once-polished writing desk which has morphed into harsh terrain across which numerous natural and artificial obstacles are scattered. Slowly crawling between crayons and off...

app Encyclopedia  Marketable Words logo

Encyclopedia Marketable Wo...


The definitive encyclopedia of marketable wordsDo you work very hard at becoming motivated but still find yourself short of inspiration no matter what you do?Never again will you scrounge around for s...

app Hollywood City logo

Hollywood City


Lights, camera, action! Make it big as a movie mogul in Hollywood City and lead your very own Entertainment Empire all from the convenience of your Phone.Watch the skies light up with your name as you...

app Handshake 2.0 logo

Handshake 2.0


It's still who you know. Connect with those-to-know and those-in-the know - the people and companies making news on Handshake 2.0! The Handshake 2.0® app is a directory of people and companies featur...