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Playing Blackjack on an Android Device

Did you know that you can win real money using your Android device? Compared with play at traditional casinos, playing blackjack on your droid allows you the possibility of better bonuses and higher payouts. Because of the intense competition among online casinos for new customers, mobile and online players are coming to expect greater comps and pe...

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app BlackJack 21 Ace Free logo

BlackJack 21 Ace Free


Get the new free blackjack 21 card game now for free!The basic idea of the game of blackjack card game, Vingt-et-un, Pontoon or just "21" as it is sometimes called, is to have a hand that is...

app BlackJack Party logo

BlackJack Party


Blackjack fun game for you and your friends.Max 3 players in the same device.Nice graphics and animations.The card images used in this game were created by Jesse Fuchs and Tom Hart from free SVG image...

app Ban Luck 3D-Chinese blackjack logo

Ban Luck 3D-Chinese blackja...


Engage in a battle against the dealers in this 3D simulation of the ancient card game Ban Luck also called Chinese blackjack.Start against novice players and climb to the throne - try to become the Wo...

app Blackjack Gold logo

Blackjack Gold


Carefully designed Casino for the maximum entertainment.True "Brain Exercising Game" for all players with no in game hints / guides."TrackMe" a Unique feature for the Graphical sel...

app Blackjack Strategy Guide logo

Blackjack Strategy Guide


The vast majority of blackjack players fail to to make money because they don't know the optimal strategy. This app tells you what move to make for every combination of cards....

app Multi Hand Blackjack logo

Multi Hand Blackjack


Multihand Blackjack, supporting up to 3 hands (or up to 3 players in multiplayer mode): triple the action, triple the excitement, triple the fun!? This game is a great way to get more familiar with Ba...

app Ultimate BlackJack 3D logo

Ultimate BlackJack 3D


Engage in a battle against the dealer in this 3D simulation of the classic Black Jack casino card game. Play by the rules of some of the most famous world casinos or create your own. All casinos come ...

app Blackjack Free logo

Blackjack Free


Simple to play casino style blackjack game with an easy to follow user interface. The game follows standard casino rules.Feel free to try this free version. If you like it consider buying the paid v...

app Blackjack Challenge logo

Blackjack Challenge


Blackjack Challenge!Play single deck blackjack against the dealer. View historical statistics to track your success in each game.Includes a range of graphics and colours to make the game look how you ...

app Advantage Blackjack logo

Advantage Blackjack


Why just play blackjack when you could also learn how to win at blackjack? From beginners to professional players, Advantage Blackjack makes it easy for you to practice your blackjack and card countin...

app Blackjack 2011 logo

Blackjack 2011


We've got a table waiting for you in this Blackjack 2011 game. Also know as 21, the card game found in casinos all over Las Vegas can now be found on your Android phone.The money used in this game is ...

app Italian Blackjack: Sette Mezzo logo

Italian Blackjack: Sette Me...


Italian Blackjack is the popular Italian betting game in which the players take turns as the banker. The goal is to take the chips from all three of your opponents.Features* Select deck type, Italian,...


BlackJack Attack Android Game Review

BlackJack Attack Android Game Review Honestly, I'm not really fun of card games. I used to play some card games including BlackJack when I was still in the university, mainly because of peer pressure. So, I was a bit skeptical when I tried out this new game - BlackJack Attack which is available from the Android Marketplace both as a free and paid app ($1.99). When I fired up the app,...

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app BlackJack 21 FREE logo

BlackJack 21 FREE


Looking for a free blackjack game? You’ve found it! Try your luck at one of Las Vegas’ most popular casino games. Other free blackjack apps make you wait for other players online, with Blackja...

app BlackJack Pro Free logo

BlackJack Pro Free


BlackJack Pro Free is BlackJack for serious BlackJack players.Features include:* 10 different card counting systems* 10 skill levels ranging from Rookie to Card Shark* 1-8 decks* CHEAT mode* Lots more...

app Amoeba Blackjack logo

Amoeba Blackjack


Amoeba Blackjack is a fun, easy-to-play ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Blackjack game for Android! Play the most popular casino game on your phone with real LIVE players from all over the world!- Play ONLINE with...

app BlackJack Pro logo

BlackJack Pro


BlackJack Pro is BlackJack for serious BlackJack players.Features include:* 10 different card counting systems* 10 skill levels ranging from Rookie to Card Shark* 1-8 decks* CHEAT mode* Lots more!...


Top Mobile Casino Games for iPhone & Android

Online casinos are one of the most popular destinations for gaming on smartphones. Casino lovers from around the world earn huge rewards and have fun playing these games on their smartphones. Renowned online casinos are introducing great casino games for mobile platforms which give almost alike gaming experience to a desktop just like land-based ca...

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Android online Casinos

Now that you have decided to try your luck at some cool online casino games on your Android devices, it is obvious that your mind will be flooded with questions. You will be curious to know about the gaming process, the different features of online casino games, the financial transactions involved, the authenticity of the online casino sites and so...

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The Best Android Casino Games and Apps of 2017

For us enlightened souls who love our Androids, there can be no turning back. No iOS, or Google Phones for us, no sir. But, that die-hard attitude can come with certain sacrifices. Namely when it comes to casino software, games, and apps. Not all developers are making their products for Android, which is why I compiled this list of the best Android...

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Best Casino Android Apps for the Arab Player

Best Casino Android Apps for the Arab Player   Today's article is intended as a primer for Arab players looking for the best Casino Android Apps on the market. To begin with, we're living in a day and age when regular casinos are basically dinosaurs, and I am saying that because the old business model seems to be pretty much extinct. And I am not talking only about casinos. Online...

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Most Popular Poker Apps for Android

Most Popular Poker Apps for Android They say blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, but we think otherwise. Poker is truly the most awesome and most popular card game in the world, which can be attested when looking at the popularity of these apps. Poker on Android has been going on for quite some time. Apps come and go, but the best ones stay forever. So, let’s see ...

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Android Apps and Sites: Different Strokes for Different Folks

android apps"This is how I feel right now..." (CC BY 2.0) by jnyemb In the mobile arena, the battle between apps and sites is one that seems as if it will never end. On one side of the divide, some developers believe the best way to exploit the features mobile devices is to have a native app. While on the other side of the argument, some contend that the f...

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The Best Mobile Casino Apps

The Best Mobile Casino Apps Smartphones are great for a huge number of things from checking the news headlines to catching up with the gossip on social media.  Many of us enjoy playing games of a variety of styles on our mobile phones and there are an increasingly large number of great quality games available.  If you like to play casino games, then the best way to do this ...

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Take Your Favourite Pokies Mobile with Android

cards-766106_640Can you believe that Google released Android only eight years ago in 2008? Since releasing the Android OS, a ton of new smartphones and tablets have utilized the operating system and more people use the Android OS than the iOS. I’m sure you’re aware of mobile gambling by now. More people are gambling on mobile devices than on computers now a...

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Evolution Mobile Live Gaming

cards-766106_640Evolution has covered all aspects of gaming with their gaming solutions and players not only have the ability to enjoy live casino games at online casinos, but can also access these live games through an array of mobile devices. Whenever Evolution Gaming launches a new live dealer game, they do so across all mobile platforms so all players can expe...

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Android Casino Apps

Android Casino Apps One of the biggest advantages of today’s technology is arguably the invention of the smartphone.  You know, today’s smartphone is actually nothing short of a miracle if you compare it with…let’s say, the 70’s technology. Back in the day, there was no internet, no computers, hell, not even mp3 players or high quality cameras readily a...

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