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Huawei Ascend Mate: Testing the Ginormous Behemoth

ham10The Huawei Ascend Mate is a huge 6.1 inch behemoth that probably won't fit in your pockets. Perhaps this phone is a representation of the smartphone manufacturers delusion of grandeur or maybe it's just the next logical step in smartphone evolution. I tried this huge phablet for a few days and here's what I thought. (This is a preview ...

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Watch out Samsung, Motorola can spend half a billion to market the Moto X

dennis woodside motorola ceo Ricardo Bilton/VentureBeat To be successful in the smartphone business, it’s not enough to make the best hardware or the prettiest looking device. Marketing is just as important, and, some say, the biggest factor that decides the ultimate fate of a product. The living proofs are Samsung and Apple, the two behemoths of the smartphone industry and...

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Why isn’t Samsung talking about their victory over Apple?

Samsung Logo aa 5 1600Yesterday, we told you about the breaking news of Samsung’s court win against Apple. That case, in which the US International Trade Commission ruled Apple violated a Samsung patent, resulted in a sales and import ban of some Apple devices. None of those devices are current, but another interesting thing has come of the case: Samsung hasn’t said...

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A Sony 6.44 inch Smartphone may come Soon

Well here is something we were least expecting. Sony may be making a smartphone, or should we call it phablet, which will be a gigantic 6.44 inched one. Recently some photos are circulating the Chinese tech sites which are claiming to be from a smartphone under manufacturing process. The said photo is showing what appears to be a factory worker h...

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Sony Xperia Yuga makes a cameo in Russia

The hotly anticipated Sony Xperia Yuga has seen numerous leaks over the last few months. And there are some really big rumors surrounding the device too. Said to be supporting a 1080p HD screen the behemoth of a phone will also have the top most internal specs too. The trend is relatively new and is catching up fast in the high end devices; from Op...

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app Offroad Legends logo

Offroad Legends


Crash the barriers and fly above bottomless chasms with Monster Trucks, 4x4 off-roaders and six wheeled Behemoths!"Offroad Legends brings a lot of fun." - Appgefahren.deGame features: ...

app Crimson Harvest logo

Crimson Harvest


Crimson Harvest is in essence a never-ending arena-based third person shooter with cover and stealth mechanics where the player proceeds to further levels which become increasingly lethal, requiring e...

app Fallout 3 Guide logo

Fallout 3 Guide


<div id="doc-original-text">This app includes:<p>- Easy caps<br>- Behemoth locations<br>- Stealing Tips<br>- Easy items<p>It has tip, cheats, codes, trick...

app The Master and Margarita logo

The Master and Margarita


"The Master and Margarita" - a brilliant masterpiece, created by Mikhail Bulgakov, a fascinating mystical dyavoliada, revealing the eternal themes of love, the struggle between good and evil...