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Android 4.3-running HTC One Google Play edition spotted at the Bluetooth SIG

HTC One Google Edition The HTC One Google Play edition running Android 4.3 Jelly Bean has apparently been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG. According to the available documentation, the HTC PN071xx_Android4.3_G has received certification on July 5, with the application having been filed on June 18. PN071 is the model number of the HTC One, and that “G” most likely descr...

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7-inch Asus K008 Android 4.3 Jelly Bean tablet spotted at the Bluetooth SIG

Asus LogoAn unannounced Asus tablet has been spotted at the Bluetooth SIG apparently running an Android 4.3 version.The K008, a 7-inch device according to the Bluetooth SIG documentation, runs software version JWR11, which is said to be an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean build version.Other details are not available about the device except for this description on th...

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Galaxy Nexus passes through Bluetooth SIG, is Android 4.3 incoming?

Galaxy Nexus BT SIGThere have been plenty of rumours and even some accurate looking pieces of information flying around recently regarding the next update to Android. We’ve seen picture of Android 4.3 update running on a If you recall back a just a couple of weeks, the Nexus 7 also passed through Bluetooth SIG under pretty much the same circumstances. Not to mentio...

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One step closer to release: HTC One Mini (aka M4) gets certified by Bluetooth SIG

HTC One miniThe HTC One Mini refuses to stay out of the news. At the beginning of the week, we reported that the HTC One Mini would be arriving with an Ultrapixel camera, in similar fashion to its bigger brother. A few days later we also learned a bit more about the phone’s specs, and got a sneak peak of alleged photos of the device.Now it seems that the HTC...

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AT&T HTC One comes with a Beats Pill Bluetooth speaker for just $99.99

HTC OneIf you’re in the market for the HTC One and its incredible Boom Sound dual speakers just don’t cut it, you’ll be happy to know that AT&T is running a special deal for all new customers. The carrier is throwing in a Bleutooth speaker for you to enjoy your music, movies, videos, games and everything in between.If you’re a new AT&T cus...

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Internet of things coming to Android with Bluetooth Smart support

Bluetooth Smart coming to Android API 18One of the important Android announcements made at Google’s recent developers conference was the upcoming support for Bluetooth Smart (or Bluetooth low energy as it is sometimes known) in the next version of Android. Android 4.2 Jelly Bean supports Android API level 17. The commitment from Google is that Android API level 18 will support the...

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Geneva Model S Wireless Review: This Bluetooth Speaker Is Chic Décor Eyes Will Dig And Ears Will Love

DSC04470I don't have high expectations when it comes to audio. I want something that sounds good enough not to make my friends cringe and doesn't take half a day for me to figure out how to set up. If the device producing the sound happens to look nice, that's an added perk. When I pulled the Geneva Model S Wireless out of the box and started streaming mus...

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app Toggle Bluetooth logo

Toggle Bluetooth


Use this simple application to quickly toggle your Bluetooth on/off (from on to off and back again). It is particularly useful for those android phones with no quick settings bar on the notifications...

app AreaChat (Bluetooth Chat Room) logo

AreaChat (Bluetooth Chat Ro...


Start AreaChat in your train, café, club, or classroom, and wait. AreaChat will automatically set up a Bluetooth network of all nearby AreaChat users. Then, you can send text messages to everyone aro...

app Bluetooth logo



**********NEW RELEASE!ON SALE - 50% OFF for a Limited Time Only!**********Turn your device's Bluetooth ON/OFF Quickly !Don't waste time going through all of the setting screens just to enable your Blu...

app Bluetooth Music Player logo

Bluetooth Music Player


Ad-free version!Bluetooth Music Player is a unique app on market that provides real-time audio streaming from one phone to another, using Bluetooth connection. All you have to do is to make a playlist...

app Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy BLE logo

Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy BL...


Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy (BLE) apps for Motorola BLE devices.This apps can work with the TI's CC2540DK-MINI development kit (Keyfob) or other BLE devices with FMP or BAS.NOTE: This apps will only run ...

app Smart Bluetooth Widget Pro logo

Smart Bluetooth Widget Pro


....NOW WITH MULTIPLE ICON OPTIONS....This is a must have widget for your android if you have any bluetooth devices. It adds a bluetooth icon to your home screen, and by just clicking on it, It will d...

app Bluetooth Manager ICS logo

Bluetooth Manager ICS


The great tool "Bluetooth Manager" now for ICSnote: To route music to a mono headset use any media player Besides the android default "media player".Great free simple tool to manag...

app Bluetooth Music Player Free logo

Bluetooth Music Player Free


A full music player enriched with Bluetooth music sharing between Android devices!Bluetooth Music Player is a unique app on market that, apart from being complete music player app, provides real-time ...

app Bluetooth Firewall Trial logo

Bluetooth Firewall Trial


This is a 7 day Trial of Bluetooth FirewallFruitMobile Bluetooth Firewall protects your android device against all sorts of bluetooth attack from devices around you. It displays alerts when bluetooth ...

app BluetoothConnection logo




app Bluetooth On/Off Toggle App. L logo

Bluetooth On/Off Toggle App...


Bluetooth On/Off Toggle App. LBluetooth On/Off Toggle Switcher for Legacy deviceBluetooth OnOff Toggle switchWorks on Android 1.5, 1.6 only (Legacy device)(Can't run 2.0 or above)Very Simple Bluetooth...

app BluetoothCar logo



BluetoothCar connects your phone to your car handsfree set via bluetooth automatically. If the phone is pointing to the floor, then your bluetooth will activate. If you are seated in your car with y...

app Smart Bluetooth Widget Free logo

Smart Bluetooth Widget Free


THE BEST BLUETOOTH WIDGET ON THE MARKETThis is a must have widget for your android if you have any bluetooth devices. It adds a bluetooth icon to your home screen, and by just clicking on it, It will ...

app Bluetooth SPP Test logo

Bluetooth SPP Test


A small app to test Bluetooth SPP mode transmission.It sends the device's acceleration and orientation data as ASCII text, separated by semicolon and line terminated by rn.It has been tested with Putt...

app Bluetooth Keyguard logo

Bluetooth Keyguard


New in 1.4: Fix force close if no devices are selected.WARNING: Does not work on Froyo (Android 2.2)!Your bluetooth is a key to your phone!Automatically removes the pattern lockscreen when bluetooth i...




SKYONEAD (BLUETOOTH LISTENER) is an application to enjoy audio and third party voice calls via bluetooth MONO earpiece!!Just click start button to listen music via bluetooth mono earpiece.Note : Not t...

app Bluetooth Terminal 2 logo

Bluetooth Terminal 2


BLUETOOTH TERMINAL 2 is an application to connect to Bluetooth spp modules .It can send and receive commands so you can debug your hardware problems easly.....

app 369 Fast bluetooth shotcut logo

369 Fast bluetooth shotcut


Let's quickly bluetooth operation !!To connect a car Bluetooth headset, car still did not go?Existing in the "Preferences" - "Wireless and network" - "Bluetooth Settings"...

app Bluetooth ON/OFF status bar logo

Bluetooth ON/OFF status bar


Switch and display the Bluetooth status in the status bar....

app Bluetooth Manager logo

Bluetooth Manager


Great free simple tool to manage your remote bluetooth devices and to play music to any audio bluetooth device (mono headset , mono handsfree).Supports all bulid in bluetooth settings functionality an...

app Schiffe Versenken (Bluetooth!) logo

Schiffe Versenken (Bluetoot...


Der Spieleklassiker fürs Handy! Auf einem 10x10 Spielfeld müssen alle Schiffe des Gegners getroffen werden bevor dieser die eigenen trifft. Das Spiel kann alleine gegen den Computer oder zu ...

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