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Battlefield 3 Cheats FREE


Cheats for Battlefield 3!Find all unlockables, tricks, tips and achievements for Battlefield 3! Specific cheats for each platform with Battlefield 3!...


Electronic Arts releases Battlelog, the Companion App for Battlefield

battlelog.androidIf you play console shooters, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve played Battlefield. If so, Electronic Arts released an Android App last week that’s right up your ally with Battlelog for Android. The Battlelog app lets you stay connected to Battlefield when you’re not parked on the couch shooting people online. It keeps you up to date on ...

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app Battlefield Plant & Defuse + logo

Battlefield Plant & Def...


Play Battlefield IRL with this application. Plant M-COM and defuse it or wait for it to explode. Perfekt for Soft Air Gun war or maybe Hide and Seek. Its up to you to decide! The bomb is a replica of...

app BF3 Battlefield Stats logo

BF3 Battlefield Stats


Get your Battlefield 3 stats on your Android device !With a look and feel close to official Battlelog website.This app show all your player stats:- General stats- Kits stats, service star and unlocks-...

app Battlefield BC2 Stats logo

Battlefield BC2 Stats


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats. Never be without your stats!If you cannot find your soldier, please visit stats locally-Maintain a list of your friends-General Stats-Pins-Achievements-...

app Battlefield 3 Wallpapers logo

Battlefield 3 Wallpapers


Battlefield 3 wallpapers...

app Battlefield BF3 Stats Premium logo

Battlefield BF3 Stats Premi...


Premium adds the following features: - Removes all ads - Unlocks dogtags, adds better dogtag overview in general - Option to change tabs order, disable individual tabs - View server last played onYou ...

app Battlefield 3 Guns logo

Battlefield 3 Guns


Shoot Battlefield 3 guns and hear their sounds!Comes complete with all the weapons and their authentic sounds used in the smash-hit BF3 game.There are also statistics for every gun as well as damage c...

app Battlefield BF3 Stats logo

Battlefield BF3 Stats


Best looking and most complete BF3 stats app on the market! Designed for both phones and tablets. Stats and images are provided by No login required. NB! This is not an official app!...

app Battlefield 3 Mobile Stats logo

Battlefield 3 Mobile Stats


Track your Battlefield 3 stats on the go! This app contains quite a bit of trackable stats, from General Stats to weapons, medals and ribbons. Expect to see many updates over the next few weeks!...

app Battlefield 3 Handbook logo

Battlefield 3 Handbook


Battlefield 3 Handbook - unofficial------------------------------------ The Battlefield 3 Handbook app is your guide for the multiplayer perspective to Battlefield 3, one of the best FPS games ever ma...

app Battlefield Guns logo

Battlefield Guns


Battlefield Guns is a must-have application for BF3 players, it include all the information of all the guns of BF3! Also you will find all the information about the weapons of BF3; Unlock level, rate ...

app Battlefield 3 Analytics logo

Battlefield 3 Analytics


Battlefield 3 stats viewer & compare app. Analyze and compare statistics between any Battlefield 3 account, regardless of platform.Instantly rate your skills alongside those of your friends and en...

app Battlefield 3 Guide logo

Battlefield 3 Guide


NOW FREE. Complete single player walkthrough of Battlefield 3, plus an achievement guide and co-op missions worked through....

app BattleField 3 (Unofficial app) logo

BattleField 3 (Unofficial a...


This app is intended to bring you everything Battlefield 3 at your fingertips: Stats, BF3 blog, BF3 wiki, character info, etc. This is a free unofficial app. We do plan on adding more content (more ma...

app BattleField Rss News logo

BattleField Rss News


*Unofficial BattleField Rss App*BattleField Rss Feeds provide a convenient way to keep track of the latest information from BattleField's Rss Feed. With RSS, you’ll know the moment we update news st...

app Battlefield 3 Soundboard logo

Battlefield 3 Soundboard


Check out the Fan-made Battlefield 3 Soundboard with over 90 sounds of the Battlefield 3 game inclusive Multiplayer Sounds (US and RU).Fan-made Battlefield 3 SoundboardSounds form the newest Battlefie...

app Battlefield Bad Company2 Stats logo

Battlefield Bad Company2 St...


Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats.Features:- *NEW*: Favorites- Bugfix Language Support- Support for PC, PS3 and XBOX- Language support for US and DE- General Stats- Weapon Stats- Pin Stats- Insignia Sta...

app D-Day Normandy logo

D-Day Normandy


Survive the diabolic battlefield! A modern remake of classic arcade shooter action that puts you right in the middle of the infamous battlefield on the coast of Normandy. Awake your rage hidden undern...

app Sub Machine Gun Shots logo

Sub Machine Gun Shots


A large assortment of Sub Machine Weapons with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular Sub Machine Guns.✓ Real gun sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Real ...

app Sniper Rifle Gun Shots logo

Sniper Rifle Gun Shots


A large assortment of Sniper Rifle weapons with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular Sniper Rifles.✓ Real gun sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Real we...

app Assault Weapon Gun Shots logo

Assault Weapon Gun Shots


A large assortment of Assault Rifles with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular assault guns.✓ Authentic real sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Shake yo...

app Handgun Weapon Shots logo

Handgun Weapon Shots


A large assortment of Handguns with authentic real sounds!Features:✓ The most popular handguns.✓ Real firing sounds when bullets are fired.✓ High-quality images of guns.✓ Real reload sounds wh...

app A. Lincoln Live HD+ Wallpaper logo

A. Lincoln Live HD+ Wallpap...


Abraham Lincoln... "Honest Abe"... "The Rail Splitter"... "The Great Emancipator"...Theme your Android phone or tablet with this collection of 20+ vintage drawings and pr...

app Reino Protista logo

Reino Protista


Este é um jogo referente ao material de 7º ano, volume 1 de Ciências do J. Piaget - Sistema de Ensino Multimídia. Atenção soldado! Sentido! O Reino Celular est&a...

app Battlelog logo



Always stay connected with the Battlelog mobile app. Check your stats, see what your friends are doing in the feed, and get the latest news.Battlelog is a social platform with a rich amount of stats t...


Why isn’t Samsung talking about their victory over Apple?

Samsung Logo aa 5 1600Yesterday, we told you about the breaking news of Samsung’s court win against Apple. That case, in which the US International Trade Commission ruled Apple violated a Samsung patent, resulted in a sales and import ban of some Apple devices. None of those devices are current, but another interesting thing has come of the case: Samsung hasn’t said...

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app CH3SS logo



Traditional victory in Chess has been one sided for millennia. Start competing on the new battlefield of evolved chess. CH3SS unites the classic rules with modern tactics, politics and power. Com...

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