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Samsung Hercules and HTC Ruby Expected To Launch October 26th

This is the first time we heard of a solid launch date for the Samsung Hercules and the HTC Ruby.  The Samsung Hercules is, of course, T-Mobile’s variant of the high-end and highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone.  The Ruby is another very capable Android device that is rumored to boast a 1.5GHz dual-core processor and a 4.3 inch qH...

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app Curiosity (Mars Rover) logo

Curiosity (Mars Rover)


**READ THIS FIRST**About the bad rates regarding some sort of adware on this application: it only changes the browser homepage only if when installing it and displaying the message informing about it ...

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Kimberly Kardashian Widget


Kimberly Noel "Kim" Kardashian[1] (born October 21, 1980)[2] is an American socialite and television personality. In 2007, she gained notoriety as the subject of a sex tape that subsequently...

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Shana Taylor Wallpapers


Twitter: Mayhem: years old Las Vegas, Nevada, US -INTERNATIONALLY PUBLISHED-...

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Kaitlyn Wrestler Widget


Celeste Beryl Bonin[3] (born October 7, 1986)[1] is an American body builder, model, and professional wrestler.[1] She works for WWE under the ring name Kaitlyn[1] where she is the reigning WWE Divas ...

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Hazrat Umar R.A Second Cali...


Converting to Islam in the 6th year after Muhammad's first revelation, he spent 17 years as a companion of Muhammad. He succeeded Caliph Abu Bakr on 23 August 634, and played a significant role in Isl...

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PAX Prime 2011


I know it's a big surprise, but we're doing PAX Prime again! Join us August 26-28 in downtown Seattle for the largest gaming festival in the nation, with a monster expo hall, console/tabletop/PC areas...

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Sayings of Umar(RA) –...


All Praise is due to Allah(Swt) and much peace and many blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad(pbuh)), his family, his companions, his followers and those who disseminate his call until th...