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Smart Humor & Bizarre & drip funny college application.Smartphone use do games, internet, maps, such as banks, while mostly used.Facilitate Killing Time is most needed and required.For Killing...

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Top Ten Bizarre SexLaws


Do you know to make to make love while hunting or fishing on your wedding day would be punish by law?Do you know cats and dogs are not allowed to have sex without a permit?...


Life With Droid: The Good, the Bad, and the Bizarre – Technologizer (blog)

PC WorldLife With Droid: The Good, the Bad, and the BizarreTechnologizer (blog)Well, with the profusion of new apps for Android phones, I figured I needed an Android phone on hand to review them . And the Droid is on the famously ...eXpansys UK: Google Nexus One Android Smartphone for salePhones ReviewGoogle working to expand marketSouth Bend Tribu...

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1001 Amazing Facts


Fact Book is collection of 1001 facts from various areas. Great tool to enhance General Knowledge. Fact is a truth verifiable from experience or observation or a piece of information. Everyone needs s...


Crazy rumor: Galaxy Note 3 to ship with four different models?

Samsung Galaxy Note Note 2 aa 1600 The Galaxy Note 3 has been a bit on an enigma so far, but this latest rumor is perhaps the most bizarre yet. According to the Korean site ETNews, Samsung is planning to launch four different versions of the Galaxy Note 3, but the differences appear to be quite subtle. Supposedly, the top of the line Note 3 will be a limited edition model built fro...

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Cocosola releases Alpaca Brother, the Sequel to Alpaca Evolution once in a while we come across a special game that sets itself apart from every game on the Play Store with extreme weirdness. Alpaca Evolution was one such game, and I’m glad to say I was one of the first reviewers on the net to show it some love. It currently has between 1-5 million downloads. I’m pleased to announce Cocosola has finall...

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Stock up for the Apocalypse in Doomsday Preppers for Android

doomsday.preppers-android If you think the world is going to end any second, you’ve probably seen National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers. It’s a show about stocking up for a mega-disaster, and thanks to G5 Entertainment there’s now an official Doomsday Preppers Android game. The Doomsday Preppers game puts you to work building an underground bunker so you’ll b...

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Weird Game of the Week: ForbiddenEgg for Android

forbidden.egg-androidIt’s been a while since we’ve taken a look at an insane game from the Far East, but we found one that may just be the nuttiest game of all. ForbiddenEgg is the name of the game, and if you’ve ever dreamed of being a sexy egg man, it’s just the thing for you… ForbiddenEgg is a game about eggs. There are no ordinary eggs though, they’re ...

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A&E’s Storage Wars Locker Slots arrives on Google Play Wars is one of those shows people either love or hate. The premise behind the show is a great idea for an Android game, and the folks at A&E have delivered one with Storage Wars Locker Slots. Unfortunately, just because something’s a “great idea” doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. As the title implies, Storage Wars Locker Slo...

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Do you know how much about the character of one piece?You can try one piece of knowledge quiz shed image of a person who appears in one piece, a profile, such as nervous breakdown!Please try the one w...


Brooklyn Designer Creates a Concept Mockup of New Gmail UI for Android

gmail5concept A few weeks ago a Brooklyn designer created the concept art for a possible Gmail user interface make over. For Android users Gmail is an essential app that often creates the backbone of one Google user experience. Having a Gmail account is important because without one the full functionality of Google features cannot be realized.  The current u...

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Alice in Wonderland HD (FUL...


? Alice in Wonderland, the Hidden Object game ?The ? EXTENDED EDITION ? has finally arrived! ? New puzzles ? New scenes ? New objects ? New mini-games ? New characters ? An improved interface, broug...

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Alice in Wonderland HD ♛


The ★ EXTENDED EDITION ★ has finally arrived! ♥ Alice in Wonderland, the Hidden Object game ♥Inspired by the Lewis Carroll novel « Alice in Wonderland ». Alice is bored, sitting next to her ...

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보배드림 중고자동...


★보배드림을 매일 사용하는 매니아 사용자를의 요청으로 특별히 제작 되었습니다.*중고자동차 전문 보배드림 모바일 웹사이트를 편리하게 이용할 수...

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Todaysppc 브라우저앱


Todaysppc (투데이스피피시) 모바일 웹페이지를 쉽게 접속할 수 있는 브라우저 앱입니다. 모바일 웹페이지를 편하게 이용 할 수 있도록 도와주는 앱 입니...

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Nạp Thiếp Ký! (Cự...


Giới thiệu:Truyện kể về một vị bác sĩ pháp y tá thi hoàn hồn trở về thời đại nhà Minh, trở thành một vị ngỗ tác học đồ (người học việc trong khám ...

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Humor,slapstick app ranking...


Humor, slapstick application raengki & Applications.And bizarre photos funny videos and funny humor. Applications Ranking. Chief humor2.Today humorHumor, jjalbang, cartoons, videoGathered humor. O...


Galaxy S IV is just another SIII?

Samsung is teasing its fans by releasing weird and bizarre teaser trailers for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. The latest of the ads shows a smartphone and as the campaign is for the flagship Samsung Galaxy S IV, we are going to assume that the phone shown in exactly that. A good thing about the teaser ad is that it is actually revealing someth...

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Tickle the Ivories in Frederic Resurrection of Music for Android

Sometimes you hear about a game that’s too odd to exist. Such is the case of Frederic Resurrection of Music from Forever Entertainment. What makes this little gem so bizarre? How bout’ Fredrick Chopin having a rap battle with a DJ and getting smoked out in Jamaica. Curious? Frederic Resurrection of Music follows the tale of Chopin, as he rises...

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Keep Warwick Davis in your Pocket with PocketWarwick for Android

If you’ve ever dreamed of keeping Warwick Davis in your pocket today’s your lucky day. PocketWarwick is an Android App starring Warwick Davis and it’s definitely one of the more interesting apps we’ve come across. If you don’t know who Warwick Davis is (I’m disappointed in you) here’s the skinny. He’s been in everything you can ima...

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Weird Game of the Week: Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva

It’s been awhile since we covered something kooky, but Alpaka Evolution from Beltheva certainly fits the bill. When a games play store description simply says “Alpaka peaceful… either devil or god or….” you know you’re in for a strange trip. Alpaka Evolution is a game about one Alpaca that’s out to evolve into the top Alpaca around. ...

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Weird Game of the Week – HellyBelly from Mobidix Games

Hellybelly for Android This week’s selection for Weird Game of the Week goes to a little game called HellyBelly from Mobidix Games. It’s not about helicopters, but it does involve a man named Mr. Poo and his upset Belly. HellyBelly is the tale of Mr. Poo, a man that really needs to go to the bathroom. Your job is to get him to the can safely while avoiding obstacl...

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Fight Hippos and Crush Castles in Battle Cats for Android

Battle Cats is a bizarre capture the castle game from Ponos that pits cats against their eternal canine nemesis along with the sleeping people of Japan and some really mean hippos. Yes, you just read that correctly and the Japanese are helpless because Battle Cats are so darned cute. Welcome to Battle Cats for Android...The premise behind Battle Ca...

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Kickstarter Picks: Days of Dawn by Bumblebee

days of dawn kickstarter There have been some interesting Android games pop up on Kickstarter lately, and Days of Dawn is a new one that quickly grabbed our attention. Days of Dawn is a slick looking RPG that lets you explore a world full of bizarre creatures and you’re going to take them on using your emotions instead of a sword. RPG’s are a dime a dozen, but Days ...

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Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity has arrived on Google Play

It’s election day today, but it’s also a great day to be a gamer with the release of The Humble Bundle for Android 4 and now Peter Molyneux’s Curiosity. Yup, that strange game we’ve all heard about has finally been released and the title is very fitting to say the least. In case you’ve been living under a rock, Curiosity is the brainch...

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Vectorized Mountains LWP HD


Vectorized is a series of Live Wallpaper by Accurve Studios which use full vector art to bring your device to life. Enjoy the unique mountain scenery where the trees sway softly in the wind, and the c...

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Detective S-Backroom


CAMPAIGN! 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!◆ About the Game:Detective S is a beauty named Sarah. Sarah owning both the beauty and wisdom is the savior of the police, and also the modern Sherlock Holmes. O...

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