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Google boosts search for iPhone, Android, webOS – IntoMobile (blog)

TechShout! (blog)Google boosts search for iPhone, Android, webOSIntoMobile (blog)Google is trying to make it easier to find what you're looking for on Android, iPhone and webOS by including universal search features into Google (NSDQ: ..."Universal search" feature comes to Google MobileTG DailyGoogle Suggest Mobile Provides Smart Answ...

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20nm ARM processors could be 30% faster, pushing for the 3GHz mark

Cortex A15WaferCredit: Extremetech Semi-conductor manufacturing firms TSMC and Globalfoundries are both expected to have their 20nm mobile chip foundries up and running by 2014, which means that a new wave of faster and more energy efficient ARM processors should be heading our way sometime next year.According to TSMC, the shrink down to 20nm could see clock for...

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Radiangames The Bombcats: Special Edition arrives on Google Play

bombcats You have to love it when a company like Radiangames unleashes the beast on Google Play. They dropped a game from their catalog each week since Slydris was released, and this week is no different as we’re getting Bombcats: Special Edition. Some cats like to crawl all over you and beg for attention, others are kind of pissy and don’t even like to...

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app Bombcats: Special Edition logo

Bombcats: Special Edition


Bombcats explodes onto Android! Help Fuzzball and friends rescue the Bombkittens across a massive world with nearly 200 levels.From Radiangames, creators of the award-winning Slydris, Super Crossfire...


Android Game Review: Man of Steel

Android Game Review: Man of Steel The new Superman flick recently soared into theaters, and last week the Man of Steel game hit Google Play. After swiping myself silly for the better part of the weekend, I’m back with my take on the Man of Steel game. Swipe-based fighting games are all the rage these days, and the Man of Steel games controls will feel familiar if you’ve ever pl...

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app CRUSH logo



WARNING: This game is hard.The creator of Slydris, 2012 iOS Game of the Year*, is back with another elegant and intense puzzle game designed specifically for touch screens. CRUSH sounds simple: Keep t...


Disney releases Monsters U: Catch Archie

monsters uSummer is a great time for blockbuster movies and hot new video games. Monsters U: Catch Archie may not be considered “hot”, but it is tied into an upcoming Hollywood Blockbuster from Disney by the name of Monsters U. Monsters U: Catch Archie is an endless runner that follows Mike as he tries to catch a pig over at the University. It’s no ord...

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app UNO logo



????? UNO & Friends: Fast Fun for Everyone!UNO, the world's most beloved card game, introduces a brand-new free social experience!Playing UNO with friends, family, and the millions of fans worldwide h...


Diner Dash zips onto Google Play

diner.dash.androidI think its pretty safe to say that everyone’s heard of Diner Dash. A few days ago the folks at PlayFirst brought the popular time management game to Android, and now you can help Flo serve patrons on your favorite Android device. Diner Dash follows the tale of Flo, a waitress who’s just trying to make a buck and serve her customers as efficien...

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app Diner Dash logo

Diner Dash


Enjoy 7 levels in this FREE version of Diner Dash, the #1 Time Management Game from PlayFirst! Help spunky Flo grow her signature diner from a greasy spoon to a five-star restaurant. Delight eager cus...


Eyelord brings Eyeballs Squishing Fun to Android

eyelordSecret Exit wowed us with Zen Bound 2, and now they’re back with a brand new Android game called Eyelord. The games couldn’t be any more different, but they do share one important trait in common. They’re both a whole lot of fun… Eyelord is a similar to Zuma as you’ll need to match and remove balls as they roll down the path towards a gi...

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Punch Quest Review: Pummel Monsters until you’re Punch Drunk

Punch Quest Review: Pummel Monsters until you’re Punch Drunk Last week we told you about a new Android game by the name of Punch Quest, and as promised we’re back this week with a full review of the game. It’s one of the vaguer reviews you’ll see me do as there are some surprises I don’t want to spoil, but I will say you’re in for one strange trip when you enter the wonderful world of Punch Quest.T...

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Bejeweled Blitz now available for Android

Bejeweled.Blitz-AndroidElectronic Arts has been on a tear lately, releasing several new games in the past few months. Their latest game is Bejeweled Blitz, and if you love Bejeweled you’ll definitely dig Blitz. Bejeweled Blitz is EA’s second “blitz” game, but the first one to see a wide release as Tetris Blitz still hasn’t gone global. As the name implies, the...

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app Bejeweled Blitz logo

Bejeweled Blitz


*World's #1 Puzzle Game!*Supports Both Phone and Tablet Devices*New Users Get 100,000 Coins FreeTreat yourself to an exciting take on the world's #1 puzzle game from PopCap! Play for free on your Andr...

app Kids Preschool Color logo

Kids Preschool Color


Learning Colors has never been so much fun for children and toddlers!Very attractive game to help little growing minds learn basic colors. This game has a learning playground environment with visual a...

app Diamond Dash logo

Diamond Dash


60 action packed seconds to match as many colorful diamonds as possible. Enjoy this 5-star arcade experience as you unleash magical boosts and beat your friends' high scores in the Weekly Tournament. ...

app Jetski Race – Toon Rider Style logo

Jetski Race – Toon Ri...


Get ready to get wet! Nitro speed jet skis are all the rage in this fun filled, water splashing, super speed racer! Watch out for obstacles and power on home! Can you beat the girl riders for the gold...

app Quadrant Booster logo

Quadrant Booster


Want to increse your Quadrant scores? Use this app & earn some bragging rights!Quadrant Booster is a simple app which boosts quadrant score, using the i/o hack posted by zdzihu.**** ROOTED DEVICE ...

app Cyclone Frenzy! Gold logo

Cyclone Frenzy! Gold


Welcome to Cyclone Frenzy! Gold The secret Government facility known as F.I.M.A. has been experimenting with weather control for years. One fateful day, they were able to generate a man-made tornado. ...

app Internet Speed Booster logo

Internet Speed Booster


Fast Internet Booster boosts the performance of you android device internet to the fullest it can be..Use this app to optimize the internet surfing capability of your device to the extremely fluid lev...

app Optimize Master logo

Optimize Master


The System Optimization Master is a professional, powerful Android tool that optimizes your phone's system, boosts operating speeds, and improves smartphone efficiency. Simple and powerful to use, it ...

app Relax Romance Fireplace App HD logo

Relax Romance Fireplace App...


Introducing the Relaxing and Romantic Virtual Fireplace App designed for the Nexus 7 and other HD Tablets for your tablet that allows you to enjoy the Soothing Sound and the beautiful glow of a crackl...


The Twist for Android proves Facial Hair can be Fun

Mustaches aren’t often regarded as fun. The Twist from Anthony Massingham is set to change the way you look at facial hair and it’s the first Android game out there that lets you collect coins with a mustache. The Twist is a coin collecting game that full of coins, coppers, and damsels in distress. Your goal is to take the mustachioed man's ...

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Full Fat releases NFL Quarterback 13 for Android

It’s 2013 and Full Fat has released their first sports title of the year with NFL Quarterback 13 for Android. Yup, it’s another “flick” game and if you’re a football fan it looks to be a game you won’t want to miss. NFL Quarterback 13 lets you step onto the field as the one position we all wanted to play growing up (and still do) the...

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Quick Review: Mr. WARP from Tatsuya Koyama

Quick Review: Mr. WARP from Tatsuya Koyama One of the joys of this job is finding cool little games floating around Google Play, and Mr. WARP from Tatsuya Koyama certainly fits that bill. Touch is Warp, and Warp is Attack. Curious? Read on… Mr. WARP is an interesting quick play game with a very simple premise. Touch to Warp, and Warp to Attack. The game consists of the hero Mr. WARP and ...

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app Big Win Basketball logo

Big Win Basketball


From the opening tip off to the game winning jump shot, it’s a guaranteed slam dunk in BIG WIN Basketball. It doesn't matter if you are an NBA fan or cheer for your high school team, this is the FRE...


11 Bit Studios releases Anomaly Korea for Android

If want a quality Android game, 11 bit Studios is a name to pay attention to. Their latest game Anomaly Korea has just arrived on Google Play and after only spending a few minutes with the game it’s pretty safe to say it’s one of their best releases yet. Aliens… they’re such a pain, and they’re back again with their sights set on Korea t...

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Mobage releases Boney The Runner for Android

There are countless Endless Runner games on Google Play, but Boney The Runner is the first skeleton based runner I’ve played. You’d think that Boney the skeleton wouldn’t have much to run from being as he’s dead and all, but that’s not the case as dogs love bones and skeletons are full of them. The goal of any Endless Runner is to basi...

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