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PingChat 2.0 Android App Review

PingChat 2.0 Android App Review When I recently let go of my BlackBerry Bold 9700, one feature of the phone that I missed a lot is BBM. For me, it's what separates the BlackBerry from other smartphones including Android phones. But that was before I came across the Android app PingChat 2.0, an instant messaging app that not only works across Android phones but also with other sma...

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T-Mobile To Offer Free Phones on June 19

In order to attract new customers and keep current ones, T-Mobile has decided to launch a big promotion - giving away free phones with new contracts. The new promotion is set to begin at 8 AM, June 19. Basically, new and current customers need to sign up for a new 2 year family plan contract. A family plan is any T-Mobile plan that includes at...

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