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app Electrical calculations logo

Electrical calculations


PLEASE DO NOT USE THE RATING SYSTEM TO REPORT BUGS!INSTEAD CONTACT ME ON: gallinaettore84@gmail.comThis app is essential for an electricianCalculation of sectionCalculation of voltage dropCalculation ...

app Handloader Calculations logo

Handloader Calculations


Programs for the Handloader!A simple internal ballistics calculator for IMR powders, a "Savings Per Hour" Reloading calculator for rifle, pistol and shotgun, a bullet stability calculator (M...

app Calculations 3.0  (Tablet Pro) logo

Calculations 3.0 (Tablet P...


THANK YOU TO OUR CUSTOMERS FOR THE SUPPORT!! A new multi-purpose calculator with four functions:- Calculator with Advanced Functions- Unit Measurement Conversion (length, area, volume, weight, time, t...

app Calculations 3.0 (Tablet) logo

Calculations 3.0 (Tablet)


THANK YOU TO OUR CUSTOMERS FOR THE SUPPORT!! A new multi-purpose calculator with four functions:- Calculator with Advanced Functions- Unit Measurement Conversion (length, area, volume, weight, time, t...

app Civil Engineering Calculations logo

Civil Engineering Calculati...


Perform Channel, and Pipe Hydraulic Flow calculations on your phone. Provides a graphic representation, and solves for any variables.Also available on the iPhone. All of those functions coming to A...


Do Simple Calculations in Style with Calcula for Android

Overview Calcula is a funky new mathematical calculator from developers Gold Mountain. I know, you might be thinking that your phone comes with a calculator so what’s so special about this one? Besides having great Vampirish name, it also has a few nifty features... Calcula has 5 colorful keypads ranging from bright & colorful to bl...

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app Hydraulic calculations logo

Hydraulic calculations


Program translated into English from the original "Oleodinamica", this program is designed to perform simple calculations in applications and sizing of hydraulic systems. I apologize in adva...

app Boiler Calculations logo

Boiler Calculations


To fill the need of many technicians to run efficiency or flow calculations to verify boiler operations, we present "Boiler Calculations".....This simple program provides Boiler Efficiency, ...

app Payment Calculations logo

Payment Calculations


Payment Calculations app simplifies calculation of some of common computations. Rather than presenting you with calculator, the app uses its built-in formulas to compute Tip-N-Split (Calculate tip and...

app Adult Drug Calculations logo

Adult Drug Calculations


© NHS South CentralLearn the formulae to calculate and administer drugs for adults, practise your skills and see how well you...

app Aviation Calculations logo

Aviation Calculations


Simple app that is great for learning or reviewing several 60 to 1 rule applications. Includes equations for determining descent angle and VVI, crosswind calculations, drift correction, and visual des...


Vaper’s Toolbox App Review

Vaper’s Toolbox App Review If you just quit smoking and embraced the new high tech e-cigarette thing, say hello to Vaper's Toolbox, an Android app that will help you to build your own coils. It doesn't matter if you're a total noob or an expert, with Vaper's Toolbox you'll no longer need to do all those pesky calculations for achieving the perfect  coil. Because, guess ...

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app Frackin’ Reserve logo

Frackin’ Reserve


Frackin' Reserve simulates how fractional reserve banking works, and illustrates how banks fraudulently create money out of thin air then charge you to use that imaginary money. Frackin' Reserve is av...

app Discount Calculator Pro logo

Discount Calculator Pro


A must app for your Better Shopping experience!Discount Calculator Pro, in addition to show the discount in price format also provides a very handy and useful option of having the discount in actual p...

app Brahma Muhurta logo

Brahma Muhurta


The program is designed to set alarm for the beginning of Brahma Muhurta. Brahma Muhurta is special time period before dawn when energy of goodness prevails so it is the best time to wake up and medit...

app Некрасов — Мороз, Красный нос logo

Некрасов — Мо...


Некрасов НиколайМороз, красный нос(Посвящаю моей сестре Анне Алексеевне)Ты опять упрекнула меня,Что я с музо...

app Play Maths on GridTutor logo

Play Maths on GridTutor


Practice the maths calcuations in a game format on gridTutor. gridTutor is a unique game/learning tool where player has to match up the questions and answers in a grid by clicking/tapping them in pair...

app Super Calculadora logo

Super Calculadora


A Super Calculadora é um aplicativo destinado a simulação de diversos tipos de cálculos, entre eles Trabalhistas, Imobiliários, Matemáticos, Veiculares, Financeiros e Saúde, que lhe ajudará em...

app Mental Arithmetic Anzan logo

Mental Arithmetic Anzan


Designed to improve the mental development of children aged 4-12 FLASH MENTAL ARITHMETIC Anza program. Purpose of the program, children, calculator, paper-pencil arithmetic operations quickly and accu...

app Ticket Restaurant von Edenred logo

Ticket Restaurant von Edenr...


Genießen Sie bereits die Vorteile der Ticket Restaurant Menüschecks?! Mit der offiziellen App von Edenred finden Sie alle unsere Akzeptanzpartner und profitieren von vielen nützlichen ...

app Ultra Stocks PRO Free logo

Ultra Stocks PRO Free


Ultra Stocks Market application is built with the idea, that stock and trade monitoring, could be simple, efficient, intuitive and productive. It has every quintessential features you will need, with ...

app E-Cig Diary logo

E-Cig Diary


Se anche tu sei passato alla sigaretta elettronica, questa è l'app che fa per te!LA PIÙ COMPLETA APP SULLE SIGARETTE ELETTRONICHE DISPONIBILE SUL PLAY STORETieni traccia giorno per giorn...

app iNavCalc VFR route planner logo

iNavCalc VFR route planner


This app assists pilots in their VFR pre-flight navigation planning. It has an ultra-simple user-interface where you specify your route (on a single line of text), click a button to submit it to the F...

app Saving Calculator logo

Saving Calculator


Saving CalculatorAllow you to do Quick Saving calculations, Interest earned and final balance on the savings product. save calculations scenarios as the Savings products to view later. Calcu...

app Saving calculator Free logo

Saving calculator Free


Saving Calculator freeAllow you to do - Quick Saving calculations.- Calculate and evaluate your own Saving Plan.- Email, allow the user to email the calculation result.- Notification on Save, Delete.-...

app Third Grade Summer Math Junior logo

Third Grade Summer Math Jun...


This is in series to our education apps, designed and conceptualised for First to Second Grade Maths Kit. Together with this and previous version, a child completing grade 2 and 3, would have all skil...

app Junior Smart Kids Math Trainer logo

Junior Smart Kids Math Trai...


This is free version for our Junior Smart Kids, for Game "Math Magic Manic Brain Puzzle for All". This is like Math Magician Workout, Puzzle and Trainer. The target of this math magic game i...

app Fit Brains Train logo

Fit Brains Train


Welcome to Brain training app called Fit Brains. This is like Math Magician Workout, Puzzle and Trainer. The target of this math magic game is to check age of your brain and make it ageless with fun, ...

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