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Don't get left behind on the web, get the Bottom Line app and be ahead of the rest.- Instant alerts of news.- Be part of the action by sending in your photos, videos, and stories.- Email your friends ...


New Nexus 7 not joining tablet pricing race to the bottom, report says

NexusNexus family – Nexus 7 on the rightA new report from Taiwan claims that Google will not join other tablet manufacturers in slashing tablet prices for new devices like its rumored second-generation Nexus 7 tablet.According to DigiTimes, which talked to “sources from the upstream supply chain,” the new Nexus 7 will be priced somewhere betwe...

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TTS Online


Speech synthesizer (Text-To-Speech) for Android. Supports multiple languages.Attention!The program requires an active Internet connection. If you have a very expensive traffic or you are in roaming - ...

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WordLines Free


WordLines is a simple game, where you form the words out of the characters on the game field. You can move any character to a new position step by step, combining them together to form a word. You can...

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BottomsUp Lite


v 1.1!!! Lite Version !!!-> only one round playable-> not editable Playername-> no passing round-> no added up time bonus score-> no nag texts- nice casual game- easy to learn- cool gra...

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A game where you have to place cups on a board to get the highest possible score.- nice casual game- easy to learn- cool graphics- online highscore- local highscore- openfeint integration- 7 achieveme...

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Connect4 Pop Online


NEW! Ice Cream Sandwich-style redesign!Connect4 Pop Online lets you play a twist on the classic game of Connect Four against other players anywhere in the world! Traditional Connect Four is a simple g...

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Board Games Online


NEW! Ice Cream Sandwich-style redesign!Board Games Online lets you play the classic strategy board games against other players anywhere in the world. The fun games offered currently include the follow...

app Delete Line Free デリート ライン フリー logo

Delete Line Free デリー...


This is a game where you delete blue blocks filled in the field.Arrange the orange blocks in a horizontal line with no gaps.You will get a high score and new blocks appear when all blue blocks are del...

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Mega Pipeline


Mega Pipeline is easy brain game. It's free. Rotate pipes to build pipeline from the left top corner to the right bottom corner. Built pipeline should contain ALL pipes on the game field. Version 0.2:...


Apple sues HTC for patent infringement – ZDNet (blog)

The Business InsiderApple sues HTC for patent infringementZDNet (blog)HTC is a big partner of Google and is launching an army of Android devices that are clearly aimed at the iPhone. Bottom line: Google's Android encroachment ...Apple sues HTC over iPhone patentsCNETApple suing phone maker HTC over iPhone patentsThe Associated PressApple Sues P...

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3 Tips for Conducting Large Scale International Employee Training

With employees wearing more hats than ever in the workplace today, it’s imperative that proper training sessions be implemented. Workers in the 21st century are expected to show bigger results with less resources, know more with less educational opportunities, and work faster with less time. Basically, the more skills you can provide your employe...

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Roamer Free Android App Review

Roamer Free Android App Review   Roamer is a free Android app designed to help you save money when travelling. Well, how can that be possible, you may ask? This cool Android app (free of charge, mind you) works by helping cutting your smartphone bill, both in terms of calls and data traffic; a neat feature which is especially useful when travelling abroad (those r...

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XBox One vs. PS4: Who Won Black Friday?

black friday Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation gaming consoles are already traditional enemies, even if Microsoft is relatively new in this business, when compared to the Japanese giant.  Sony was the king of home entertainment since like forever and PlayStation achieved an iconic status among gaming enthusiasts. Just to make a point, Sony reveal...

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Nokia Was Working on a Lumia Android Smartphone Before Selling to Microsoft

android If you're an Android fan, this may be shocking to you, but as I already suspected a long time ago, Nokia really intended to launch an Android running smartphone, before selling its mobile business to Microsoft. There were rumors and speculation since 2012 that Nokia is considering an Android device, now we know for a fact that it was a reali...

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Medical-Surgical Exam Prep


Medical Surgical Nursing Exam Prep for Android is designed to prepare you for the Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN) examination offered by the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification ...

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Curing Irritable Bowel Synd...


>>>> Are IBS Symptoms Ruling Your Entire Life?Do You Want The Digestive System You Were Born With Back?Heal Irritable Bowel Syndrome The Natural Way!Stop Making Things Worse By Using Dang...


Barclays warns that HTC risks being drawn into a marketing war

htc one vs sony xperia z on design back in hand aa HTC just can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to the company’s finances. The British bank Barclays Plc has cut its estimate for HTC Corp’s earning throughout 2013, due to concerns that the smartphone manufacturer will have to spend more on marketing to combat the fierce competition currently present in the smartphone market. Dale Gai, a...

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Samsung hit by Galaxy S4 sales woes to the tune of $12 billion off the market valuation

Samsung share price drop June 7Following on from the pessimistic sales outlook for the Galaxy S4 which we first heard about Share prices gapped down significantly at the market open today, continuing a bearish move for the remainder of the trading session. Chart source: Google FinanceOther investors are stating that the main reasons for the selloff are weakening sales expectatio...

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Caution: Viber App contains major security flaw

viber2 A popular internet call and messenger app named Viber has caught the attention of security firms for containing a very serious security flaw. Vietnamese security firm, named Bkav, discovered the flaw in Viber lets attackers bypass screen locks and take control of Android smart phones. The Viber app, much like Skype, allows you to use your data co...

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WHAT IS IT? PayYours is a complete Payment Solution Service that replaces your card terminal and cash register. Accept payments all Credit & Debit Cards wherever you are working. Card. Cash. Are y...

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Floating VideoPlayer Free B...


Here comes the Free version of Floating Video Player app. This is BETA version and FLOATING OPTION IS NOT ENABLED. We will be enabling the floating option soon in next update.This makes your Android d...


Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes Review: Saving the Kingdom one Tap at a Time

Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes Review: Saving the Kingdom one Tap at a Time Last week we had a game called Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes listed in our Top Games of the Week list and this week we’re back with a full review of this finger busting little game from Blizny Studios. Epix – Epic Pixel Heroes is a game all about Orcs and your job is to kill every one you see in order to save your Kingdom. Sounds like a simple ...

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HTC EVO 4G LTE Review For Sprint

Up for review today is the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint.  It is essentially the HTC One X on Sprint with a few minor tweaks and branded as an EVO smartphone.  After handling the device for a few weeks, I've come to appreciate the great design and functionality of it, but the EVO 4G LTE is hampered by Sprint's tiny 4G LTE footprint.  It is hard to ca...

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HTC EVO 4G LTE Review For Sprint

HTC EVO 4G LTE Review For Sprint Up for review today is the HTC EVO 4G LTE on Sprint.  It is essentially the HTC One X on Sprint with a few minor tweaks and branded as an EVO smartphone.  After handling the device for a few weeks, I've come to appreciate the great design and functionality of it, but the EVO 4G LTE is hampered by Sprint's tiny 4G LTE footprint.  It is hard to ca...

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Like Minecraft? Check out these 5 Block Building Games

Minecraft is a worldwide hit and if you haven’t played it you’ve obviously been living under a rock for years. As with any great game, people are going to put out similar ones and such is the case with Minecraft. There’s a fine line between something new and a copycat, but we found 5 Android games that take block building to all new heig...

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Over 60 Android Games on Sale with the Because We May Developers Sale

You may have already heard of the massive gaming sale going on right now called the “Because We May sale, but if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. The Because We may sale was put together by a group of developers in celebration of online stores that let developers price their own games however they like. This awesome sale covers a whole...

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Battery & Memory Status...


Keep track of your phone status at all times with Battery & Memory StatusThis app sits in your notification bar at all times giving you vital information about your phone.Top line is all about you...

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