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Hackers Stole 160 Million Credit Cards in 7 Years from US Banks

hackers A group of computer hackers, four of them Russian nationals and an Ukrainian, were charged today in Newark by the US Attorney Paul Fishman for running a sophisticated scheme which allowed them to break into various computer networks and steal an impressive amount of credit cards numbers.Actually, this seems to be the worst case of credit card f...

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app Interest Free Banks logo

Interest Free Banks


This is an educational and not-for-profit app. Its principle purpose is to provide contact information for those who are looking for institutions that provide Islamic finance and banking products or s...

app All Indian Banks IFSC logo

All Indian Banks IFSC


When we doing online transaction from one bank to another bank we need to register the payee and his/her bank details particulary we need IFSC code.You can find IFSC code by using this application.Ins...

app Tyra Lynne Banks Collection logo

Tyra Lynne Banks Collection


Tyra Lynne Banks (b. 4 December 1973) is an American model, media personality, actress and singer. Born in Inglewood, California, Tyra began with a modeling career when she was in 11th grade. She late...

app Find Banks and ATMs logo

Find Banks and ATMs


Search for your nearest ATM / bank or for ATMs and banks around the world. You need never worry about getting hold of cash quickly again! Our current coverage is approximately as follows:Germany *****...

app Banksy Bristol Tour logo

Banksy Bristol Tour


Having previously been featured and a bestseller in the iTunes Appstore, this is the only app which tells the true early history of the world's most famous graffiti artist Banksy. Researched and writt...

app Outer Banks logo

Outer Banks


Discover everything you want to know when visiting the Outer Banks ...

app Fairbanks North Pole Homes logo

Fairbanks North Pole Homes


Real Estate exploration is enhanced with Fairbanks North Pole Homes' property search on your Android! Your search has just become easier. No more carrying around listing flyers, trying to search for ...

app Banksy logo



"People say graffiti is ugly, irresponsible and childish... but that's only if it's done properly." - Banksy**IN RESPONSE TO COMMENTS ADVISING IT DOESN'T WORK - IT DOES. PLEASE FOLLOW THE IN...

app Central Banks logo

Central Banks


Central Banks presents the latest news from the world's major central banks. Now, from one place, you can keep up with the latest news from the developed-world's monetary policy makers. The central ...

app Fairbanks Real Estate logo

Fairbanks Real Estate


Real Estate exploration is enhanced with Fairbanks Real Estate's property search on your Android! Your search has just become easier. No more carrying around listing flyers, trying to search for dire...

app Nørresundby Banks Mobilbank logo

Nørresundby Banks Mobilban...


Med Nørresundby Banks Mobilbank får du følgende muligheder: FUNKTIONER Når du er logget på har du hurtig adgang til:● Swipp● Konto og posteringer ● Depotindhold● Køb og salg af værdipa...

app Djurslands Banks MobilBank logo

Djurslands Banks MobilBank


Med Djurslands Banks MobilBank får du følgende muligheder: FUNKTIONER Når du er logget på har du hurtig adgang til:? Swipp? Konto og posteringer ? Depotindhold? Køb og...

app Vestfyns Banks Mobilbank logo

Vestfyns Banks Mobilbank


Med Vestfyns Banks Mobilbank får du følgende muligheder: FUNKTIONER Når du er logget på har du hurtig adgang til:? Swipp? Konto og posteringer ? Depotindhold? Køb og s...

app Sydbanks MobilBank logo

Sydbanks MobilBank


Med Sydbanks MobilBank får du hurtig adgang til dine konti, uanset hvor du er. Du kan bruge standardopsætningen eller gøre app...

app Fairbanks News logo

Fairbanks News


This is a collection of regularly updated news articles and stories about the city of Fairbanks. Fairbanks is the largest city in the Interior region of Alaska, and second largest in the state behind...

app USC T.12 Banks and Banking logo

USC T.12 Banks and Banking


Title 12 Banks and BankingUnited States CodeVersion 2010-02-01 (english)Features:- Automatic and free updates to changes- Data is stored local. No internet connection needed.- Accurately search- Easil...

app Cypress Fairbanks Medical logo

Cypress Fairbanks Medical


The official Android app of Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center! Patients and prospective customers use this app as a handy tool for information about Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center such as Emergency R...

app AndBanks logo



Cette application vous permet d'aller directement sur le site mobile de votre banque. Les banques supportées sont :* Banque Populaire Lorraine Champagne* Banque Postale* Barclays* BNP Paribas* Bourso...

app BankSA Mobile Banking App logo

BankSA Mobile Banking App


The BankSA Banking Android...

app Closed Banks logo

Closed Banks


The Closed Bank application gives you up-to-date information regarding the banks closed in the United States. There is also information for the account holders at the closed banks to assist the consum...


Bing, Opera Mini 5 Come to Android, Motorola Banks on Android in China – DailyTech

ReutersBing, Opera Mini 5 Come to Android, Motorola Banks on Android in ChinaDailyTechAndroid users now have access to the ultra speedy and shiny Opera Mini 5 beta 2. (Source: Opera) Android users and prospective buyers received plenty of ...Motorola deploys Microsoft's Bing on Android smartphones in ChinaZDNet (blog)Motorola puts Bing on Andro...

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Top Binary Options Android Apps

anyoptionBinary options are intriguing trading methods. Thanks to Internet and web applications, it is now possible to trade in these derivatives from anywhere using smartphones. However, it is necessary to install a few binary options apps. For Android users, such apps are available in Google Play Store. Sophisticated binary options apps for Android device...

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SaveUp: Save Money & Win Cash

SaveUp: Save Money & Win Cash With SaveUp, every time you're paying your bills or you're saving some of your hard earned cash, you'll be eligible to win millions of dollars. Yeah, it sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? But, truth be told, SaveUp will help you win your dream and save some money in the process. With SaveUp, you'll get a high-five every time you're payi...

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app India Foreclosures logo

India Foreclosures


This application provides you the information of all properties which are captured by the banks.The Auction date and time were also provided.We can also add the interested property into favorites.Disc...

app Frackin’ Reserve logo

Frackin’ Reserve


Frackin' Reserve simulates how fractional reserve banking works, and illustrates how banks fraudulently create money out of thin air then charge you to use that imaginary money. Frackin' Reserve is av...


Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales Reach 20 Million Units At The End of June

Samsung Galaxy S4 You must love the way bankers get it wrong all the time, that's why no one trusts them yet everybody uses their services, I am talking here about the recent "prediction" from JP Morgan analysts, as they downgraded Samung's stock via rumors about a slowing down in their Samsung Galaxy S4 sales in the near future. So much for trusting what speculat...

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app Sea and ocean HD wallpapers logo

Sea and ocean HD wallpapers


Sea and ocean HD wallpapersA collection of high quality images of the sea and oceans.Features:- Only HD- Only the best and brightest images  Wallpapers high definition wallpapers for your Android de...

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