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app Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Demo logo

Bluetooth Barcode Scanner D...


Bluetooth Barcode Scanner is an application that can be used as a driver for a HID Bluetooth Barcode Scanner. Since it uses the HID protocol, it can also be used with other HID devices such as Bluetoo...

app QR Pal – QR & Barcode Scanner logo

QR Pal – QR & Bar...


QR Pal - QR & Barcode Scanner - as seen on BBC News (Click)==QR Pal is the most advanced QR Code and Barcode scanner available which enables users to scan, store, share and pay. QR Pal is the only...


Android gets its first Microsoft app: TagReader – BetaNews

Mobiletor.comAndroid gets its first Microsoft app: TagReaderBetaNewsThis is why Microsoft's TagReader, which was released in the Android Market today, is worth checking out. It's similar to any number of barcode scanners ...Microsoft Gives Birth To It's First Android AppTechFreq NewsMicrosoft Tag Reader announced for

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5 of the Best Shopping Apps for Android

shopping.appsShopping online has become the way to go these days, and shopping from your Android phone or tablet is about as simple as it gets. Our list of the Best Shopping Apps gives you 5 Free Android Apps that can make your life much easier by letting you browse, buy, and save money while you’re on the go. 1. Amazon Mobile Amazon is as great place to ...

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app Revisor logo



Application for auditing (revision) warehouses and retail outlets (works with hardware barcode scanners, helps to save a lot of money on special business handle computers, easy to use for most employe...

app Morning Routine Free logo

Morning Routine Free


*Important. For bugs, do not leave a comment only, send a mail so we can get in touch and fix the problem.If the alarm does not go off, we are _very_ interested in getting contacted. We want it to wor...

app SMS Control Panel logo

SMS Control Panel


SMS Control Panel is an application developed by Conceptual Systems as a part of our Mobile Suite for the Scrap Yard & Recycling Industry. SMS Control Panel controls connections to bluetooth barc...

app KartBarkod logo



KartBarkod uygulamasi, cuzdaninizda tasidiginiz barkodlu kartlarin numarasini girip barkod resmi olusturarak Iphone’unuza kaydetmenizi saglayan bir uygulamadir. Eger barkodlu alisveris kartlari kull...


How to Best Utilize a Bar Code Scan Android App

Android users love to take pride in our open platform, live backgrounds and specialized apps like barcode scanners. Although they're almost purely cosmetic, barcode scanners are popular because no one wants to be in the QR-code dark. Almost every time I’ve tried to be an efficient shopper, however, and find the lowest prices on household items li...

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app PickingByVoice logo



Picking by Voice"Picking by Voice" realize hands-free picking in warehouse by voice order and barcode recogmition.Voice picking is already known as the one of the effective picking solutions...

app SEXY two battery-widgets logo

SEXY two battery-widgets


<div id="doc-original-text">SEXY two battery-powered widgets<p><br>The most simple and intuitive<p>Occupies only a small space of one square-Power Battery widget!<...

app Quomai, loyalty & reward cards logo

Quomai, loyalty & rewar...


Your loyalty, membership and reward cards on your phone. Take your cards with you anywhere without the hassle.Adding your cards to Quomai is very easy:• Download the app for free.• Find your loyal...

app Inventory Desk Scanner logo

Inventory Desk Scanner


Inventory Desk Scanner is a utility that can be used as an ADD-ON to Inventory Droid and Inventory Desk applications, OR and a standalone scanner for 3rd party Inventory Application of your PC. Go to ...

app BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge Demo logo

BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge D...


BluePiano automates data-entry. This keyboard wedge injects captured Bluetooth SPP data into arbitrary apps: the data appears as entered manually. This new input method provides a soft-keyboard with B...

app BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge logo

BluePiano Bluetooth Wedge


The keyboard wedge BluePiano injects captured Bluetooth SPP (SPP = serial port profile) data into arbitrary apps: the received Bluetooth data appears as entered manually. This new input method provide...

app My Media Catalog logo

My Media Catalog


Restore order to your media with My Media Catalog! Quickly and easily organize all your movies, music, books, games, and anything else you want to keep track of. Simply scan the barcode on your medi...

app appazaar beta logo

appazaar beta


appazaar is a recommender system for Android apps. You will find new apps that might be of interest for you, like Angry Birds, WhatsApp or barcode scanners. Further, you can look into how people use a...

app GetBlue Bluetooth Reader, Demo logo

GetBlue Bluetooth Reader, D...


GetBlue provides automated data acquisition and manual device communication for Bluetooth SPP devices, serial USB devices, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera barcode-scanners.OVERVIEW: GetBlue collects data from...

app Rapid Inventory, Unlimited logo

Rapid Inventory, Unlimited


Rapid Inventory - Unlimited Edition with barcode support for an arbitrary number of items. Now with item categories / labels!Rapid Inventory simplifies stocktaking and inventory management. Create, ma...

app midcom Erntehelfer Erfassung logo

midcom Erntehelfer Erfassun...


Mobile Ernte Leistungserfassung per ANDROID Smartphones und Tablets - Kontrollieren Sie Ihre ErnteleistungAls Erweiterung zur midcom Erntehelferverwaltung wird eine mobile Software für ANDROID S...

app CipherConnect Demo logo

CipherConnect Demo


CipherConnect Demo is designed for CipherLab partners to demo CipherConnect Pro with CipherLab cordless scanners. A sheet of demo barcodes is prepared at below link for you to scan and display corresp...

app Rapid Inventory, Free logo

Rapid Inventory, Free


Manage inventories and item stock lists with up to 100 items for free! The app is intuitive, optimized for easy and fast handling, provides import and export capabilities (Google Drive, CSV, XML), and...

app QRC Reader logo

QRC Reader


A QR Code, or "Quick Response" Code, sometimes called a 2-D barcode, is readable by QR Scanners (like this App). A variety of different information can be encoded in the QR Code, often trig...

app MemberScan logo



MemberScan is the easiest Android barcode app to get rid of membership reward cards from your keychain and wallet. Use MemberScan on your Android device and create your barcode for any vendor instant...

app BarClone Free logo

BarClone Free


NOTE: This is the ad-supported free version. There is also a donate version without the INTERNET permission.These days, we carry more and more barcodes. Store loyalty cards (like a Nectar card or Tesc...

app BarClone logo



These days, we carry more and more barcodes. Store loyalty cards (like a Nectar card or Tesco ClubCard) or Subway's SubCard are just a couple of examples, not to mention all the other discount cards w...

app GetBlue Data Acquisition Tool logo

GetBlue Data Acquisition To...


GetBlue provides automated data acquisition and manual device communication for Bluetooth SPP devices, serial USB devices, TCP/IP, HTTP and camera barcode-scanners.OVERVIEW: The full version of GetBlu...

app List-In-Hand® Mobile List logo

List-In-Hand® Mobile List


Simple data capture to any web page from barcode & RFID scanners, sensors and more. Bluetooth scanners and camera scanner supported. Use List-In-Hand® Mobile List service to manage lists on your ...

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