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app Blue Block Free (Unblock game) logo

Blue Block Free (Unblock ga...


Welcome to the World of Blue Block.In an ancient time, the world was ruled by lights and shadows.The Blue Dragon was the last of its kind when the Dark Knight made him prisoner.Now, the survival of th...

app Drop Block Game logo

Drop Block Game


If you have found that "tetris" was very exciting game for you. Forget the two dimension play pitch. Let's move to three dimensional (3D) world. In "Drop Block Game", the moving bl...

app Block Games Planner logo

Block Games Planner


Plan and build your creations for any block based game using the 2D designer, then jump into the 3D previewer and gaze upon your creations!Block Games Planner can also load terrain.png texture files s...

app Haim Block Game for Kids logo

Haim Block Game for Kids


Block game just for infants or kids....

app Block Game logo

Block Game


Block Breaking Game [1.2.0 update ]- sound on/off- continue game mode...

app Glozzle – Block Puzzle Game logo

Glozzle – Block Puzzl...


Glozzle is an unique and highly addictive block puzzle game with over 900 puzzles to play.Shift the vertical or horizontal lines by dragging your finger. To solve the puzzle you have to get all the bl...

app Blocks: Remover – Puzzle game logo

Blocks: Remover – Puz...


Block Remover is another in the series of free cool puzzle games for children and adults. It is about the removal blocks of the same color from the board. Tiles from above fall down. No new tiles appe...

app Blocks:Tower free puzzle game logo

Blocks:Tower free puzzle ga...


Tower is made of colorfull blocks in our puzzle game. What happens when You remove some blocks from the Tower? It should collapse. Fortunately, no construction disaster will happen here. Instead of th...


Like Minecraft? Check out these 5 Block Building Games

Minecraft is a worldwide hit and if you haven’t played it you’ve obviously been living under a rock for years. As with any great game, people are going to put out similar ones and such is the case with Minecraft. There’s a fine line between something new and a copycat, but we found 5 Android games that take block building to all new heig...

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app Game box <BLOCK45> logo

Game box <BLOCK45>


All Play just 45 seconds.Be your casual games set.Simple brain training in short time.It's Free!<BLOCK 45 How to Play>★Mole Bashing・Let's no missing hit them just like "Whac-A-Mole"...

app MAKE5 Beta Blocking Game logo

MAKE5 Beta Blocking Game


Try for 6 in a row connected. Straight line or with only 1 90 degree bend. Press Start and Make your play. Computer tries to block you from getting 6.EASY to learn and a real TIME KILLER.For a REAL CH...

app Blocks and Bubbles – FULL GAME logo

Blocks and Bubbles – ...


The simple fun continues - so does the challenges. This is the premium version of Blocks and bubbles. The controls and objective are the same, but the game itself has completely changed. Featuring an...

app HELP OUT – Blocks Game logo

HELP OUT – Blocks Gam...


Are you ready for the challenge?Help Out is a simple yet incredibly addictive free puzzle game. The goal is to get your block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Sounds easy? ...

app Kids Block Puzzle Game Lite logo

Kids Block Puzzle Game Lite


**Fun4Kids Kids Block Puzzle Game Lite**Please reach us @ for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.*********************Fun4Kids***********...

app Kids Block Puzzle Game logo

Kids Block Puzzle Game


** Fun4Kids Kids Block Puzzle Game **Please reach us @ for any feedback and support! We will be happy to hear back from you on any issues.*********************Fun4Kids**************...


Blockstacker Android Game Review

Blockstacker Android Game Review Overview At first glance, Blockstacker Android game seems like your typical block-stacking, puzzle game. You have the usual different colored squares falling one by one from the top of the screen and forming a stack of blocks on the lower part of the screen until you can no longer eliminate them or at least prevent them from filling up the screen ...

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app Block Puzzle Game logo

Block Puzzle Game


BlockPuzzleGame is a game for all the blocks disappear by moving the red yellow and blue blocks on the screen. The blue slip blocks and press until it hits something, there are rules and red block imm...


Android Game Review: Drop Block

Android Game Review: Drop Block Well, what do you know? After playing the nice Android game called Sinister Planet, I stumbled another fun game that goes by the name Drop Block. Since there's the word "block" in the game's  name you might think that this is just your usual puzzle block game. Well, actually it is not just your ordinary puzzle block game. Drop Block adds a new t...

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app Word game Blockhead Online logo

Word game Blockhead Online


If online game is not working, make sure that you use the latest version.Blockhead is a word game for your Android. Play with a friend or with your android device or online. The game will appeal to th...


Clash Royale Strategy – Cheats & Tips To Improve Your Game

war-game-778893_640 The Clash Royale is a brilliant game of strategies that deploys the same troops that are used in the clash of Clans. In addition, Musketeers and Pecca are also included in the eclectic mix. The players can also develop the Clans after winning the battle and obtaining decorations of different varieties. The game involves the implementation of th...

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app Bowling Blocks logo

Bowling Blocks


Get ready for beautiful dynamic lighting effects and brain-busting physics gameplay! Bowling Blocks has you solving puzzles using physics, your finger, and a little bit of fun! Enjoy the dazzling ligh...


The Best New Android Games of the Week – June 30, 2013

best new android games A lot of great Indies found their way to Google Play last week, and a few of them made it on to our Best New Android Games of the Week list. There’s a little something for everyone this week including an Android version of the mother of all TCG games. 1. Block Block Block Noodlecake Studios always brings something fun to the table, and this...

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Noodlecake Studios releases Block Block Block for Android

block3-androidNoodlecake Studios has put out some killer mobile games like the universally loved Super Stickman Golf 2, but they also publish and have brought some great titles to Android. The latest is a puzzle game with a funny name – Block Block Block or Block x3 if you prefer. We’ve covered several abstract puzzlers lately, and a few of them have used s...

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app Block Block Block logo

Block Block Block


Block Block Block is a simple, fun and relaxing puzzle game. The basics are easy. Solve the puzzles by getting 3 blocks of the same color in a row or column. Things get challenging however when multip...


Android Game Review: Man of Steel

Android Game Review: Man of Steel The new Superman flick recently soared into theaters, and last week the Man of Steel game hit Google Play. After swiping myself silly for the better part of the weekend, I’m back with my take on the Man of Steel game. Swipe-based fighting games are all the rage these days, and the Man of Steel games controls will feel familiar if you’ve ever pl...

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Quick Review: CRUSH from Radian Games

Quick Review: CRUSH from Radian Games It may have taken Radian Games a while to make it over to Android, but they certainly know how to make a splash. A few weeks ago they released the award winning Slydris, and now they’re back with another tough puzzler simply called CRUSH. CRUSH is a block-based puzzler that requires you to remove blocks of the same color from the screen as quick...

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Falling Blocks – Tetris with a major color twist!

True classic like Tetris are going to be repeatedly copied and modified by many developers. The result provides users with a huge variety of games, which are similar in their underlying gameplay, but also offer a lot of diversity. My current test candidate is called Falling Blocks and is a modification of Tetris as described above. To find out how ...

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Android Game Review: Mosaique from Winning Blimp

Android Game Review: Mosaique from Winning Blimp There are no shortage of puzzle games involving blocks, and Mosaique is the latest block-based puzzler to grace our screens. It takes a minimalistic approach to things, and it’s the pride of Vraxis moon colonists. That’s right, it’s a puzzle game made by moon men, and after spending some time with the game it’s pretty safe to say it’s out...

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