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Top 5 Free Zombie Apps to Feast Your Brains On

TheWalkingDeadWith World War Z on our doorsteps and in our cinemas, what better time to bone up on your zombie slaying skills than right now? Picking favorites from the hordes out there is no mean feat, but we've done our best, bringing together our five favorite (free!) zombie apps in the Google Play Store to better your chances of surviving the impending ...

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app Fit Brains Train logo

Fit Brains Train


Welcome to Brain training app called Fit Brains. This is like Math Magician Workout, Puzzle and Trainer. The target of this math magic game is to check age of your brain and make it ageless with fun, ...


Redneck Revenge Review: Blood, Brains, and Uncle Bob

Redneck Revenge Review: Blood, Brains, and Uncle Bob Redneck’s come in all shapes and sizes and Red the Hero of Redneck Revenge is just your average hick hanging out at his bar trying to have a beer. Red’s fun is short lived however as Zombies show up and start eating folks which tends to ruin a good time. Luckily Red loves his firearms just as much as he loves beer, and he seems to be fully st...

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app Two brains (length) logo

Two brains (length)


It is a stick person's action game. If the tap of the screen is carried out, two stick persons will jump simultaneously. A maximum of three steps are jumped. If the disks which come out on a screen ar...

app Brainscore logo



Simple, extremely beta scoring app for Steve Jackson Games Zombie Dice. Get it at !Swipe from right to left to subtract points.Nicknames finally work!Improved g...

app Aliens Require Brains logo

Aliens Require Brains


Earth's survival is at stake! It's time to dish out some laser lovin' with your Pulse Gun in Aliens require Brains. With 2 Game modes to try; Story and Survival! Play through the story and send to...

app Two brains logo

Two brains


By a tap, I will make the stick person of 1P which is present in the upper row, and 2P which is in the lower berth jump simultaneously, and will operate him. Aim at a high-speed-steel core, avoiding a...

app Backyard Brains logo

Backyard Brains


When was the first time you heard the sound of a brain cell? Was it in elementary school, high school, or college? Chances are your answer is "never," as we neuroscientists have typically ha...

app Two Brains Quiz logo

Two Brains Quiz


The Two Brains Quiz consists of 30 fiendish Drag & Drop, Question & Answer, Multiple Choice and Draw Line puzzles of Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty.Use your skill, intelligence and problem s...

app BrainSense (Free) logo

BrainSense (Free)


Ultimate Brain Training Application!Test and train your brain sense by using various test games.< Memory Game >Touch the new image in each level quickly.Level is provided to 30.Register your lev...

app BrainStorm Transcription logo

BrainStorm Transcription


Transcription dictation system....

app I Smell Brains logo

I Smell Brains


Defend the offspring of the Brain Replicating Alien Drifter (aka BRAD) through 12 waves of ravenous undead. Rain down on them with every weapon at your disposal before they smash, headbutt and vomit t...

app Basketball Brains logo

Basketball Brains


Do you have the combine grade to be the number 1 pick overall?Enter your sport, position, height, weight, 3/4 court speed test, vertical jump test, 185lbs. bench press test, and reach test to see wher...

app Brainshark Video Presentations logo

Brainshark Video Presentati...


Get the best viewer experience for Brainshark video presentations on your Android smartphone or tablet…anytime, anywhere. The Brainshark App provides powerful, interactive capabilities for viewers ...

app Scatter Brains logo

Scatter Brains


This is a type mad libs application. How to use:First you pick a story from a list. Then all you have to do is to fill in words into prompts. Those word are then put into a story making the funnies...

app Brainstorming App logo

Brainstorming App


Tips and techniques to help you explore your own whatcanbe. Gather a group, brainstorm, and, most importantly, have fun!...

app Scatter Brains Lite logo

Scatter Brains Lite


This is a type mad libs app. How to use:First you pick a story from a list. Then all you have to do is to fill in words into prompts. Those word are then put into a story making the funniest and in...

app Brainstorming: Dynamic New Way logo

Brainstorming: Dynamic New ...


Discover the Fine Art of Brainstorming Right Now!There is no finer way to enrich a person's life than to stimulate him to a greater use of his creative talents.The ability to be creative...

app Brainstream logo



Brainstream is a simple and handy app for brainstorming and organizing ideas on your Android device.You can easily create ideas, categorize them and share the best ideas with others.This app have been...

app Brains’ Atomic Adventures 1.4 logo

Brains’ Atomic Advent...


Help Brains (a transforming robot) as he tries to catch his best friend Atom the Dog who's causing mayhem in the laboratory. Their story is told by a series of comic strips which lead you through the ...

app Burning Brains The Band logo

Burning Brains The Band


We are Burning Brains the Band. Follow us on NOV.US!...

app BrainSprint logo



BrainSprint is a productivity tool that promotes focusing on a single task by short boosts or sprints as proposed by many personal productivity techniques and programs. The app is very simple to use ...

app Get Brains – Memory Game logo

Get Brains – Memory G...


Get your brains trained with this fun memory game. Turn the tiles to find matches, just like the real-life memory game. You can play against the clock or minimum number of moves.Great for kids and gro...


Types of Free Reading Apps from Nook

ereader-369011_1920For a while, the only way you could enjoy e-books from Barnes and Noble, one of the largest book chains in America, was to purchase and use a NOOK e-reading tablet. That has recently changed, however. The company now offers a variety of free reading apps including the native Nook that can be used with a variety of mobile devices. The new applicatio...

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Samsung Unveils New Gen Galaxy A5 and A5 Duos (Dual SIM)

galaxy a5 The new series Samsung Galaxy A5 and A5 Duos are part of the Korean giant's strategy of acquiring even "moar" market share, especially since the latest "happenings" with its archenemy (read Apple). I am referring of course at Q4 2014 when Apple's sales surged dramatically while Samsung's, well...long story short, Samsung needs an ace in its sle...

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Game Review: Plusynaps Brain Puzzles

Game Review: Plusynaps Brain Puzzles Android App game developers Sinexs have just launched a new game called Plusynaps. The idea of this game is that Aliens have started to attack the earth and your job is to save the earth by solving some puzzles that tests human intelligence. The faster you solve the puzzles, the higher score you will get. The purpose of the game is to train your b...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and S4 Zoom Tech Specs Surface Prior to Official Launch

galaxy s4 active Samsung will hold a press conference on June 20'th in which they will show off their latest devices, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active and S4 Zoom; but already the tech specs surfaced online. If you are an Android fan, and you probably are since you're reading this article, stick around and have a look at this: A Russian tech website (those sneaky R...

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app Snoop Lion’s Snoopify! logo

Snoop Lion’s Snoopify...


Snoop Lion in association with Upper Playground, 99centbrains and Cashmere Agency Presents the Snoopify mobile app for Instagram. Decorate your photos with never-before-seen graphics of Snoop, ranging...

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