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Ingress update brings gameplay enhancements and bug fixes

ingress-game Ingress, Google’s cult hit augmented reality game for Android, received a significant July 2 update that should universally please. Those lucky enough to have made the closed beta can expect a number of improvements, starting with interface enhancements. Included are new Portal Hack animations and results view, a new Fire mode, better inventory ...

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Light Flow LED Version 3.8 Adds Support For NinjaSMS, More Hangout Types, Fixes CyanogenMod Bugs

unnamed (21)Light Flow is the kind of app that best showcases Android's sensibilities: esoteric, amazingly customizable, and downright impossible on other platforms. The popular notification manager for devices with LED indicator lights has just had a big update to version 3.8, most notably bringing support for the popular NinjaSMS texting app. NinjaSMS users,...

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Android bug that affects 99% of devices detailed

computer-hacker The specifics of the widespread Android bug we previously reported on have, since security firm Bluebox revealed its existence to the developer community earlier this week, remained mired in mystery. It was understood that a malicious application could abuse Android’s signing mechanism – the operating system’s safeguard against infectiou...

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Cryptographic bug in Android lets hackers create malicious apps with system access

cryptographic binary codeSecurity researchers have found a bug in Android which allows them to create malicious Android apps which appear to be genuine with the correct digital signatures. In computing, digital signatures allow any piece of data, including an app, to be checked to see that it is genuine and actually comes from the author. Now, due to a bug in Android, it i...

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Browser Bug Consumes More Data Than It Should

s3 murtazinWill you still love me with a bug inside? Do you love detective stories, or exploits of spies as they attempt to uncover a mystery for the ages? Researchers over at the University of Massachusetts–Amherst must have felt the same sense of triumph after they uncovered a bug in the Samsung Galaxy S3's stock Internet browser, where this bug in...

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Google releases Chrome for Android beta channel with all the new features and bugs

Google today has released a new version of its Chrome for Android app. Yes it's Google's mobile web browser which is currently available as a full-featured app on Google Play. However, this new version is a separate app and is labeled as Chrome Beta Android app. That's right, this is similar to Chrome for desktop beta channel. With that, Chrome ...

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app U.S. Military Bugle Ringtones logo

U.S. Military Bugle Rington...


Bugle calls are musical signals that announce scheduled and certain non-scheduled events on an Army installation. Scheduled calls are prescribed by the commander and normally follow the sequence in ...

app Maths Bug, mental maths games logo

Maths Bug, mental maths gam...


A cool maths game for children, teens and adults to train & improve mental maths skills.????? "Very easy to use. Very well set up"????? "Yes thumbs up This is just what I was lookin...

app Petit Image Fix logo

Petit Image Fix


You can fix the image.Copy the part of the picture, and you can paste it.How to use1.Tap the screen to add the picture.2.Move the image, or the target, press "Copy" to copy.3.Move to the tar...

app Adb Sync Connection Fix logo

Adb Sync Connection Fix


** Only works on rooted devices **Tired of getting "Unable to open sync connection" when debugging your apps ?Then just launch AdbFix and it will reset Adb connection to fix the problem.Stop...

app Kill Bugs, moths, mosquitoes logo

Kill Bugs, moths, mosquitoe...


Let's Free from Mosquitoes, nalbeolrae, moths, and flies !!Worms do not like the scientific evidence became available frequency bands are guaranteed a comfortable lifeFishing, camping and outdoor acti...

app Market Fixer logo

Market Fixer


!!NOTE!!Version 2.0.0 Uploaded. I am not sure if Google still have the same bug in Play Store 3.5.15, so I don't know if this will fix your problem or not. Please test and report. Thanks!!!ROOT REQUIR...

app AutoPrefix logo



Finally, the simple and intuitive application for managing the prefix (and suffix) of your calls!Useful for company profiles that require a prefix for personal calls.In summary:- Manage call prefix an...

app FixIt logo



The marble run is broken and needs to be fixed. Now you can repair and test the marble run. This is a funny game for young and old.HOW TO PLAY1.) Create a continuous connection between the marble and ...

app Dead Pixel Detect and Fix logo

Dead Pixel Detect and Fix


For the people who could't see the traditional Android Menu, Please "Long Press" the bottom of the front page logo to bring up the context menu selection.Detect any stuck or dead pixel on yo...

app BugsEar For Pad logo

BugsEar For Pad


For Android Pad Only By BugCreator.It's based on "BugsEar" Mobile Version, we re-design the UI to fit the large screen of tablet.It inherits the excellent design and hommization functions.Ea...

app AcerNidus – Bug Report Service logo

AcerNidus – Bug Repor...


== What is AcerNidus? ==AcerNIdus is an app to collect and report error message with user's permission.Only errors from pre-loaded apps will trigger AcerNidus, and the actions will be: 1. Get relat...

app 3G Connection Fix Donate logo

3G Connection Fix Donate


Fix your 3G connection. Does your phone have problems switching from Wifi to 3G data connection? Check out this app.What's different between "3G Connection Fix Free" and this version? No Ads...

app 3G Connection Fix Free logo

3G Connection Fix Free


Fix your 3G connection. Does your phone have problems switching from Wifi to 3G data connection? Check out this app.This app contains Ads (top of the "Preferences" screen). If you would like...

app Pillbug logo



The Story In a exploring mission, Jack had some troubles with his spaceship caused a forced landing. Alone, in an unknown planet, he must overcome many obstacles and threats. He must recover some spac...

app SilverBug logo



SilverBug contains detailed information on the 10 most popular silver investment coins, including full specifications and high res photos.Features:- 'Catalogue' - find information on world's most popu...

app Monaca Debugger logo

Monaca Debugger


* SummaryThis software is a debugger client for Monaca platform. Monaca platform is a development platform for smartphone application, provided under* Change Log1.7.5, Mar 01, 201...

app Nexus S Search Bug logo

Nexus S Search Bug


This application simply allows you to set a default for the long press of the search key. There is an issue related to some Nexus S phones that in poor data coverage, it presses the search key. This...

app MXHome Theme Bug’s life logo

MXHome Theme Bug’s li...


Error code -24Solution1. You must uninstall this theme.2. Theme re-download & install. (Google play store)★If you want to fix the weather error, you must update MXHome Launcher(ver.3.0.5)This ap...

app VibraFix logo



Turn off vibrate !VibraFix forces the haptic feedback to stop.WARNING : ROOT RIGHTS REQUIRED. On some devices, when you uncheck the haptic feedback option in settings, vibrate stills enabled for some ...

app G2xFixWi-Fi logo



NO ROOT NEEDED! SO DO NOT VOID THE WARRANTY ON YOUR PHONE! It is already known about a WiFi bug on T-mobile G2x devices. Apparently the problem is caused by a wrong DNS configuration when disabling an...

app DebugBrowser logo



The DebugBrowser is a browser application for android web application developer.* JavaScript console API* Cookie data* WebStorage data (localStorage, sessionStorage)* switching a user agentFeature Lis...

app aSpeedCam ScannerFix logo

aSpeedCam ScannerFix


aSpeedCam ScannerFix is an advanced vehicle digital dashboard featured by HUD MODE and onboard FIXED SPEED CAMERAS DATABASE. aSpeedCam ScannerFix visualizies your- current speed,- average speed,- time...

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