Pocket Studio Audience


This deceptively simple app does one thing very well… ANNOYS PEOPLE!Embarrass your friends at parties!Annoy your boss at meetings!Get big laughs at your next funeral!Make yourself a social [...]

King’s Audience


King’s Audience is a card game for one player.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King’s_AudienceThis application is ad-supported and requires full internet access permission.

Audience Sounds


Awesome Audio sounds for any occasion. Laugh, Clap, Whistle, Boo.Whether you want support or Boo any time and need additional audience, the app is in your pocket to simulate any type of Audience [...]

FireText Audience Interaction


FireText works with any Google Android OS Cellular Phone with an active SIM card and text messaging plan. So any Text Message that your audience sends to the phone number of the Android phone [...]

Exciting Trends in Mobile App Advertising

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There is no shortage of apps in the modern marketplace. In fact, there are millions available – with this number projected to grow steadily over the next few years, perhaps even reaching 5 [...]

How To Create Your Own Free Video Calling App

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How to create your own free video calling app With an outbreak of SMBs, the business paradigm has shifted. The small and medium-sized businesses have become the backbone of the economy as they [...]

Sound Box


Open up the box of sound for a smorgasbord of sound effects, with more on the way each month.features- air horns- gun effects- train sounds- audience applause- and more

Frozen Synapse


Frozen Synapse (Final Beta Version – Early Access)PLEASE NOTE: Frozen Synapse Android is currently a late beta. It is a final version apart from:- Frame-rate issues on some devices- Minor [...]

Motorola Moto X Specs Leaked on Twitter

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Motorola is one of my favorite companies since I’ve seen “Die Hard” and all these bad guys using encrypted Motorola Walkie Talkies, well, strike that, Motorola Moto X specs were [...]

Animal Circus – Activity Book


HIGHLIGHTS ——————————- + the first truly interactive activity book app for children! + featured in this app: over 80 great and vivid [...]

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