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Google UK introduces 'Translate for Animals' Android app – This Dish Is Vegetarian (blog)

This Dish Is Vegetarian (blog)Google UK introduces 'Translate for Animals' Android appThis Dish Is Vegetarian (blog)Google UK is “bridging the gap between animals and humans” with a new Android app that recognizes and transcribes sounds from various species into words ...Google cracks animal translation riddle … on AndroidNetworkWorld...

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ARCHOS launches two large screen Android Tablets – Mobile Tech News (press release)

CNETARCHOS launches two large screen Android TabletsMobile Tech News (press release)[ARCHOS delivers with two new Android-based tablets, the ARCHOS 7 and ARCHOS 8 bridging the gap between the smartphone and the desktop PC. ...Archos Android Phone tablet may be scrappedIntoMobile (blog)Archos announces two new Android-based Home Tablet devicesZDNet ...

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New Chrome experiment ‘Roll It’ is out!

Roll It Chrome ExperimentIf you thought that Chrome maze experiment a few weeks ago was fun, wait until you try Roll It!One of the hidden gems at I/O this year, Roll It was another Chrome experiment, geared at bridging the gap between mobile and desktop. It’s pretty simple to use, too; just open up the game on your device and computer, and you’re ready for skeeball! It...

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app GCI Marketing Group logo

GCI Marketing Group


We at GCI are here build your marketing platform for the 21st century marketing is changing everyday and as a business you have to change with it. GCI is the company to help you do this. Your prospect...

app Air Prishtina logo

Air Prishtina


The leading provider of low cost and high quality air travel to Kosovo and Macedonia, Air Prishtina, is for 30 years reliably bridging the gap to family and home....

app Pinnacle Motivations logo

Pinnacle Motivations


Pinnacle Motivations is a Professional Small Business Network Group and Executive Coaching Company committed to educating, bridging the gap, and creating a strong alliance among its professional membe...

app Lean On Me Outreach logo

Lean On Me Outreach


Our Mission:Lean On Me Outreach is dedicated in helping all individuals and families move from unwanted homelessness to suitable, affordable and independent housing. Our Vision:Many people believe hom...

app Cindy Light Profile logo

Cindy Light Profile


Bridging the Cultural Gap Between Americans and the ChineseWhether you are doing business in China now or plan to later, or if you are working with Chinese people in the USA, my programs are one hundr...

app Liberty Churches logo

Liberty Churches


Welcome to the official Liberty Churches Application for the Android.Our Vision:
“Bridging Gaps . . . Repairing Breaches . . . Reconciling People Back to God”
“You’ll use the rubble of pas...