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app Brick Buddies logo

Brick Buddies


Why tap a pet when you can pet a brick? Brick Buddies...

app Brick Buddies™ logo

Brick Buddies™


Why tap a pet when you can pet a brick? Brick Buddies™ is a virtual pet brick you can feed, pet, dress up, and even travel with. FEATURED IN THE GUARDIAN APPS BLOG: "Hats off to developer Flarb...

app Dice With Buddies™ logo

Dice With Buddies™


Find out for yourself why everyone's getting hooked on this addictive dice game. Similar to Hasbro, Inc.’s YAHTZEE® dice game, you can play Dice With Buddies™ with friends, family, or random oppo...

app Dice With Buddies logo

Dice With Buddies


Find out for yourself why everyone's getting hooked on this addictive dice game. Similar to Hasbro, Inc....

app Peanut Buddies logo

Peanut Buddies


Peanut buddies is an adrenalin fueled puzzle game where pairs of conjoined buddies fall from the top of the play field. The goal of the game is to destroy all the square blocks that are taking over th...

app PowerBuddies logo



What is PowerBuddies?PowerBuddies is a battery widget with a small game. Widget will keep the user informed about device battery charge level with avatar's emotions. The avatars can be very happy, or ...

app Bug Buddies logo

Bug Buddies


They live in your phone. They do their thing. They're cool.If you like these bugs, be sure to check out the app Bug Orgy, where the bugs are born, do the naughty, and have babies....

app Camera ZOOM FX Xmas Buddies logo

Camera ZOOM FX Xmas Buddies


Download pack for Camera ZOOM FX = paid app on marketThis is a free download pack for Camera ZOOM FX = paid app on marketAPP OF THE WEEK SALE, 40% OFF for a very limited time!>> "The Best C...

app Barnyard Buddies logo

Barnyard Buddies


** Please search the Market for a Paid version with no Ads if your child really enjoys this to support development **Farmyard fun for young children. Barnyard Buddies is an interactive game featuring...

app Camera ZOOM FX Buddies Request logo

Camera ZOOM FX Buddies Requ...


Download pack for Camera ZOOM FX = paid app on marketThis is a free download pack for Camera ZOOM FX = paid app on marketAPP OF THE WEEK SALE, 40% OFF for a very limited time!>> "The Best C...


WeatherBug App Review- Local Weather, Radar, Maps, Alerts

WeatherBug App Review- Local Weather, Radar, Maps, Alerts The WeatherBug App is arguably one of the oldest, best known and prominent weather applications out there, as it's been with us for quite a while. I even remember the good old days when I was using the WeatherBug App on my Windows desktop and I am well aware of the OS X dashboard widget and/or menu-bar app from the same period. Time passed by a...

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The Best OUYA Games

ouya games Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the OUYA Android console has finally hit retailers nationwide. Some of the reviews have been less than kind, but we’re not here to talk about the hardware or interface… we’re going to take a look at their games. If you’ve just gotten your system and aren’t sure what to play we’ve...

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Electronic Arts releases Battlelog, the Companion App for Battlefield

battlelog.androidIf you play console shooters, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve played Battlefield. If so, Electronic Arts released an Android App last week that’s right up your ally with Battlelog for Android. The Battlelog app lets you stay connected to Battlefield when you’re not parked on the couch shooting people online. It keeps you up to date on ...

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Gameloft releases UNO & Friends for Android

uno and friends for androidUno is a card game that’s been around for ages, and thanks to Gameloft’s UNO & Friends you can now get your UNO on with some buddies using your favorite Android device. UNO & Friends is a social version of the famous card game, complete with power-ups, in-app purchases, and Facebook integration. The gameplay is just like you remember it...

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Insults & Flames App Review

Insults & Flames App Review Insults have always been the more thrilling media for interacting with buddies. Insulting a friend is fun and creates a tingling feeling that is almost inexpressible. This is precisely what Insults & Flames App helps you achieve – with more notoriety. A nutty app, it can certainly make your day and even for the recipient if he or she takes it...

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The Best New Android Games of the Week – May 11, 2013 1. Blitz Brigade Gameloft’s Blitz Brigade finally made its way to Google Play a few days ago, and if you’re in the mood for some FPS action it’s just the thing for you. There are five different classes to choose from to go along with 120 missions and well over 100 weapons. Did we mention you can battle online with 12 of your buddies? It’s ...

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Supreme Heroes gets a Soft Launch on Google Play

supreme heroesSoft Launches seem to be all the rage these days, and apparently EA loves them. Tetris Blitz saw a soft launch last week, and this week it’s a new Android game called Supreme Heroes. Supreme Heroes is a new card battling game that lets you create your own superhero so you can battle against villains and become a paragon of justice. You’ll get ...

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app Kids Cuddly Color Book (Full) logo

Kids Cuddly Color Book (Ful...


Kids' Cute and Cuddly Coloring Book is a coloring book application that is designed to be simple and easy to use.Sit down with your young one and select which picture you'd like to color, or if you'd ...

app BULL’s EYE-Josy Issac logo

BULL’s EYE-Josy Issac


LOVE WORD GAMES??? How many words of four or more letters can you make from the given letters...??? I am a newbie in android app development and this game is my first app. I am very proud to upload my...

app Touch and Draw logo

Touch and Draw


Touch And DrawIts one of the coolest apps that let you draw anything that you have in mind. Want to send a greeting card? draw it yourself and share it with your friends which will give you a more per...


Tee it Up with Noodlecake Studios Super Stickman Golf 2 for Android

Super Stickman Golf 2 is a game a lot of us have been waiting for and yesterday it was finally unleashed onto Google Play. Yup, the Stickman is back and he’s ready to tee up on over 180 holes spanning 20 killer courses. The original Super Stickman Golf was a game that surprised a lot of us, and it quickly became one of the best golf games on G...

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app Super Forest Squad logo

Super Forest Squad


Super Forest Squad is here to save the day from evil robots! They have no weapons, so they smash into robots with their heads. Feed them with the spoils of their enemies to gain more money and upgrade...

app Fruit Shoot logo

Fruit Shoot


Fruit Shoot is the best archery game ever! Use the bow and the arrows to hit the fruits placed on the head of the little cute bears, brave soldiers and evil dragons!Shooting an apple off one's head is...


Untame Games releases Rope Rescue for Android

By now you may think you’ve seen every Android game involving birds, but there’s an awesome new one that was just released by the name of Rope Rescue. The birds of Rope Rescue aren’t angry and they certainly don’t fling themselves across the screen although they will need your help to rescue their bird buddies from the clutches of the evi...

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app I have never (full version) logo

I have never (full version)


The drinking game "I have never" has never been so fun! This game brings you and your drinking buddies up against some of the freakiest people on the planet! Each round of the game is scored...

app Sumosumo logo



SUMOSUMOThree fat men fight it out for your amusement!Sumosumo is the perfect game to play with your buddies.THREE DIFFERENT GAME MODES; SIX EXOTIC LOCATIONS!A violent game of Tag upon a breakaway pie...

app BeejiveIM for Google Talk Free logo

BeejiveIM for Google Talk F...


Free Google Talk / GTalk instant messenger! Chat for free with all your GoogleTalk buddies with BeejiveIM for Google Talk! Free!See what reviewers are saying:"Beejive was already our IM client of...

app Ruzzle logo



If you like playing word games then you need to join over 35 million players and try Ruzzle - the fastest word game on the planet!Play against your iPhone buddies as well.Ruzzle is a fun and fast-pace...

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