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Bye Bugs Lite


Bye Bugs! The perfect game for keeping your kids, or the kids in you, occupied for hours smashing bugs! Don't be fooled, this is a challenging game where you will be frantically squashing bugs against...

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Bugs War


You like squashing bugs with zillions of different weapons? This is the game for you.* features1.Endless type of bugs2.Lots of Blood and Explosions!3.Story mode and endless mode4.Totally 3D game exper...


A Review of Bugged for Android

A Review of Bugged for Android Overview If you’re one of those people with a strong dislike of bugs, Pixel Ninja Games has just the thing for you with their new Android game Bugged. You get to squish them, flick them and blow them up as you try to make it to the next level and get the top score. There may be other bug squashing games out there, but they don't have the sty...

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app Lady Bugs logo

Lady Bugs


Want to WOW and/or confuse your friends? Launch this app and small real life looking LADY BUGS start crawling around on your screen. The included yellow note pad background image makes them really sta...

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UPDATE! We hear you, Android folks. The latest update, JackThreads v1.3.1, fixes any issues related to clicking, and includes all the major bug squashing and the overall cleaner experience of 1.3. Wit...

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Easy to play, impossible to master!The bugs have arrived and it's up to you to squash them all. All new unique game that requires you to react quickly to earn as many points as you can.FEATURES:Addict...


Game Review: Ndemic Studios Plague Inc for Android

Game Review: Ndemic Studios Plague Inc for Android We've been hit with a few Infection games lately, and Plague Inc. is the latest game to let you dominate the world with a virus of sorts. It infected me with a healthy dose of fun last week, and as promised I'm back with a full review of Ndemic Creations Plague Inc. Plague Inc is a game that's all about getting people sick, and to do that you'l...

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