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Google Maps for Android gets boost, adds biking directions – IntoMobile (blog)

The Next WebGoogle Maps for Android gets boost, adds biking directionsIntoMobile (blog)Google has just updated the Maps application for Android and bicyclists should be happy because it now includes navigation for these foot-powered vehicles. ...Google Maps 4.2 for Android now offers biking directions, sharing featureMobile BurnGoogle Maps For Andr...

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Motorola using Skyhook to boost Android phones – IntoMobile (blog)

IntoMobile (blog)Motorola using Skyhook to boost Android phonesIntoMobile (blog)Motorola (NYSE: MOT) said it will be baking this technology into most of its Android phones – system-wide – so we can start to expect much better location ...Motorola To Use Skyhook Wi-Fi GPS On Android Phones, Replacing Google's Built ...San Francisco Chronicle...

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Google boosts search for iPhone, Android, webOS – IntoMobile (blog)

TechShout! (blog)Google boosts search for iPhone, Android, webOSIntoMobile (blog)Google is trying to make it easier to find what you're looking for on Android, iPhone and webOS by including universal search features into Google (NSDQ: ..."Universal search" feature comes to Google MobileTG DailyGoogle Suggest Mobile Provides Smart Answ...

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Innovative Ways of Boosting Smartphone File Storage Through Apps

Your smartphone can do quite a lot. Beyond the usual phone calls, texts, social media posts and photos, it can make your work and personal life far more organised. Without so much as thinking about it, we can schedule meetings, amend documents and start photo albums with our phones, but where do all of those files go? These days, many Android sm...

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Apt for Catastrophe: How Mobile Apps Are Killing Your Cybersecurity

More and more companies are embracing ‘work from anywhere’ and ‘bring your own device’ policies to reduce operating costs, boost productivity and give employees the opportunity to work in a way that makes sense to them. But while mobile devices are a great for working on the go, they could be putting your business at risk of cyberattack....

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DU Speed Booster Review

DU Speed Booster Review Here comes another cool piece of software from  DU Apps, namely the DU Speed Booster for Android. This time, the Booster, as the name suggests, will make your beloved droid much faster, lightning fast actually and the best thing about it is that it's absolutely free of charge. All you have to do is to visit Google Play Store, download and insta...

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app Advanced Mobile Care logo

Advanced Mobile Care


Advanced Mobile Care is an all-in-one Android security and performance optimization app that performs real-time virus scans while also featuring a brand new Anti-theft, powerful Game Speeder, Battery ...


Samsung Galaxy S3 equipped with 4G LTE now available through Virgin Mobile

samsung galaxy s4 vs galaxy s3 s3 touchwiz aaA few weeks ago, we reported that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be arriving on two of Sprint’s two subsidiary networks, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, within the next month. Now, the LTE-equipped Samsung Galaxy S3 is available on Virgin Mobile.The device will run you $399.99 outright, or you can use PayPal’s Bill Me Later service to pay...

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app Turbo Speed Booster Prank logo

Turbo Speed Booster Prank


Increase the Speed of your Internet through the Speed Booster App. Aren't you upset over the internet speed of your mobile? We get to you, the internet booster.* analyzes 3G and WiFi connection in you...

app Advanced Memory Booster 2 logo

Advanced Memory Booster 2


Advanced Memory Booster 2 is based on previous version to enhance the release memory mechanism and user-interface.It is the best and powerful application memory boost tool!! Advanced Memory Booster 2 ...




本アプリケーションは、アーケードゲーム『機動戦士ガンダム EXTREME VS. FULL BOOST(EXVSFB)』の情報/攻略wikiをAndroid端末から簡単に閲覧するためのツール...


Mobile Phones… So many choices, So little time

Nowadays people generally look to upgrade their mobile phones on a fairly regular basis, as new improved models by the biggest mobile device manufacturers are hitting the shops in an almost constant stream. This means that there is no shortage of choices when it comes to mobile devices, but it also means that deciding on the upgrade that best ...

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app FlatrateBooster logo



!!! MAKE CALLS FOR 8,9 CENT/MIN TO GERMAN MOBILE NUMBERS !!! !!! INTERNATIONAL CALLS STARTING AT 1,9 CENTS !!!FlatrateBooster is the free app to make ultra low priced international calls from any mobi...

app Oceen Mobile logo

Oceen Mobile


Use this app to stay updated with latest posts, podcasts, relaxations and audio products from We always have loads of free relaxations which you can stream directly through the app and use ...

app My Memory Booster logo

My Memory Booster


Sharpen your memory by memorizing random image pairs An application that helps excercising memory cells, the more you win the more you enhance memorizing things which further helps in studies, careers...

app 메모리 부스터 (MemoryBooster) logo

메모리 부스터 (Memory...


* 기존 5.5 버전 문제 수정하였으니 업데이트해 주세요 (5/15)■ 메모리 부스터(Memory Booster) 5.5메모리 부스터- Android RAM 최적화로 스마트폰 속도개선!•메...

app [root] Mobile ODIN Pro logo

[root] Mobile ODIN Pro


Mobile ODIN is the on-device firmware flasher of choice. Just throw those firmware files on your (internal or external) SD card, start Mobile ODIN and flash away.! Your device must be rooted to be abl...

app MTG Booster logo

MTG Booster


MTG Booster is the first Magic: The Gathering Android app capable of simulating a Magic: The Gathering booster draft. Are you curious about the cards printed in the latest release? Do you want to brow...

app Resco Mobile CRM logo

Resco Mobile CRM


IMPORTANT: For full experience, the Resco Mobile CRM app for Android phones and tablets requires an access to Dynamics CRM server (4.0 or 2011, on-premise/online). Without this access you will be onl...

app CallXpress Mobile logo

CallXpress Mobile


Place, receive, and manage your business calls with an Android Smartphone, all while protecting your mobile number. With CallXpress Mobile, users can boost personal productivity while on the move thro...

app Hinch Mobile logo

Hinch Mobile


Hinch Mobile is brought to you by a partnership between Boost Media Entertainment and GRand Solutions.Hinch Mobile is your key to Hinch Town an online community overseen by Mayor, IndyCar driver and C...

app Call Booster(old) logo

Call Booster(old)


*APN automatic off when line is busy.Allows an application to disable the mobile network when receiving an incoming phone call(or outgoing phone call).* Android 4.0 or after does not work....

app Memory Booster (Full Version) logo

Memory Booster (Full Versio...


UPDATE: Customers who bought this app via Paypal please contact our customer support for update installation.Memory Booster is a powerful mobile memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for b...

app Memory Booster – RAM Optimizer logo

Memory Booster – RAM ...


Memory Booster is a powerful mobile memory & RAM boosting tool specially designed for Android smartphone and tablet users. It is designed to tackle the difficult yet crucial problem of memory manageme...


T-Mobile Lowers Price Of Garminfone to $129

Many have questioned the popularity of the oddly priced Garminfone because many feel it is too expensive for the mid-range specs it contains. This prompted a statement from Asustek on the sales of the Garminfone: Shipments to T-Mobile are as previously planned and has received positive demand from the consumer market. Latest rumors indicate t...

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Skyhook Hooks Moto's Androids for Location Location Location Services – Wireless and Mobile News (blog)

Mobiletor.comSkyhook Hooks Moto's Androids for Location Location Location ServicesWireless and Mobile News (blog)Skyhook location based technology will be deployed on Motorola Android smartphones, pushing out Google. Motorola will integrate Skyhook's Core Location ...Skyhook Wireless Announces First Platform Integration Of Location System O...

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Motorola jilts Google for Skyhook's location services – Fiercemobilecontent

Mobile Marketing Watch (blog)Motorola jilts Google for Skyhook's location servicesFiercemobilecontentSkyhook Wireless announced Motorola will deploy its location positioning and context solutions across the manufacturer's portfolio of Google Android ...Motorola to Put Skyhook's Location Technology into Android Phones, Bypassing ...Xcono...

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Verizon's Android Smartphone Sales Boost First Quarter Revenue – eWeek

The Business InsiderVerizon's Android Smartphone Sales Boost First Quarter RevenueeWeekerizon Wireless chugged along through its fiscal first quarter, posting profits of $400 million and praising its growing “Android franchise. ...Review: HTC Proves Credible About Incredible PhoneNew York TimesHTC Incredible vs. Apple iPhone 3GSDigitaltrends....

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