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Hungry Monstrs Android Game Review

Hungry Monstrs Android Game Review Overview Game developer Blowfish Studios just released a very fun and addictive game in the way of “Hungry MonstR.”  It looks simple, but will have your fingers working overtime very quickly.  You’ll just need to keep the Hungry Monsters from getting to your Ice Cream, it may sound pretty simple but don’t be fooled…those monsters are p...

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Quick Review: Razor Salvation THD for Android

Quick Review: Razor Salvation THD for Android Want to save the World? How about some Cheerleaders? You can actually do both in a new Android game by the name of Razor Salvation THD. This stationary shooter puts you into the action in a dropship where you’ll have to kill the Xenos and protect the civilians. Razor Salvation takes place in a world overrun by the Xenos which is some sort of i...

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Top 10 Android Apps of the Week – November 20th, 2011

1. Blood & Glory Blood & Glory is a new “Swipe and Slash” game from Glu Mobile that puts you into the arenas of Ancient Rome. The fighting is tournament based and while I’ve just played through a couple of tourneys, I can tell you that the game looks great and is quite a bit of fun… especially if you like Gladiators. Cool game and d...

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Qbism HD


Qbism is a top 10 iOS puzzle game in USA, Germany, Japan, China, Spain and Italy with over 350,000 downloads. Qbism HD is finally available on the Android!"Qbism makes it hip to be a (three-dimen...