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iofenzy is a fast-paced side scrolling action game optimized for Andriod. To fight against those bio-infected monsters, now your abilities promoted! In Biofenzy, you will be able to shoot with 4 weapo...


Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombie – Android Game Review

Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombie – Android Game Review Overview Here at Android Apps, we love Zombie games and new one has just arrived in the market called Biofrenzy: Frag the Zombies. Biofrenzy is similar to Zombieville in the gameplay & style department, but that’s where the comparisons end.  After taking out Zombies for a couple of hours, here are my thoughts about BioFrenzy: Frag the Zombie...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – July 22, 2011

1. Redneck Jellyfish Redneck Jellyfish is a great new game from Mudstuffing Industries (great name guys), that puts you in charge of a Jellyfish named Gus, who just happens to be a redneck. Gus’s job is to build coral reefs by using the coral seeds he collects with his tentacles. The problem is he’s going to have to contend with sea urchins, cl...

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