Android Now Boasting 200,000 Apps

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AndroLib, a website which keeps tabs on the amount and types of apps in the Android Market, has released a new bar graph detailing the amount of apps in the Market. Surprisingly, or [...]

Most Popular Poker Apps for Android

They say blackjack is the most popular card game in the world, but we think otherwise. Poker is truly the most awesome and most popular card game in the world, which can be attested when looking [...]

3 Markets Exploding Thanks to Ecommerce

The internet has revolutionized the way we shop and conduct business. It has become much more possible for artisans and creators to sell handmade items to anyone who may want them. Gone are the [...]

The Best Mobile Casino Apps

Smartphones are great for a huge number of things from checking the news headlines to catching up with the gossip on social media. Many of us enjoy playing games of a variety of styles on our [...]

Pick Me Up If You Can Android App Review


Pick Me Up If You Can is one of the coolest Android Apps out there, courtesy of dma(the app developer) and this baby is trying to respond in a coherent manner to the eternal questions that drives [...]

Gourmet Terraces – Rome


The idea of making an App on Roman terraces originated from the fact that no other city in the world boasts such an artistic heritage as the Italian capital. Besides, its mild climate makes it [...]

YS Falls


YS FallsYS Falls is one of Jamaica’s finest natural attractions. Boasting a magnificent 7 tiered cascading waterfall, an expansive wading pool fed by underground springs, exciting canopy [...]

Galaxy Tab 3 series released in the US

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Samsung has just released the Galaxy Tab 3 series in the US. The range comes in standard 7.0'', 8.0'' and 10.1'' screen sizes and the new tabs are set for release [...]

Weekly News Roundup #10 – India

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Note: Due to unavoidable circumstances, there was no Indian weekly news roundup last week. Today’s feature will include top news from the previous week as well.  It’s been a busy [...]

Optimus G2 Could Have 3GB of RAM onboard

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A Korean publication recently claimed that the upcoming LG Optimus G2 will be the first smartphone to boast 3GB of RAM onboard which will make it easier for users to multi-task. The phone will [...]

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