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Canvas Business Apps & ...


Canvas replaces expensive and inefficient paper forms with mobile apps for your smart phones and tablets. Canvas is easy to use ...


Android professional use: the Top Ten Business Apps – Explore Everything

ErictricAndroid professional use: the Top Ten Business AppsExplore EverythingThe factory Android smartphones have installed hardly useful business applications. So it is advisable to surf the Android Market and take a look on the top ...Android Market passes the 50000 apps milestoneSlippery BrickAndroid Market: 50000 apps and countingPMP Today (blo...

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Do you manage Google Apps for your business? There’s an app for that

Google Admin logoGoogle has changed the way enterprises run their IT resources. For one, Google Apps for Business lets organizations run their productivity and collaboration apps on the cloud, whether they’re small firms or big enterprises. This includes mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, and this also involves various platforms.Android has an adva...

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Business Education Apps

If you're looking to improve your business skills, or just sharpen up on some new techniques, there isn't always time for an extensive training course. Fortunately, app developers have created unique applications for the Android that will help you brush up on languages, learn a new topic, see what others are saying, and more. Look below for eight o...

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Easy Apps For Business


Useful App for clients of Easy Apps for Business to preview their App!...


What are smartphone apps doing in our businesses? – Financial Times

The GuardianWhat are smartphone apps doing in our businesses?Financial TimesApple said that more than 3bn applications had been downloaded for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and Gartner predicts Android will overtake the iPhone in ...Report: Mobile app demand to explode by 2012CNETWhat do the First Lady, Steve Wozniak, and FarmVille's Mark Pinc...

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Could new Google business app marketplace lead to better Android apps? – oDesk Job News (blog)

The GuardianCould new Google business app marketplace lead to better Android apps?oDesk Job News (blog)And if Google is getting serious about the availability of apps for its, well, Apps, it could mean that an improved Android marketplace is in the works. ...Google To Launch Business App Market For Android?BloggingStocks (blog)Android Market for Bu...

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How Video Sharing Sites and Apps Help Content Marketers

How Video Sharing Sites and Apps Help Content Marketers Video content is more accessible than ever. And video production sites are not just for leisure. Since video content has a greater accessibility that makes it appear everywhere, it’s also more important than ever to use in leveraging your business, especially when it comes to marketing or spreading awareness about your brand. According to ...

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Popular Android Apps Fall Under Security Scrutiny

The recent announcement that Google would no longer be supplying security updates for legacy Android users has caused consternation among fans of the search engine giant's smartphone operating system. With more than 930 million Android mobiles being affected, the decision highlights a growing concern over smartphone and tablet security. These days'...

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Apps Sharing Quickly


Apps Sharing Quickly supports share the downloaded apps with your friends. You can share via Bluetooth, Gmail or Messaging. The sharing file is html format and when your friends accept it, they can op...


Samsung uses their components business as a weapon against competition

Samsung Logo 645pxSo often, we decry Samsung for being proprietary. Their TouchWiz, apps, and services are all very much geared toward people buying Samsung devices. This isn’t wrong or nefarious, it’s just not what we’d like to see from such a well known brand. Android is proudly open source, and the development community is phenomenal to keep it that way.Whi...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – May 12, 2013 It was a slow week for new Android Apps, but we still managed to scrounge a few up. Here we go with another edition of The Best New Android Apps of the Week... 1. Google I/O 2013 The Google I/O app isn’t new, but it has just been updated for Google I/O 2013. The big conference is next week, and if you can’t be there the Google I/O app will kee...

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The Best New Android Apps of the Week – May 5, 2013

best new android apps 1. Fixya Our top pick on this week’s list of the Best New Android Apps is an app called Fixya from the fine folks behind the website of the same name. Fixya is a site than can show you how to fix anything, and the official app lets you take videos of your problems and post them online for solutions. It’s a social way to get something fixed, an...

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We look to the future and see where technology is going. Our company's desire is to provide the marketing tools, strategies, and services to small and medium size businesses at affordable prices. We w...

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Get Free Apps


The best paid apps for FREE!Today EARN TO DIE is available for 0$. Hurry up! This is not an evaluation version, this is the FULL version. Enjoy our suggestion :)HOW DOES IT WORK?In Get Free Apps we re...

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Leer gratis Apps Maken


Leer nu je eigen apps maken met de Basiscursus Apps Maken in 10 lessen.Voorproefje van de Basiscursus Apps Maken:Deel 1 (gratis)Alles wat je moet weten over een app voor de mobiele telefoon.Wat is een...

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Open Business Conference


Open Business Conference is the official interactive mobile app for the Open Business Conference.This mobile app allows you to:* View schedules and explore sessions.* Create your own personal schedule...

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Quickoffice – Google ...


*** THIS APP IS FOR PAID GOOGLE APPS FOR BUSINESS SUBSCRIBERS ONLY ***Try Quickoffice Pro & Pro HD in the Play Store if you don...

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Excel HSC Business Studies ...


Excel HSC Business Studies Quick Study is the perfect tool for studying and revising on the go! This app is designed specifically for the HSC Business Studies course. There are two parts to the app: 1...


The Top New Android Apps of the Week – February 3, 2013

1. Carbon - App Sync & Backup The team behind Rom Manager released an awesome new app last week with Carbon – App Sync and Backup. The app lets you backup all the apps and data to your SD card or cloud storage, and you can sync app data from other devices even if they’re not on the same network. The free version lets you backup & r...

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Top New Android Apps of the Week – January 6, 2013

The first week of 2013 is coming to a close, and we're back with our first Top New Android Apps of the Week list for 2013. To say new releases are slow this time of year is an understatement, but we still managed to dig up a few we think you'll enjoy... 1. Tile Launcher Beta Another week… another Android launcher. This week we got Tile Launch...

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The Top New Android Apps of the Week – November 13, 2012

It’s a short list this week as there weren’t many quality Android apps released last week. That being said, we still managed to scrounge up a few Android apps that are worth a look so here we go with our list of the Top Android Apps of the Week… 1. BFAds Black Friday As Thanksgiving gets closer so do those elusive Black Friday deals. I ...

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Top New Android Apps of the Week – July 16, 2012

This week's edition of the Top New Android Apps brings quite a bit to the table. There are apps that help you stay productive, apps that keep you up to date, apps that save your battery, and a talking tom cat. Without further ado, we proudly present our Top 10 New Android Apps of the Week... 1. beZee If you stay busy or get a lot of phone ...

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Top 10 Personal Finance Apps

  Having a smartphone is the norm these days. Whether you use an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone, you can keep productive and organized by downloading apps that will improve your everyday life. Personal finance apps are a must. If you have your own company, you can even do research on the business credit cards for new busine...

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apps x ecommerce


we build your app with store and pay palcart in appstore and android market don't less this opportunity!!we build your new ecommerce for your company only for 890$ you start sell today in all smartpho...

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BeerHapps gives you access to events, specials, and various other information of local bars in the Sacramento area. BeerHapps is currently having a Beer Week, during these weeks affiliated bars will p...

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Apps Française


“Apps Française” vous aide à trouver les meilleures applis françaises pour votre Android sur l’Marketplace. L’application répertorie plus de 2000+ applis en français. Aucune appli étrang...

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Business Lounge d’Ora...


Grâce à l'application Business Lounge d'Orange, vous allez redécouvrir votre mobile professionnel !Parce que l'univers du mobile prend une place de plus en plus grande dans vos échanges quotidiens...

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