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app OBD-2 Repair Strategies logo

OBD-2 Repair Strategies


OBD-2 Repair Strategies (Book-APP)(Note: This Book-APP runs fine on tablet screens. This is a Book-APP. The entire book contents are inside the APP, so you get the whole book.)In the early part of the...

app Automotive Equipment Usage logo

Automotive Equipment Usage


Automotive Equipment Usage and Repair Strategies (Diagnostic Strategies of Modern Automotive Systems Series) In this section, we...

app OBD-2 Scanner PID Repair logo

OBD-2 Scanner PID Repair


OBD-2 Scanner PID Repair(An automotive repair series APP)This APP is a unique piece of software meant to help you get the most out of your scan tool. Packed with information on all the scan tool param...

app SRS-Airbag Repair Guide logo

SRS-Airbag Repair Guide


SRS-Airbag Repair Guide (Automotive)(An Automotive SRS Repair Guide APP)This automotive SRS-Airbag Repair Guide contains four specific sections found nowhere else (in an APP) and at the tip of your fi...

app Repair Order Manager logo

Repair Order Manager


This small utility will help you keep track of work/repair orders you have worked on and hours you have earned from them. It is very beneficial in looking up past RO's, keeping track of hours, and fi...

app RepairPal logo



** Automotive APP OF THE WEEK **** New York Times APP OF THE WEEK **** Selected as a Huffington Post "Best Money-Saving App" **AWARD WINNING AUTO REPAIR & MAINTENANCE SERVICE...

app Oil Change Coupons logo

Oil Change Coupons


Looking for oil change coupons? Well, we update our app with the latest oil change coupons including Firestone coupons, Pep Boys coupons, Tire Kingdom coupons and Midas coupons. There are also Jiffy L...

app CAA logo



Please note: This version does not support Android tablets.Download the new all-in-one CAA app for easy access to many CAA services in English and French including; Roadside Assistance, exclusive Memb...

app OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia logo

OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia


OBD-2 Code Encyclopedia (Automotive)An Automotive Repair and Diagnostic Application.This APP is loaded with thousands of automotive OBD-2 DTC or diagnostic trouble code definitions and code-setting-cr...

app TundraTV How To Videos logo

TundraTV How To Videos


TundraTV: How To is a collection of 71 how to videos found on YouTube. What happens when you get a flat tire and don't know how to change it? You could spend time searching on your phone, or just op...

app Wezwij Pomoc SOS-24h logo

Wezwij Pomoc SOS-24h


Wezwij pomoc SOS-24h to innowacyjna, bezpieczna i bardzo intuicyjna aplikacja, która stanie si? dla Ciebie tak samo wa?na jak ko?o zapasowe, ga?nica czy trójk?t ostrzegawczy w Twoim samo...

app Mobile Mechanic logo

Mobile Mechanic


This app is a comprehensive guide to repairing common automotive issues. This app has webpages and videos that are designed to help increase your knowledge about automotive mechanical problems before ...

app SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedia logo

SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedi...


SRS-Airbag Code Encyclopedia (Automotive)(An Automotive SRS-Airbag Repair APP)This APP has taken years of research to compile and thousands of field work hours to prove. This APP is based on similar s...

app MAF Sensor Testing logo

MAF Sensor Testing


Mass Air Flow Sensor Repair Strategy (Book-APP with ads)Note: This Book-App runs fine on tablets with larger screens and phones. This free book-app has ads.Explains the intricacies of the mass air flo...

app NISSAN Trans Troubleshooter logo

NISSAN Trans Troubleshooter


Nissan-Infinity Automotive Transmission Troubleshooter and ReferenceA reference and pictorial guide for automotive transmissions(Including all major Nissan and Infinity Model Transmissions)By MANDY CO...

app Honda Acura SRS-Airbag BookAPP logo

Honda Acura SRS-Airbag Book...


Acura/Honda Automotive SRS/Air-Bag Book-APP(Note: This Book-APP runs fine on Android tablets. It holds the entire book contents. Once you download you own the book. This is a repair-BOOK-APP, not a re...

app CIMA CarView logo

CIMA CarView


Will function for CIMA Systems dealer and repair shop customers ONLY.CIMA Systems allows dealers and repair shops to "visually explain" repairs with real-time photos, videos and expert diagr...

app THTechView logo



Will function for TimeHighway dealer and repair shop customers ONLY.TimeHighway allows dealers and repair shops to "visually explain" repairs with real-time photos, videos and expert diagram...

app Zonic Live Visual Up-Sell logo

Zonic Live Visual Up-Sell


Will function for Zonic dealer and repair shop customers ONLY.Zonic Live Visual Up-Sell allows dealers and repair shops to "visually explain" repairs with real-time photos, videos and expert...

app Clear Mechanic logo

Clear Mechanic


This application will ONLY function for approved ClearMechanic dealers and repair shops. ClearMechanic allows dealers and repair shops to "visually explain" repairs with real-time photos, vi...

app Glenbrook Dodge Chrysler Jeep logo

Glenbrook Dodge Chrysler Je...


With over 30 years of experience in the automotive business, Glenbrook Dodge Chrysler Jeep is the very best place to buy a new or used vehicle and have your vehicle serviced or repaired. Now, we are p...

app Oil Change logo

Oil Change


Use the Oil Change app to find the best deals on oil changes and other quality car care services. HTC "app of the Week" March 2011 & "Automotive app of the Week" Au...

app The Art of Buying a Car logo

The Art of Buying a Car


Discover the Art of Buying a Car!Here is what you will learn inside...? How to Choose And Buy A Car? When Should You Buy A Car?? How to Buy Or Sell A Used Car? Buy A Car: The Test Drive? Buy A Car: Th...

app EZ Search 1000s of Stores logo

EZ Search 1000s of Stores


Customer reviews (US)"Fast, easy, and practical.""... exactly what is described""I'm not a big shopper, but this app will be a lifesaver in a crunch"Shopping application ...